Volume XXVI Number 39 September 27, 2002

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Musical Movement, The B-Side Players

by Raymond R. Beltran

If it’s the vestiges of the voice of Bob Marley and the Rastafarian musical movement, or the influence of Carlos Santana and the electrifying sound of sophisticated Latino rhythms, it had to have been The B-Side Players. The ‘mezcla’ of our ancient, almost forgotten, African influence and the present day Chicano mentality of consciousness lie within the music of these Chula Vista natives.

Karlos Paez, lead singer for B-Side Players.

The B-Side Player’s (‘B’ meaning ‘Brown’) came together in 1994 while some band members were taking African drum classes at Southwestern College. Soon after, they began mixing acid jazz, funk, and their African beat styles together in a studio they shared with the now prominent rock group P.O.D. Today, in 2002, The B-Side Players have taken their music and their voice across the United States. And their message? Cultural consciousness by activating the minds and souls of their fans all over.

“The music is inspired by struggle, any movement, or revolution,” says Karlos Paez, the lead vocalist and trumpet player. “The second influence comes from the Zapatistas, and third influence comes from the Aztec and Mayan cultures.”

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Farm Workers Rights Group to Honor Two Latino San Diegans
At its annual tardeada on October 5, California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA) will recognize two San Diegans for their lifetime of commitment to securing equal rights for all people. Activist Gracia Molina Pick and attorney Michael Aguirre have been selected respectively for the Jessie De la Cruz and Don Quixote Awards.

Persian Experts: U.S. Dangerously Ignorant of Invasion Consequences
By William O. Beeman
DUSHANBEH, Tajikistan—As President Bush steps up his push for an invasion of Iraq and U.S. Marines practice city assaults in downtown Dayton, Ohio, experts closer to the heart of the matter say that America doesn’t know what it’s getting itself into.

Ciudad Juárez Train-Robber Bust Goes Bad for FBI: “Summary Extradition” and FBI Presence in Mexico are Questioned
by Greg Bloom
Less than two weeks after the FBI was asked to help in the investigation of the Ciudad Juárez serial killings, the Bureau is now involved in a front-page incident there after two FBI agents were severely beaten on the night of September 12 during a binational attempt to apprehend train robbers in the Sunland Park, New Mexico-Anapra, Cd. Juárez border area. At issue for over a week in the Cd. Juárez press is how Mexican citizens were arrested by the FBI and if the FBI had authorization to enter Mexico in the days following the event.

Fidel Castro encabezó un acto cultural en homenaje al “querido pueblo mexicano”
Por Gerardo Arreola
LA HABANA - Cuba mostró el pasado 16 de Septiembre en forma tácita un ajuste de objetivos en sus relaciones con México, al desplegar una ofensiva de diplomacia pública que busca reducir el impacto de la hostilidad emprendida por el gobierno del presidente Vicente Fox hacia la isla.


Hispanic Heritage Month Latino Victory Forum, Democrats Working Together to Elect A Record Number of Hispanics to Congress
WASHINGTON, DC - The Democratic Party’s recipe for success - recruitment of a record number of Hispanic candidates, an aggressive voter turnout program, and a solid commitment to Democratic values like strengthening our families - were the central themes of today’s Latino Victory Forum 2002. The forum, to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, was sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and BOLD-PAC - the political arm of Hispanic Democrats in Congress.

Foro de la Victoria Latina en el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, Los Demócratas Trabajan Juntos Para Elegir Números Record de Hispanos en el Congreso
WASHINGTON, DC - La receta del Partido Demócrata para el éxito - reclutamiento de un número récord de candidatos hispanos, un programa agresivo de movilización electoral, y un compromiso con los valores demócratas para apoyar a las familias trabajadoras de Estados Unidos - fueron los temas centrales del foro “Victoria Latina 2002”, que se llevó a cabo hoy. Este foro, para conmemorar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, fue auspiciado por el Comité Demócrata de Campañas Congresionales (DCCC, por sus siglas en inglés), el Comité Nacional Demócrata y BOLD-PAC - el brazo político de los demócratas hispanos en el Congreso.

