Volume XXIX Number 37 September 16, 2005

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Hispanic Heritage Month—UCSD’s Jorge Huerta “Diversity Matters”

By Michael Klam

In the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month 2005, Jorge Huerta is poised to direct the campaign of his life. A professor of theater at UCSD, Huerta has also been appointed Associate Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer.

UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox has asked Huerta to serve as her conscience in matters of diversity. When he accepted the job, Fox welcomed him with words of encouragement and hope. “His commitment to involving all communities in shaping UCSD’s future will only enrich the quality of campus life in the coming years,” she said.

Since Huerta began his post on Jan. 1, he has become one of the most sought-after officials on campus. And in order to carry out his mandate “to enhance UCSD’s overall diversity,” Huerta will need to be adept at building coalitions and creating an open and hospitable platform for all voices to be heard.

Huerta explains that diversity is not only a matter of race and gender. It includes the breadth of demographic and philosophical differences. A diverse institution supports multiplicity by valuing individuals and groups without prejudice. Mutual respect remains the primary objective.

Huerta has his work cut out for him, however. In a recent UCSD Guardian op-ed piece, the author wrote, “In some instances, our public campuses are morphing into hotbeds of incivility, intolerance, lack of intellectual diversity, harassment, intimidation and breach of contract.”

The author went on to say, “Most faculty members are responsible, courteous, professional educators, but a growing number — both liberal and conservative — run their classrooms as if managing little Abu Ghraibs.”

Huerta states that lack of diversity is a nationwide dilemma. Proposition 209 in California has made recruiting very difficult. The 1996 voter-approved initiative bans affirmative action based on race and gender for state and local agencies. UCSD must diversify by federal policy, but cannot consider race and gender by state policy.

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The struggle continues...
The SOCC demonstrate outside the Centro Cultural de la Raza to demand a response

By Pablo Jaime Sainz
After three months of not doing any demonstrations as part of a truce, the Save Our Centro Coalition (SOCC) held a protest last Thursday September 8 outside the Centro Cultural de la Raza, in Balboa Park.

La lucha continua...
La SOCC se manifiesta afuera del Centro Cultural de la Raza para exigir una respuesta

Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Después de tres meses de no hacer ninguna manifestación como parte de una tregua, la Coalición Salvemos Nuestro Centro (SOCC, por sus siglas en inglés) sostuvo una protesta el pasado jueves 8 de septiembre afuera del Centro Cultural de la Raza, en Balboa Park.

One Month Later: Living With the Memories Following the Shooting of Armando Lazos
By Heriberto Escamilla
A couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk in my office downstairs, lost in reflection and not focusing on the task at hand as much as I should have been. That seems to be happening a lot these days. From the cemetery that lies beyond the bamboo wall behind our house, I heard the sudden explosion of gunfire. With last month’s shooting still fresh on my mind, I impulsively rushed up the circular metal staircase to my immediate left. Halfway up, I heard a second series of pops and immediately realized that I was hearing a 21-gun salute. Isn’t it something how the same exact sounds sometimes provoke fear and seconds later, a sigh of relief?


Local artist adds rhythm and heritage to your stamps
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
When he’s not working on a canvas or taking care of his three-year-old son Santiago, local San Diego illustrator Rafael Lopez likes to go out and dance the night off at salsa clubs with his wife Candice.

Artista local añade ritmo a tu correspondencia
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Cuando no está trabajando en un lienzo o cuidando a su hijo de tres años Santiago, el ilustrador local de San Diego Rafael López le gusta salir a bailar toda la noche en centros nocturnos de salsa con su esposa Candice.

September 15, 11:00 pm? or September 16, 11:00 am?

On the night of September 15, 1910, the special envoys stood on the illuminated balconies of the National Palace and watched the fiesta of all fiestas on the Mexcian civil calendar: the grito de independencia, the “cry of independence.” One hundred years earlier (less a few hours) at dawn on Sunday, September 1810 — while Napolean’s troops were occupying Spain and King Ferdinand VII was still in captivity — Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a fifty-seven-year-old priest from an old family of criollos (Mexican-born Spaniards) had suddenly begun to harangue his parishoners in the small town of Dolores in the state of Guanajuato, “seducing them” (according to a chronicle of the time) to rise up in arms - even with stones, slings, sticks or spears - in order to defend their religion against the “French heretics” who had occupied Spain since 1808 and now threatened to come over to the Americas.

Five San Diego Latinos Recognized in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
Five San Diego Latinos are being recognized as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month Local Hero Awards, a program honoring outstanding members of the Hispanic community. The heroes were selected for their exceptional commitment and contribution to San Diego through the arts, business, community activism, education and social services. The honorees include Macedonio Arteaga Jr., Lilia Velasquez, Guadalupe Corona, Fuensanta Lopez and Alberto Cortes.

