Volume XXIX Number 38 September 23, 2005

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Environmental attorney wants to clean up the mess at City Hall

Lorena Gonzalez is running for the city council’s 2nd. District

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

When Lorena Gonzalez looked at the crisis San Diego is going through right now, she felt it was time to clean up her city.

“After seeing all the mess at City Hall I thought, ‘Oh my God, it can’t get worse.’ But it does!,” said Gonzalez, a Democrat who is running for the vacant 2nd District seat in City Council.

Some of the communities included in the 2nd. District are Little Italy, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Old Town, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, the Park West area of Hillcrest, and La Jolla.

Lorena Gonzalez (left) receives the endorsement of Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña (right).

“I chose to run because I’m a native of San Diego and I want to contribute to the city,” she said.

Gonzalez is an environmental attorney, who serves on the California State Lands

Commission and is an ex-officio on the California Coastal Commission. She has also worked as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Lt. Governor, working on issues ranging from education and the environment to labor and the budget.

And since she’s an outsider to City Hall, she can take the distance that’s needed to be able to see the crisis, she said.

“I have the advantage that I haven’t been involved in the mess,” Gonzalez said. “I bring a fresh perspective to city council.”

Gonzalez said that when former councilmember Michael Zucchet resigned from the 2nd District after being found guilty of corruption, fraud, and conspiracy, the residents of the district became weary of what’s going on at city hall.

“I think that not only in the 2nd District but there’s a broad disappointment in the city in general,” she said.

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Abogada del medio ambiente quiere limpiar el desastre en el ayuntamiento
Lorena Gonzalez es candidata para el 2do Distrito del Cabildo

Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Cuando Lorena Gonzalez miró la crisis por la que atraviesa San Diego, sintió que era tiempo de limpiar su ciudad.

Victory against the racists: Civil resistance against vigilante groups in California
Photos and text by Luis Alonso Pérez
Calexico, a quiet border town in California’s Imperial Valley had an unusual weekend, because of the Friends of the Border Patrol’s announced visit during Mexican’s Independence Day weekend, which led to the arrival of hundreds of activists and human rights defenders looking to dissuade their vigilante activities, and protest against the racist ideologies spreading throughout the Mexico and United States border.

Victoria ante los Racistas: Resistencia civil contra grupos vigilantes en California
Fotos y texto por Luis Alonso Pérez
Calexico, un tranquilo pueblo fronterizo en el Valle Imperial de California, tuvo un fin de semana fuera de lo normal, debido a la visita anunciada del grupo vigilante Amigos de la Patrulla Fronteriza durante el fin de semana de la Independencia mexicana, lo que provocó la llegada de cientos de activistas y defensores de los derechos humanos que buscaban frenar sus actividades anti-inmigrantes y manifestarse en contra de las ideologías racistas que se han propagado a lo largo de la frontera de México y Estados Unidos.

Arte en el Barrio: Three venues, three neighborhoods, one barrio
Event features the work of several local artists
By José A. Álvarez

It took organizers three years to plan, but it is finally here. Arte en el Barrio arrives to three San Diego venues in three different neighborhoods.


The War for Latinos
The grassroots movement against Armed Forces recruitment in the community

By Roberto Lovato
Jessica Sanchez poses an urgent threat to the US military. For a Pentagon stretched by stagnating enlistments and an Administration bent on waging a “global war on terror,” the question of whether this four-foot-eleven Mexican-born legal resident and others like her will decide to join the military has enormous geopolitical implications.

Democrats’ hearing calls for bringing troops home from Iraq
By Joey Lomicky
WASHINGTON - Though they congregated in a small, cramp-ed room of the Cannon House Office Building, the issue at hand was far bigger.

Grupo Ecologista Sierra Club Aplaude La Resolución Absolutoria Del Campesino Ecologista Mexicano Felipe Arreaga
El grupo ecologista Sierra Club aplaudió la decisión del Juez de Primera Instancia de lo Penal, Licenciado Ricardo Salinas Sandoval, con sede en Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, quien resolvió conforme a la legislación vigente al tomar en cuenta todas las pruebas del expediente y finalmente dictaminar la inocencia del campesino ecologista Felipe Arreaga, quien permaneció preso injustamente más de 10 meses debido a una acusación basada en pruebas inventadas. El Sierra Club considera que la acusación contra Arreaga es infundada e inventada por caciques madereros en respuesta a los bloqueos y protestas contra la tala ilegal organizados por Arreaga y su grupo de campesinos ecologistas.

