September 18, 1998


Gente, para este Indio ya chale with "Monica Lengüinsky" y el Presidente. Any Mexican Presidente worth his enchiladas has at least two or three, pero guapas, movie stars keeping him company. Its' an old Spanish costumbre. Of course, us common Peones don't dare do it... Las Rucas carry machetes with them all the time… They catch you, Y adios con el "lenwinny."


P.S. Porque, do you think we have to go to confession so often??


Pala Indios on warpath against their Blood Brothers... They Makum heap big mistake siding up with Pipa Wilson! Not first time that Indian Scouts side with the Calvary. The Rez Brother will be the losers.


Chula Vista Elementary Superintendent Libra Gill digging a big hole from which she will have a hard time getting out of next time CTA comes around asking for big raises. Ditto for the new San Diego Unified School District CZAR, Bersin. What's good for the CZAR AND CZARINA will be good for the peasants and the Babushkas. (Letters, flyers, notes sent home with lids, signs etc.)


What goes around came around for Cubano, Carlos Arauiza who was brought in by CEO PRYOR to play hatchet man and down size county workforce, in spite of fact the county has more money coming out of their ying-yangs. Arauiza pushed out many Raza. Now the hatchet fell on the hit man. He gone! (Maybe back to Cuba).


Campaign Spin-doctors seeking to generate Raza heat over Bob Dornans request to secretary of state to "deploy election observers" during the election when he will run against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Last time the Republican "Brain trust" had this plan it cost them $400,000 to settle a lawsuit for having armed guards at the polls.


Suggestion to Congresswoman Sanchez: next time you're asked to come to San Diego to support a candidate, suggest you check with someone else aside from Julia Rocha. Your support of a Lesbian, Chris Kehoe (D) to run in a mostly Chicano, Filipino, Catholic district did not sit well with our community. We are the ones that have to live with her if she makes it to Congress. Her uncaring attitudes to our community are not appreciated.


Pos gente it's election time de nuevo. Como siempre este Indio will bring you the inside chisme on the candida-tos… Give you a saborsito of what is going on… Caramba the Union won't give you the inside mitote... We won't give you any smut… But, if the races get down and dirty, este Indio might reveal which candidatos (raza) live in glass houses and shouldn't throw stones.


COMO: We are going to have to remind you of the stealth campaign that GREG SANDOVAL joined in at Sweetwater Union High to pass outrageous school Bonds that were millions of dollars over what was needed in order to fatten the Developers bank accounts at your expense. Sandoval actively worked to keep it from you the community what he was doing.


MEMO TO CONGRESSMAN FILNER: Too many CHIPOLS are in the know as to what has been happening at the border. Much of what is occurring has happened under President Bill Clinton's leadership, Janet Reno, Attorney General, has followed the Right-wing line on Border issues. Her Leadership has led to all the deaths of our people. Senator Feinstein and Boxer have done little to brunt the heavy racist attacks against our people. WE HAVE HAD NO ACCOUNTABILITY FROM OUR DEMOCRTATIC ELECTED OFFICIALS Nationally statewide or locally. This is no longer acceptable.

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