Hispanic Heritage Events:
Logan Heights Branch Library to Host Mexican Independence Day Fiesta
The City of San Diego Public Library will host a Mexican Independence Day celebration on Friday, Sept. 16 from 3 to 5 p.m. on the lawn of the Logan Heights Branch Library, located at 811 S. 28th St. This event is FREE to the public.

Creek will become a paradise for children
Local elected officials broke ground on Paradise Creek Educational Park National City.

By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Located next to Kimball Elementary School in National City, Paradise Creek is an urban stream that connects San Diego Bay to the watershed of the sorrounding mountains and city landscape.

Un arroyo se convertirá en un paraíso para los niños
Autoridades locales colocaron la primera piedra para el Paradise Creek Educational Park en National City.

Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Ubicado a un costado de la Escuela Primaria Kimball, Paradise Creek (o Arroyo Paraíso) es una desembocadura urbana que conecta la bahía de San Diego con la vertiente de las montañas cercanas y con las vistas de la ciudad.

Por Ricardo J. Galarza
Cuatro años, sin comerla ni beberla
Schopenhauer decía que “el destino mezcla las cartas y nosotros jugamos”. No debe haber ejemplo más claro de ésta sentencia que lo que les ha tocado en suerte a los inmigrantes indocumentados en los últimos cuatro años.

Raising awareness about ovarian cancer
By Ana Hernandez-Bravo
With almost every month being marked as a “national health observance month” it is easy to lose sight of which what is being observed each month. The big name ones usually tend to focus on breast cancer or heart disease. However, September was proclaimed as National Ovarian Cancer Month by the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, which was founded by Gail Hayward in 1995 who was diagnosed with the cancer herself back in 1989, and by President George W. Bush.

SANDAG Offers Alternative to High Gas Prices
Gas prices in the San Diego region have shot past the $3 per gallon mark to unheard of levels, leaving many drivers scrambling to cover the unexpected drain on their wallets. The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) would like to remind commuters that there are several alternatives that may help to alleviate this crisis at the pump.

Students at Encanto Elementary Experience “Extreme Library Makeover’
The first full week of classes at San Diego’s Encanto Elementary was kicked off with cheers of excitement this morning, as students got their first glimpse of their recently-built library, filled with $25,000 worth of new books and technology equipment. The reason for their surprise is understandable; prior to this fall, Encanto’s “library” was a small, cramped classroom with not nearly enough books per student. Today, students saw a gleaming new library filled with nearly 3,500 brand new books, computer software, a new laptop computer and a new video projector. These items resulted from a $25,000 donation from local mortgage company Town & Country Credit (TCC), as part of their “Smart Money for Education” philanthropic program. The library structure itself was built over the summer months from Proposition MM funds.


San Diego School Board Has Got It All Wrong, Again!
The San Diego Unified School Board decided that the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can no longer use the school facilities free of charge. They now want them to pay a fee! The school district was sued by an Evangelical Christian Group that wanted to use the school faculties for free Bible study groups. They were told they had to pay for the use of the school facilities! The Christian group argued, in a lawsuit, that they should be treated equally as the Scout troops in that like the Scouts they taught moral values.

The Power of Numbers - Let’s Seize the Moment
By State Senator Liz Figueroa
For some time now, I’ve been asking myself “What does Hispanic Heritage Month really mean?” To non-Latinos it may be a reason to join our festivities and savor our tasty food and for most Latinos, it may be an opportunity to proudly recognize and honor our families’ country of origin. I take it one step further and ask myself, “What do California Latinos still need to do to truly honor one another?” My answer is always – we need to stand tall collectively which translates to — those who are eligible, must vote.

El Chivo Expiatorio
Por Humberto Caspa Ph.D
El Presidente George W. Bush empieza a buscar un plan de contingencia que pueda revertir su deplorable respuesta al huracán Katrina. El libreto de Maquiavelo nuevamente surge como una prenda académica infalible y como una indumentaria metálica de la Edad Media que cubre su desfachatez política. Si Judas se lavó las manos para exculpar sus culpas, Bush encuentra chivos expiatorios para lavar su desvergüenza.

Helping Immigrants on the Gulf Coast is America’s Moral Obligation
By Hon. Robert Menendez (D - NJ) and Hon. James E. Clyburn (D - SC)
As America mourns in the aftermath of one of the most devastating tragedies in our history, we must keep vigilant in our efforts to help those in need. Often overlooked in this tragedy are the hundreds of thousands of immigrants on the Gulf Coast whose lives have been destroyed, even if they were fortunate enough to survive the hurricane and flooding. With their homes and worldly possessions washed away, their livelihoods ruined, and their communities destroyed, these immigrants have nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and often are wary of those sent to help them. The Bush Administration failed in one of its greatest moral tests: to protect those without the means to protect themselves. The time will come for those responsible for the failings of our government’s response to be held accountable. But now, as Americans from all walks of life, we must do everything in our power to help these most vulnerable people pick up the pieces and get back on their feet. We must bring them into the light, help them with food and medical needs, and allow them to recover free of persecution.

