Volume XXV Number 37 September 14, 2001

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Message from the Editors:

It is a sad, frustrating and angry time for all of us. Three days after the attack on America, it is still difficult to find the words to accurately and succinctly express our feelings. This attack has touched each and every one of us. Our hearts go out to those who have lost a loved one, a relative, a friend or a member of their community. Our support goes out to our government leaders who we now entrust with the task of effectively responding to this act of war. A plea for tolerance is sought in our dealings with and in the views we hold of our Arab/Muslim-American neighbors. We urge our decision-makers to use caution as they consider eliminating some of our freedoms in the hopes of dealing more effectively with future terrorist threats.

September 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, a month which begins with a celebration of Mexico's fight for Independence. America has now been thrust into a fight to maintain and defend our own Independence. We must now fight to preserve our way of life and to guarantee ourselves protection from future attacks.

Although we fill the pages of La Prensa San Diego with news and local feature stories about Hispanic Heritage month, as well as political commentary, our minds, hearts and souls are in line with those of the rest of America. We pray for those who lost their lives, for the loss of some of our valued freedom, and for the loss of the safety which we have taken for granted.

Daniel Muñoz, Jr.

Community Speaks Out On Tragedy
The horrific events that occurred in Manhattan, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania this week touched many more lives than the thousands that were lost. In an expression of support, people within our immediate community and the much larger community to which we all belong, share their sorrow, thoughts and prayers.

Why Are We So Hated? Looking Beyond Osama Bin Laden
By: William O. Beeman
Providence, Rhode Island — The United States risks a severe miscalculation in dealing with the destruction of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon on Tuesday. This event is not an isolated instance of violence. This is not an "act of war." It is one symptom of a cancer that threatens to metastasize.

A Very Different "Day of Infamy"
By: Walter Truett Anderson
OAKLAND, CA — The stunning events of September 11 brought for me a vivid flashback to another sudden, unexpected attack on the United States: the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. I was not surprised to see many in the media use the phrase "day of infamy," which recalled President Franklin Roosevelt's stirring message to the public in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Mexicans Stunned — Fear Consequences of Intimacy With U.S.
By: Louis Nevaer
MEXICO CITY—In the wake of terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Mexicans are having second thoughts about becoming so intimately interconnected with so many gringos.

National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims of the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001



While Politicians Posture - World's Poor on the Move
By Richard Rodriguez
When politicians have nothing to say, they tend to say it. Which explains why we have heard so much about illegal immigration of late from U.S. President George Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox.


Mexico's Struggle for Independence
Mexico's independence was not a sporadic movement like the Mexican Revolution of 1910 with wildfires springing up throughout the country. On the contrary, it was a well-planned movement to free Mexico from the paralyzing grip of the Spanish Monarchy.

Hidalgo's Call for Mexican Independence
By: Daniel L. Muñoz
Hispanic Heritage month begins with the "Mexico's War of Independence." It is fitting that we recall our heritage beginning with our quest for freedom and independence from Spanish colonialism.

National Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanics play vital role in past, present, future military

By Felix J. Chavez, PhD.
The theme for this year's Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins September 15, is "Hispanics-A Diversified Work-force to Change the Future."

Carlsbad's Fiesta Del Barrio: Uniting People and Honoring Local History
By Yvette tenBerge
This Sunday, September 16, some in San Diego will celebrate Mexican Independence Day with the usual performances by mariachi music bands and Ballet Folklorico dance groups. Although these pieces of Mexican culture have become staples of today's Mexican-American holidays, the Fiesta Del Barrio in Carlsbad has added a twist to their celebration that is drawing people by the thousands.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities and Cancellations
102.9 K-Love FM's Line-Up Packs Punch This Year
San Diego's premier Spanish-Language radio stations, 102.9 K-Love (KLQV) and La Nueva 106.5 (KLNV) as well as their on-line counterpart, Netmio.com, present the 2001 Festival del Grito scheduled for Sunday September 16th at the Coors Amphitheater in Chula Vista.

¿Qué fue lo que ocurrió?

Por: Paco Zavala.
Al contemplar horrorizados las escenas que presentaban las distintas televisoras del contorno, el pasado día 11 del presente mes en las primeras horas de la mañana, era increible, inconcebible, patético, indescriptible lo que en esos momentos acontecía en las ciudades de Nueva York, Washington y en el Estado de Pennsylvania.