What immigrants Need to Know About Roberts
By Rene Ciria-Cruz
Immigrant and civil rights activists have managed to get several key questions into the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts. The questions spotlight their growing concerns about the vulnerabilities of immigrants and ethnic minorities.

Hispanic Caucus surveys corporate hiring prejudice
By David Kassabian
WASHINGTON – Lawmakers surveying the hiring gap between Hispanics and whites in big business say early returns show signs of promise, amid criticism by groups that racial equity for corporate executives hasn’t improved in decades.

Disertará Magistral Conferencia el Abogado Penalista Juan Velazquez
Por: Paco Zavala
Portador de una aureola de triunfos en las lides penales el Abogado Penalista, Juan Velazquez, conocido a nivel nacional por sus destacadas actuaciones en defensa de prominentes personajes políticos de la panorámica nacional mexicana. El destacado abogado penalista, presentará magistral conferencia en próxima fecha en la ciudad de Tijuana. Atendiendo una invitación de la Universidad de Tijuana, de la cual es rector el Profr. Jesús Ruiz Barraza.

Chicanos would do good to visit Mexico
By Ricardo Raúl y Daniel Alberto Pozos y Garay
Living in the USA tends to cut you off from the rest of the world, especially culturally speaking. In my life I’ve met people from various parts of the globe and one thing they’ve all shared is a fundamental knowledge of the world outside their homelands. For instance, it’s quite common for people in countries other than the USA to watch foreign films in conventional movie theaters and to listen to top-hits by recordings artists from all points of the globe on local popular FM stations.

Youth Show How There’s More To Mexican Independence Day Than Meets The Eye
Sherman Heights - It was on the 16th of September in 1810 that the people of Mexico were by Father Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, and Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez and others, inspired by the concepts of freedom, equality, and democracy for their people, rang the bell of the church calling the people of Mexico to fight for Independence.

San Diego Blood Bank Salutes Hispanic Heritage Month With Hispanic Blood & Bone Marrow Drive & Health Fiesta
The San Diego Blood Bank is saluting Hispanic Heritage Month and addressing an ongoing need in the Latino community by holding a Hispanic Blood and Bone Marrow Drive and Health Fiesta on Saturday, October 1, from 11 am to 5 pm, at the Chula Vista Center, 555 Broadway, Chula Vista. Three bloodmobiles will be parked in the circle driveway next to Sav-On, to accept blood donations and to offer free testing for potential donors to the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).


Schwarzenegger Comes To Baja with His Best “Hasta La Vista” Swagger!
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Mexicali today (9/23) visiting the Governor of Baja California, Eugenio Elorduy, ostensibly to discuss Border and Educational issues. While this seems admirable, it has a feel of patronization by the Governor. It has been obvious that he has very little respect for Mexico’s elected leadership and/or the Mexican people


Throughout our history, America has been a land of diversity and has benefitted from the contributions of people of different backgrounds brought together by a love of liberty. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the achievements of Hispanic Americans and the significant role they have played in making our Nation strong, prosperous, and free.

National City Spotlight:
The Reason Ruben Rubio Sleeps Well
By Ted Godshalk
National City’s history is a rich story of accomplishments. The establishment of transcontinental train depot, for instance, represents the efforts of the Kimball brothers to bring commerce to this fledgling town. The tracks still lie there in the ground, groaning their aged complaints, but only when a load of new cars or lumber is moved from the port to San Diego destinations. It is no longer the glorious destination of travelers.

La impopularidad del gobernador
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Dos años atrás, Arnold Schwarzenegger sorprendió al pueblo norteamericano con una revelación sugestiva “Quiero ser gobernador de California,” dijo. Lo hizo en el programa caricaturesco de Jay Leno, a horas de la noche y ante una muchedumbre escandalosa que ya empezaba a profanar su victoria inminente

Katrina’s Wakeup Call to We the People
by Ernie McCray
You know, we can be so beautiful, at times, like right now. Just look at us, human beings of all colors and sexualities and creeds and beliefs and affiliations reaching out to the many battered souls who survived Katrina’s devastating visit.

Cultura de Preparación para Desastres
Por Corl. MC Julio Sesma MSP, DME
Septiembre 19, 1985, 7:19 AM un terremoto de 8.1 grados sacude la Ciudad de México D.F., seguido de cientos de réplicas y otro temblor al día siguiente de 7,9 grados.