General Election 2002
Where are your Candidates and Party when you need them?
By Daniel L. Muñoz
Candidate Denise Ducheny represented the 79th Assembly Districted for six (6) years until she was termed out. As their political representative for three terms, Ducheny managed to do little to improve the lot of the district’s residents.

Scores of Libraries to Hold Reading The Grapes of Wrath Programs
More than 140 libraries up and down the State of California will hold Grapes of Wrath programs, starting this week and running through October, as part of California Stories: Reading The Grapes Wrath project.

A Look Back at... “The Grapes of Wrath”
By Cindy Mediavilla
As the California Council for the Humanities and the California Center for the Book launch their upcoming celebration of “The Grapes of Wrath”, librarians would do well to remember — especially during this most recent period of “national stress” — the role that John Steinbeck’s masterpiece played in the confirmation of the library profession’s dedication to intellectual freedom.

Reading The Grapes of Wrath at Lemon Grove Library
October a Month for Californians to Explore and Celebrate their State’s Social History

Libraries to focus on immigration stories
The Otay Mesa library is just a stone’s throw from the Mexican border. Ignacio Lucero, manager of the branch, envisions The Grapes of Wrath program as a chance to explore the immigration experiences of Mexican-Americans, who make up more than 75 percent of the area’s population. One of his events will be an evening of remembrance to enable community members to share and discuss the realities they encountered on arriving in California.

Vengan a Discutir la Novela Las Uvas de la Ira, Uno de los Más Importante Libros Escritos de Campesinos
El tema representado en la novela, “Las Uvas de la Ira” es común a lo que existe para campesinos de hoy. En esta novela el Sr. Joad y su familia se ven obligados a abandonar lo único que poseen, su miserable y polvorienta granja en la árida zona de Dust Bowl, en Oklahoma.

Grapes of Wrath Schedule of Events:
September 22-October 26 / Food drive to benefit migrant farm families. Chula Vista Public Library / 365 F Street Chula Vista, CA

Community Notes:
Mini-Grants for Center City San Diego
Community residents are eligible to apply for Mini-Grants that range from $500-$5,000 to improve and strengthen their neighborhoods or volunteer as part of the Grant Selection Committee (volunteers to review, evaluate and select awardees). It is all about residents changing and making decisions about their own neighborhoods.

Ramiro Hernández Has Joined Tucker Sadler Noble Castro Architects as Project Manager
Ramiro Hernández has joined Tucker Sadler Noble Castro Architects as project manager, announced Robert L. Noble, CEO and design principal of the San Diego-based architectural firm.

Mario Miragliotta Newly Appointed Artistic Director of Classics for Kids
September marks a very special month for Mario Miragliotta. He returns to work and the music he loves as the new artistic director for Classics for Kids, an organization that presents professional child-friendly educational concerts for school children and families. Paralyzed in an automobile accident on June 14, 2001, he will lead The Classic for Kids Philharmonic in three different programs during the 2002-2003 concert season, all from a special wheelchair.

Rotarians to Host Annual Octoberfest
Carlsbad’s annual Oktoberfest, co-sponsored by the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club and Carlsbad Rotary Club, will be in Holiday Park, Saturday, October 5, from 1 to 10 PM. The event is a family day for young and old with German-style games, food, and drink. Oom-pah-pah dance bands will play for children and adults to trip the light fantastic.

Collectively Many Lives Were Changed Forever
Thanks to the generosity of local volunteers the lives of thirteen children have been dramatically improved.
On September 14th and 15th Fresh Start held it’s seventh Surgery Weekend of the year. The weekend was a culmination of kindness, compassion, and newly discovered smiles. The amazing changes began to occur on September 13th at the free Dental Clinic held at La Boca Fina Dental Spa in Encinitas.

Nationwide Cancer Screening Campaign Wraps Up Coast-To-Coast Tour in San Diego
Being diagnosed with prostate cancer in San Diego is more common than the rest of the nation as a whole. In fact, incidence rates are about 13 percent higher than the national average. Meanwhile, California ranks first in the U.S. in both the number of cases and deaths from the disease.

