September 24, 2004

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Frontier Season Winding Down

The 2004 frontier bullfight season is winding down. Soon, the scene will shift to the interiors. Outside of a potential special appearance of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, in October, this coming Sunday will bring the Tijuana season to a close. To be presented at the downtown Plaza El Toreo, the cartel will be Eulalio López “El Zotoluco”, José Maria Luevano, and bulls from Teofilo Gómez.

So, next week, Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan will summarize the season, selecting the most triumphant torero, the best lidiadór, the best herd of bulls, the best individual bull, best subalterno, etc.

The Spanish season is also coming to parade rest, with only a few ferias, notably that of El Pilar, in Zaragoza, still on tap. In the meantime, the rankings of the matadores in Spain are as follows:

Name           # of Corridas Fought       Ears    Tails
César Jimenez           91                 140      5
El Fandi                84                 166      6
Javier Conde            82                  64      4
El Juli                 70                  75      0
Finito de Córdoba       63                  59      2
José Maria Manzanares   57                  52      0
El Cordobés II          55                 125     11
Matias Tejela           55                  57      1
Rivera Ordoñez          54                  66      1
Jesulín de Ubrique      53                  74      3

Spain Correspondent Guillermo Cannon reports:

The maligned by some, Javier Conde, has brought his season to a close, due to problems with his hip and waist. He will require at least six weeks of rest.

Conde, according to his apoderado Simon Casas, will reappear in Lima, Peru, during the Feria del Señ de Los Milagros.

South American empresarios have been traveling to Spain, finalizing contracts for the upcoming season.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza will ship his horses to Mexico, Oct. 16. Manuel Caballero, the recent triunfador in Albacete, has a dozen farewell corridas already confirmed. As always, Ponce, Juli, El Fandi, Castella, and Manzanares are the most popular Spanish matadores in South America and Mex-ico. Jimenez may not be performing in Mexico, while Salvador Vega is holding out for more pay, but it’s liable to backfire on him.

El Cordobés and Padilla are signed in Venezuela. Finito and Esplá will be in Lima, while El Juli is in Quito. So far, César Rincon will remain in Colombia.

A “mystery corrida” will be held, Feb. 5, in Plaza Mexico. Dec 5th at Mexico, mano a mano is between El Niño de la Capea (father) and his son “El Capea”. El Niño will confirm his son “El Capea” for two reasons: one, gratitude to Mexico and second, “El Niño: wants his son “El Capea” to be confirmed in the same Plaza the old man did.

It has been announced that Spanish Matador Morante will soon travel to the USA, seeking treatment for his depression. Treatment in a Spanish clinic has not improved his mental condition. Morante did not reveal in which USA city he will seek treatment, but he mentioned, for the first time, that is writing a book about his psychological problems of dual personalities.

And, finally, Spanish ace Serafín Marín is recovering from a goring that he suffered, Sept. 19, in Barcelona. The most dangerous result of the goring was the rupture of the safena artery, in his right leg.

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