Political Notes:
Schwarzenegger Losing Hispanic Votes!
Schwarzenegger drew 31 percent of the Latino vote in the recall election, and following his announcement last week that he will run for re-election in 2006, the Governor’s support among Hispanics has fallen to just 17 percent of Latino residents, according to a recent poll by the Public Policy Institute of California.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Museo Infantil Papalote en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Existe un lugar donde los niños pueden aprender sobre el ser humano y el mundo que lo rodea mediante divertidos juegos, talleres y exhibiciones interactivas. Su nombre es Papalote, Museo del Niño, y mediante el proyecto Papalote Móvil ha llegado a la ciudad de Tijuana y permanecerá abierto hasta el 4 de diciembre.

Trolley Dances Here Again!
By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan
It is an unlikely combination, but somehow it works. Several dancers gather in trolley stations around the county and perform site-specific dances while dozens wait for the trolley to arrive. Although a waiting station isn’t exactly a dancer’s dream stage, for the last six years it has slowly transformed into one. The purpose is to expose all types of people to dances they wouldn’t usually see. What’s more, it provides for artistic expression in an unlikely setting.

Carmina Cannavino Presentará su Concierto “Como la Cigarra”
Por: Paco Zavala
El Lugar del Nopal presentará el próximo viernes 23 de septiembre, a las 9:30 pm. un concierto con la inigualable voz de Carmina Cannavino, una voz dulce, de matices y modulaciones excelsas; una artista que nació en Perú, y en la actualidad es nacionalizada mexicana.

Convocan a Participar en el 5to Congreso Internacional “esquina norte”
Por: Paco Zavala
Las ideas en el diseño actual han creado un universo fantástico que visualiza dimensiones extraordinarias, las que serán expuestas, discutidas y confirmadas en el 5to Congreso Internacional “esquina norte”, que se desarrollará los próximos días jueves 29 y viernes 30 de septiembre, en el Balak Discoteque de Tijuana, B.C.

La magia de la animación más complicada del cine
“La novia difunta” combina eficazmente lo perverso y lo mágico en un cuento de hadas.

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Es difícil hablar sobre una película de Tim Burton sin poner al director al centro de la historia. Esta vez, y para que no quede duda, su nueva película de animación The Corpse Bride lleva su nombre en el título, indicando su autoría y pertenencia, como si quedara alguna duda.

Contacto Escénico de Lux Boreal Danza Contemporánea con el Narcotráfico en “Flor de Siete Hojas”
Por: Paco Zavala
Mucho se ha escrito sobre éste extraordinario grupo de danza contemporánea “Lux Boreal”. Con raíces mazatlecas, Lux Boreal, en la actualidad desarrolla sus actividades en la fronteriza ciudad de Tijuana, sitio en el que tiene su residencia actual. Sus actuales miembros proponen a la comunidad por medio de su trabajo, sus experiencias, pasión, amor, entrega, lo mejor de si mismos, tanto es así que su inclusión y participación en diversos festivales tanto nacionales, como internacionales hablan por si mismos del carácter interpretativo que por medio del lenguaje corporal, Briseida López, David Mariano, Azalea López, Raúl Navarro, Angel Arámbula y Henry Torres, miembros actuales de Lux Boreal, expresan.

Entretenimiento en casa
Por Jose Daniel Bort
DVD de la semana “Head on”
Una película como ésta es la principal razón para tener una columna de este tipo en cualquier periódico de envergadura. Prácticamente obviada por el público cuando se estrenó a finales de Enero de este año, Head on es una de esas historias de amor tortuoso que cualquier amante del cine debe tener en su colección, junto al Último Tango en Paris y Betty Blue: 37.2 grados en la mañana.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Another Indulto in Tijuana
El Zotoluco and Rafael Ortega Engage in Fist Fight in Zacatecas

Not that many years ago, the granting of the life-sparing indulto was very rare, something to be granted only to exceptional bulls that usually spent the rest of their lives as seed animals, which is a great job, but a hard one to get.

Former Spartan Santamaria now Starring for Southwestern
By John Philip Wyllie
Only a relative few high school football players ever make it to the college ranks. Former Chula Vista High All-League linebacker, Carlos Santamaria, who now stars for the Southwestern College Jaguars (2-1) is one of them. Before he hangs up his cleats, Santamaria would like to play for a Division I college program.

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