August 14, 1998


Mario Obledo and State wide LULAC joining forces to protest against Taco Bell. Both picking up the battle against the use of a Chihuahua in their advertising. Their forces will be at the Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters in Irvine Ca., this Saturday. Obledo considers the user of the Chihuahua as offensive and racist. After the protest, a press conference will be held. (pos el Jefito brought up this issue in Tezozomoc Speaks almost a year and half ago…No one here seem to care that it was like the Frito Bandido issue).


National LULAC going on the offensive against the FEDS for their efforts to make a Nuclear waste dump at the Sierra Blanca compact dump in Texas., near the Rio Grande/Mexican border. LULAC sees it as a racist-based decision as the area is home to mostly Mexican Americans. "Serious environmental and health related matters. LULAC asking for help from member chapters, Chicano activist groups and media to bring pressure in Congress where the Bill is pending. Call 1-202-408-0060 for further info.


Cosas don't look too good at "COORS" Amphitheater in Chula Vista. Attendance running below 50 percent. Even Los Lobos and Santana couldn't bring in La Raza. (20,000 seating less than 9,000 showed and mostly from Tijuana.). Naming the Amphitheater "COORS" not too smart. Raza has never forgiven COORS for its racist labor practices …They are still boycotting the COORS brand.


Local CHIPOLS concerned over lack of accountability from local HISPunnnnnis whom they help elect last go around then never heard from them again! What goes around comes around. La gente not too happy with continued GAY orientation of local Democratic party. Seems that the party only cares about Lesbian and Gay issues, or abortion. Congressional candidate KEHOE is seen as non-acceptable as opposed to Congressman Bilbry who viewed as more family oriented. Though, he does go off the deep end on immigration and border issues. KEHOE'S lack of attention to Mexican-American issues during her tour as councilwoman didn't win her any friends.


Senator Boxer's office has indicated they will be looking into Herman Baca's request that "strip search" of the Mexican Bishop at the Calexico border be investigated (in spite of the U/T white -wash report on the issue and the non-investigative report by reporter Salazar). Got to say, never saw a story written with half of it denying the event ever happened and then fail to provide any supportive evidence. Guess Salazar wants us to believe it only because he said so.


Attorney General Dan Lundgren and Lt.Gov Davies stance on Mexican-American community would have been more believable if they had invited just ONE Chicano reporter, editor, political person to sit on the panel to ask serous questions about their positions…Not one single invitation has been reported to La Prensa. The whole so-call debate was a WHITE WASH.

Pues CHIO for now

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