September 28, 2001


Zealotry Confounds United States Leadership

Who could possibly believe that a few bearded, camel drivers could so humble and panic our elected leadership? Fanatical zealots have terrorized different cities, villages, or groups throughout the world since time immemorial. Zealotry has been a hallmark of civilization since early homosapiens crawled out of their caves and noticed that there were others out there seeking their food and space, and wanting to control their tribe.

The response in those days was simple: bash them over the head with a rock, take the tribe's food source and steal their female members. The surviving tribe then huddled in their cave and danced to their guiding spirits, be it a bear, bird or jaguar. In the name of their gods they derived the power and strength to attack all that they felt threatened by.

Weapons evolved and tactics changed, but the fundamental driving force was the fanatical driving force that became a part of their hearts and souls. The ultimate fanatics were quickly changed into zealots! Zealots knew only one weapon that could stop their enemies. They would destroy their belief system and their high priests.

Zealots sneaked into our country, stole a few planes and smashed them against concrete towers, killing the innocents who were in the towers. They didn't know them, and they didn't cared to. They were bent on destroying a symbol of what they perceived to be the gods of American society. As a zealot, you are duty bound to destroy the enemy's gods. Only then can you prove your own god's superiority, and thus take command.

Our leadership failed to understand the weapon that was hurled at them and responded, instead, with weapons of the past. Buildings mean nothing to the Zealots. Bombing the current place in which they reside means nothing to them. They will move and take their zealotry with them. Ships, planes and smart bombs are irrelevant. Their power lies beyond these earthly weapons.

America's leaders need to understand that we are in a war over who will control the minds of mankind. Our weapons must go beyond the weapons of the past. We must change our plan of attack or suffer the penalties of defeat.

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