Department of Mental Health Announced $5.4 Million for the Early Mental Health Initiative
State Mental Health Director Stephen W. Mayberg, Ph.D. announced $5.4 million in grants to California schools under the Early Mental Health Initiative (EMHI). EMHI provides three-year grants to publicly funded elementary schools to provide prevention and intervention services to children in kindergarten through third grade.

President George Bush Charged With Failure of Being Presidential
After so many months of silence the Democratic Party finally found its voice and began to act and behave like the loyal opposition that was so markedly absent since 9/11.

Tezozomoc Speaks
Chismes de Barrio Logan: Parents complaining over heavy- handed way some teachers are handling their chavalitos at Memorial Charter School. If you happen to walk down the hallways and see a chicanito/a sitting on a stool wearing a DUNCE HAT that’s the way some of the teachers are punishing the children for inappropriate behavior in the classroom!

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Charros Dis-respected at Oceanside City Council Meeting
Mayor Terry Johnson, (Councilmembers) Carol McCauley, Betty Harding are opposed to the support and moral values of Charros as shown by the children and youth present at the Council presentation (Sept. 18) on a training program by Charros for youth.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

MACUILXOCHITL: “Five Flower”. The Aztec god of music and dance.
Music Review and Updates:
By Francisco H. Ciriza
For those not fortunate enough to have attended the Jaguares/Morrissy concert at S.D.S.U’s Open Air theater two weeks ago missed out on quite an experience. The performances by each were ultra-professional and very entertaining.

Desde España
Entrevista al Cantante Argentino Roberto Di Stefano
Por Alejo Marinolli
A lo largo de los años Roberto Di Stefano ha demostrado con su música, esfuerzo, dedicación y trabajo se puede llegar lejos en un país cargado de conflictos.

Realiza una Extraordinaria Labor Expositoria el ICBC
Por: Paco Zavala
Coordinando las actividades concernientes a su posición como Coordinadora de Artes Plásticas del Instituto de Cultura de Baja California Campus Tijuana la Dra. Cecilia Navarro, ha desarrollado una extraordinaria labor en pro del arte y la cultura, permitiendo la participación de artistas plásticos de distintos géneros y estilos. Actualmente se pueden apreciar la exposición de cuatro artistas y de un concurso de pintura infantil en el que participan 12 niños y lo promueve la Secretaría de Turismo del Estado.

Arranca Gira 2002: ¡Revolución de Amor!
Greenpeace, F.A.O. y Amnistía Internacional Participan en Conjunto con Maná y Selva Negra Durante los Conciertos de E.E.U.U., México y España
Maná comienza su gira  mundial “Revolución de Amor” el 29 de septiembre en Denver Co, y seguirá durante octubre por otras doce ciudades de Estados Unidos: Las Vegas, San Diego, Santa Bárbara, San José, Los Ángeles, Dallas, San Antonio, Miami, Nueva York, Boston y Chicago.

Voz Alta Presents: A Discussion with Lilla Downs
Mixtec-American singer/songwriter LILA DOWNS will lead an intimate discussion on her music and sign copies of her latest CD, Border/La Linea. Don’t miss your chance to connect with one of the world’s most enchanting performers.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
El Cafe Juglar tiene en su cartera de espectáculos una serie de trabajos que vale la pena apreciarlos. Solicite información al (664)685-5361.

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
Pacific Islander Festival
The Eighth Annual Pacific Islander Festival will present continuous entertainment, educational booths, simulations of traditional island villages, cultural demonstrations, food booths and craft booths.

29th Annual La Mesa Oktoberfest Will Roll Out Barrels Of Fun
If eating hot-off-the-grill German-style bratwurst, brow-sing among hundreds of arts and craft booths, and oscillating on a dance floor in front of a live oom-pah-pah band sounds like a good time, then we’ve got a festival for you.

Ford of Europe Showcases Most Extensive Range Ever at the 2002 Paris Show
Ford boasts its youngest and most comprehensive range of cars and commercial vehicles ever at the Paris Mondial de l’Automobile, 2002. The Ford range includes all-new products, new technologies and niche derivative models.

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