Por Yhamel Catacora
El día siguiente
La bandera a media asta, fue la primera señal a la que muchos despertamos y la que nos recordó que no se trataba de una horripilante pesadilla, y sí de la más cruda realidad que el país entero le tocó vivir en toda su historia.

La Libertad en Peligro
No fue producto de la imaginación de uno de los grandes artífices del cine de Hollywood. Ocurrió la mañana del 11 de septiembre cuando aviones secuestrados por terroristas fueron estrellados contra las torres gemelas del World Trade Center, en Nueva York, y contra el Pentágono, en Washington, que es la sede del ejército más poderoso del planeta. Asistimos a la llegada del más despiadado terrorismo al corazón de Estados Unidos y con ello afrontamos el peligro de una guerra de grandes proporciones desatada por gente sin rostro, que podría cambiar las sociedades occidentales en las que la vida de un ser humano tiene una gran importancia.

Service of Remembrance on Saturday in Chula Vista
A service of remembrance for the victims of this week's terrorism acts against the United States has been scheduled at 10 a.m. on Saturday (Sept. 15) in Chula Vista. This inter-faith memorial event will offer support to the community, and families and friends of those who died or were injured. Local leaders and representatives from all faiths have been invited to attend.

National City will host a Candlelight Vigil
National City will hold a candlelight vigil, Friday, September 14 at 6:30 pm, symbolizing the community's coming together during this time of national crisis. It will also serve as a time to channel feelings of anger and frustration into a more positive direction

Interes Usureros al Solicitar Un Préstamo o Refinanciarlo
Por: Lydia Briseno
Algunas personas que sacaron hipotecas en California han descubierto que los pagos mensuales para amortizar la hipoteca no significa una reducción notoria de su deuda. Eso puede suceder cuando los servicios y los intereses son altos. Y si el prestamista que le otorgó el préstamo puso en forma oculta una penalidad significativa en concepto de pago anticipado por el mismo préstamo y hasta es posible que usted no pueda refinanciar la hipoteca con un préstamo con un interés más razonable. Este hecho viene a constituir una trampa cuando el dinero ganado por la gente con el sudor de su frente y la equidad de sus propiedades va a engrosar los bolsillos de los prestamistas que operan con intereses usureros.

Legislature Votes to Ban Predatory Lending
Today (September 13, 2001) California became the second state in the country (after North Carolina) to ban predatory lending. The Senate passed AB 489 by a vote of 22-12 on Monday. Today the Assembly pass-ed the bill in a concurrence vote with the exact minimum number of yes votes required for passage (41). There were 27 no votes. Governor Gray Davis is a strong supporter of the bill and has committed to signing it.


We Grieve For The Lives Lost To Terrorist Attack
It was with profound shock that we watched the television images of the terrorist attacks carried out against the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center and the West Wing of the Pentagon. Once again, the world has been treated to the spectacle of mankind turning viciously against another member of his species. In a moment's time, the thought flashed across my mind: Is there any doubt that we, supposedly a higher level of species, are the world's most dangerous inhabitants of earth? Our savagery has no match.

Narrow National Interest: Foxes and the Mexicans
By: Rodolfo Acuña
The media has reported that Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castañeda has privately dismissed Latinos as too aligned with the Democrats, and that the Fox administration is willing to help President George Bush win over the Latino vote by campaigning for him in exchange for a special deal for Mexico on immigration. Somehow this does not surprise me. Three years ago at a conference on the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at Southwest Law School, Castaneda said that Mexico should pursue a foreign policy that conformed to the interests of Mexico and not "Chicanos." At the time, I interpreted the remark as a criticism of Mexican Americans who often act more Mexican than Mexicans and attempt to influence Mexican foreign and domestic policy.

Chismes de Mi gallinero:
The Chicano Vote—Who Wants it, Really?

By: Julio C. Calderón
My gallinas have abandoned their laying boxes and are hiding their eggs in the weirdest places. The last batch I found under the pool deck. It's pretty much what all of you will have to do when you try to find out who your new representative in the Legislature or the congress are going to have to do for your next vote.

