September 24, 2004

Que Calor! I mean calor from el Sol.

Been talking to my Indio friends. Seem they are happy over getting an Indian Museum from the Smithsonian Institution on the “Mall’’ in Washington D.C. It supposedly celebrates 10,000 years of native history (???). Hummmmm. Don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but este Indio just wondering if any other tribes other than the “Gambling Barons” going to be in the museum. Those with ‘Wampum” get to beat their tom toms in the museum. Those without can join the warring tribes that dared to fight the White man” to stop the destruction of the buffalo herds. Where do the Raza tribes fit into all this? We have only been around since 500 years before Christ arrived... Lots of history very little Wampum! ????

Orale Gente, did you know the Chicano Federation, (or what passes for it) held a “Kick Off, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month? According to Raymond Uzeta, the Chicano Federation Chairman (?) (When did the election take place?). Trying to make sure that “La Gente could go? They held their Hispanic Heritage Month, celebration at the Hilton, at La Jolla Torrey Pines (was this better than “Chicano Park???), where the only Mexicans you see are the grounds keepers, the waiters and maids at the hotel!

PREGUNTA: Did you hear about this mamada? Did you go?

National City Mugwumps are at it again. Mayor Inzunza and his motley crew are at it again. Last time the City fathers tried to condemn the entire Westside so they could turn it into one big industrial Park (slum), they were stopped by La Gente. Funny thing in those days the older Kennedy (oops I mean Inzunza Ralph) joined La Gente in stopping the destruction of the Westside. This time little Inzunza (the Mayor) is busy trying to condemn the whole Westside and throw off all the families that live there... Why, you ask? Same reason they had last time. They want to destroy all the housing, throw out all the Mexican Americans and turn the Westside into an industrial dump! La Gente stopped the Gringos last time... Now they are going to have to throw out their so-call Mexican Mayor... OOPs, I forgot... Little Inzunza is only half Raza and half Gringo! Guess that’s why he finds it easier to attack La Gente!

Noticia: El Jefito contacted by French Media. Seems they want to interview La Prensa on the upcoming election...They want to know where our Gente stand vis a vis el Señor Cowboy Bush and his NOCONS! They will be here with cameras ready to roll... Isn’t it strange France is interested in what we stand for and yet our local \media doesn’t seem to care one Iota... That includes KPBS, the supposed Liberal media.

Pos will let you know qué pasa. Ya saben. Este Indio no le tiene miedo a nadie!

Chao ~ Tezzy

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