Ayudar a los Inmigrantes Indocumentados de la Costa del Golfo es la Obligación Moral de América
Por Hon. Robert Menendez (D - NJ) y Hon. James E. Clyburn (D - SC)
América en estos momentos está refle-xionando tristemente por las ocurrencias de una de las tragedias más devastadoras en nuestra historia, debemos permanecer alertas en nuestros esfuerzos para ayudar a aquellos quienes lo necesitan. En ésta tragedia han sido frecuentemente pasados por alto los cientos de miles de inmigrantes indocumentados en la Costa del Golfo quienes han tenido sus vidas destruídas, inclusive si fueron lo suficientemente afortunados en haber sobrevivido el huracán y la inundación. Como inmigrantes, ellos se encuentran en un país extranjero, muchos son muy pobres y con poco conocimiento del inglés, ellos son unas de las víctimas más vulnerables del desastre. Han tenido sus hogares, posesiones, sustentos y comunidades destruidas, estos inmigrantes no documentados que carecen de un lugar a donde ir, o de personas quienes puedan ofrecerles apoyo y a veces pueden ser muy cautelosos hacia aquellos quienes son enviados para asistirlos. Como Americanos de toda clase de vocaciones, debemos hacer todo en nuestro poder para ayudar a ésta gente tan vulnerable para que vuelvan a ponerse de pie y continúen con sus vidas.

Tezozomoc Speaks
Tezozomoc has made the big time! You know you are big time when the Tezozomoc logo is requested so it can be transformed into a tattoo. A local homeboy is now walking around San Diego with Tezozomoc tattooed on his leg!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Fallece el conocido actor-director y maestro Jorge Andrés Fernández
“Tijuana pierde a uno de sus más representativos valores del teatro”

Por: Paco Zavala
¡Qué tal!, frase personal popularizada por el reconocido actor Jorge Andrés Fernández León. Esta frase no se volverá a oir en la sonora y bien impostada voz del maestro, por sus alumnos, amigos y conocidos; se ha ido para siempre, después de padecer una enfermedad que minó su salud, de tal manera que el pasado viernes 9 de septiembre emprendió el viaje sin retorno, Jorge Andrés, como se le conocía en el medio artístico, sobre todo en el teatral, nos dió el adiós.

“Oro entre brumas” Interesante Narración de Luis Melero
Por: Paco Zavala
Inglaterra y Holanda, las dos potencias marítimas que en el siglo XVIII se unieron al imperio austríaco en su lucha contra españoles y franceses, centraban su interés en el comercio de Indias; el control del tráfico con América era prioritario para estos dos países y de ello da idea la poderosa fuerza expedicionaria que en agosto de 1702 fondea amenazante ante Cádiz.

La nueva meca del cine americano
El festival de Toronto eleva su perfil este año con la presencia de importantes figuras de la industria y sus estrellas

Por José Daniel Bort
Desde hace ya algún tiempo el festival de Toronto se ha perfilado como uno de los mejores festivales del cine mundial. Este festival, que cumple treinta años de ininterrumpida labor, se perfila como el más influyente para los que manejan “La movida” en la industria.

Una actuación débil de Jennifer López
La actriz no supera expectativas en la película “An unfinished life”

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Hace un par de años, durante el escándalo “Bennifer”, se anunció que la actriz Jennifer López podría tener su primer chance de ser nominada al Oscar a través de la película “An unfinished life”. El pedigree de su director Lasse Hallstrom (nominado anteriormente a la estatuilla en tres oportunidades) y la compañía de los actores Robert Redford y Morgan Freeman auguraban “temporada de premios” por todos lados.

Southern Exposure at La Jolla Museum of Art
Featuring over four decades of work made by artists from Los Angeles to the Mexican border, Southern Exposure draws from MCASD’s permanent collection to showcase the diversity and aesthetic innovation of contemporary art making in the region. The exhibition will be on view at MCASD La Jolla (700 Prospect St.) from September 18, 2005 through January 1, 2006.

Los Cardinals y 49ers – Escriben Un Capítulo Importante De La Historia Internacional De La NFL
Al tomar su próximo paso en su historia, la NFL se apoya de dos franquicias con proyección internacional – los Arizona Cardinals y San Francisco 49ers. 

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
El Juli Suffers Grave Goring
California Amateur Torero Records Triumph
Famed Matador Julian Lopez “El Juli” suffered a grave goring, Sept. 9, during a corrida in Valladolid, Spain. Although the horn penetrated 20 centimeters in the front of the right thigh, the matador, nevertheless, was able to kill his bull, before being carried to the infirmary. Following surgery in the Hospital Felipe II, doctors pronounced the wound as “grave,” but not life endangering.

Pardee Ocean View 5K Run & Walk For Education Ready to Race
Register with a group and save online before September 25, 2005
In a continued effort to promote fun, family activities and to raise funds for local schools, the Pardee Ocean View 5K Run & Walk for Education returns to San Diego on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005.

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