Official English: Beating a Dead Horse?
Domenico Maceri, PhD
Twenty-six American states have passed laws declaring English the official language. Now it's Congress's turn. Recently legislation was introduced to declare English the official language of the US. It would require that all official government business be conducted in English. Exceptions would be made in matters of public health, law enforcement, court translation, and tourism. If the bill is approved, the effects will be the same as those in the states that have approved similar legislation: nil.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Child Exploitation Article to be Presented Before the UN
I am writing to note the quality and significance of the article on the exploitation of children. This is a significant issue for the U.N. organization (Pride) for which I am Vice President of International Relations for Children. Much has been done and is in the process of being done to seek to protect such at risk children internationally. As long as one child suffers, however, it is never enough. There remains much to do.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Discovery en Español Conmemora el Mes de la Hispanidad Con Programas Especiales Para Celebrar Las
Maravillas Culturales y Naturales del Mundo Latino
Para destacar las infinitas riquezas de la cultura hispana, su geografía y su historia, Discovery en Español, una filial de Discovery Digital Networks, conmemora el Mes de la Hispanidad (a partir del 15 de septiembre, 2001, hasta el 15 de octubre, 2001) con los bloques de programación especial: PATRIAS (Homelands) viaja a México, Centroamérica y Sudamérica para explorar las muchas y variadas riquezas del mundo natural y algunos eventos culturales importantes y únicos de estas regiones. ICONOS (Icons), destaca cinco personalidades de origen hispano, cuyas vidas dramá-ticas e influencia cultural han despertado el orgullo de sus naciones y admiración del mundo entero.

Discovery en Español Celebra el Mes de la Hispanidad Con Elegancia, Aventura, y Dramatizados
Literarios en Tres Series Llenas de Vida y Encanto
Siguiendo los pasos de unos exploradores adolescentes de la vida real, escuchando conversaciones sobre muchos temas con autores de gran importancia, o conociendo el interior de algunas de las mansiones más lujosas de Latinoamerica, los televidentes de habla hispana tendrán a su disposición muchos programas entretenidos y culturales en Ruta Quetzal, La Torre de Papel y Casas, que Discovery en Español, una filial de Discovery Digital Networks, presenta en sus episodios de estreno durante el Mes de la Hispanidad (Septiembre 15, 2001 hasta octubre 15, 2001). Las tres series han sido producidas totalmente en español.

El Canal NBC 7/39 Ofrecerá Una Programación de Interés a la Comunidad Hispana
La Programación es Dedicada al Mes del Legado Hispano en la Comunidad
El canal NBC 7/39 le ofrecerá a la gran comunidad Hispana una serie de anuncios de servicio público especiales dándole reconocimiento a Hispanos de la localidad, una emisión especial del décimo quinto aniversario de los premios del Legado Hispano, el estreno de dos nuevos programas hispanos en sindicación, un evento para celebrar el Día de la Independencia de México y una página de Internet con noticias en español. Este esfuerzo que se pondrá en curso, dará comienzo el 15 de Septiembre en reconocimiento al mes del Legado Hispano.

Showtime and Sí TV Select Winner of Its Second Annual "Latino Filmmaker Showcase"
Four Short Films to Premiere in September During Hispanic Heritage Month
Showtime and Sí TV are honored to announce that Galo Recalde is the $30,000 prizewinner of its second annual Latino Filmmaker Showcase. The award money will be used towards the production of a new short film, which will have its exclusive world premiere on SHOWTIME. In association with Sí TV Productions and Executive Director Jeff Valdez, SHOWTIME provides the opportunity for up-and-coming Latino filmmakers to express themselves through the showcase, which complements the network's commitment to offer diverse programming to all its viewers.

Thalia Derrama Su Amor Sobre El Pueblo Mexicano
Contra todos los contratiempos y con la mejor de sus caras, la querida artista mexicana Thalía, dio una cátedra de profesionalismo durante la presentación de su aclamado disco de éxitos "Con Banda".

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
"The Gypsy Princess"
This beloved operetta will grace a San Diego professional stage on September 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 at the Casa del Prado Theater, Balboa Park when San Diego Comic Opera presents the San Diego premiere of this resplendent tale of love and social rank in the last days of the Courts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ticket prices for The Gypsy Princess range from $17 - $25. For tickets or further information call 239-8836 or Ticket-Master at 220-TIXS.

Trinidad VS. Hopkins Middleweight Championship Bout Postponed
NEW YORK - The Middleweight World Championship Series finale featuring Felix "Tito" Trinidad vs. Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins originally scheduled for Saturday at Madison Square Garden has been postponed said event promoter Don King.

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