Volume XXVII Number 37 September 12, 2003

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September 15 – October 15

Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year since 1968, by presidential proclamation, a week has been set aside to recognize the role played by Hispanic groups of the past and present. In 1989, Congress passed a bill to change Hispanic Heritage Week to a month long celebration.

The month is bookend by two significant Hispanic events. The first is Mexican Independence Day celebrated on September 16 and the other is the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus celebrated on October 12. During this month it is a time to reflect on the history of America and of the contributions and impact of the Hispanic community on contemporary America.

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An American Hero From South of the Border
By Jorge Mariscal
One of the most eloquent voices speaking out against the folly of George W. Bush, Inc.’s invasion and occupation of Iraq is Fernando Suarez del Solar. An average-sized man with large eyes and a serene expression, Mr. Suarez speaks imperfect English and often apologizes to his audiences. But what he has to say in his native Spanish is nothing less than one of the most intelligent, powerful, and absolutely riveting analyses of why Bush and Co. must be stopped.

Militarizing the Americas
By Laura Carlsen
The Bush administration has launched renewed efforts to reach out to Central and South American countries over the past month. The recent visits of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard Myers signal that Latin America is back on the U.S. government’s geopolitical map—but the map is being significantly redrawn.

“Al Norte de San Diego”
Un Proyecto Del Centro Nacional de Investigación de Estudios Latinos
Historias Orales de Mexicanos y Latinos del Condado Norte
Por America Barcelo Feldman
El Centro Nacional de Investigación de Estudios Latinos (National Latino Research Center-NLCR-) de Universidad Estatal de San Marcos cuenta con un proyecto denominado: Al Norte de San Diego: Historias Orales de Mexicanos y Latinos, el cual tiene diversos objetivos que promuevan la identidad cultural y resaltando el orgullo del origen latino, enfatizando la importancia histórica de los pobladores hispanos y su contribución al desarrollo del Condado Norte de San Diego.


Mexican Americans Annoyed With Recall ‘Taco Poll’
By Elena A. Robles
SAN JOSE — One of California’s most lucrative Mexican fast-food franchises announced a new promotion recently, with the byline of “Who Says You Can’t Buy Votes?”

In California Gubernatorial Debate, Ethnic Communities Reframe Issues
By Marcelo Ballve
LOS ANGELES—A California gubernatorial debate on Sept. 9 underscored how the concerns of immigrant and ethnic communities are more than ever framing key debates in state politics. Candidates must now take stands on issues that only 10 years ago were not in the political mainstream.

Politica a la Mexicana
Acuerdo migratorio en suspenso

Por Luz Aída Salomón
El retrato realista y duro del México de hoy se ve a diario en la frontera con Estados Unidos, donde cientos de mexicanos intentan a diario cruzar la frontera con Estados Unidos aun con el riesgo de perder la vida. La desesperación por abandonar la pobreza desconoce leyes o tratados migratorios, aunque bien harían los gobiernos mexicano y estadounidense para llegar a un acuerdo que legalice a más de 4 millones de mexicanos indocumentados y el flujo de trabajadores temporales.

La Prensa Persa
You don’t have to be old to become a Celeb.!

By Kathy Hadizadeh
Each and every one of us has some fears inside. Some fears are caused internally and some by external forces beyond our control. Just sit there and imagine some of the fears surrounding you each day unconsciously: fear of losing your job, fear of losing your life partner, fear of having an accident, etc. You are surrounded by all these and many more causes of fear. But how many times have any of these fears hindered you from making a simple decision?

Frida Kahlo Transcends Time and Embodies Chicanisma
By Perlita R. Dicochea
As I walked through the last Saturday of the enchanting Frida Kahlo photo exhibit at the Museum of Photographic Art, I thought for certain that if Frida were alive today she would surely support la causa Chicana. In all of her obsessions with Diego, communism, Mexican folklore, and her hair and nails, I thought how incredible it must be to be Frida passed on. At this moment, Frida observes the phenomenal impact she has had on a generation of spunky, courageous mujeres – some of whom remain steadfast in their determination to keep alive a bold sense of Chicanisma. A posthumously labeled “narcissist” by Mexican critics, I wonder if my own desire for Chicana labeled goods could not also be a form of narcissism.

Crawford High Students ‘GEAR UP’ For Back-to-School Success
What does it take to get prepared for college? Students participating in Crawford High School’s GEAR UP college-prep program received important tips and motivation on this subject recently during a GEAR-UP back-to-school rally designed to keep them on track for academic and college success.

Mexican Independence Celebration Events:
The Sherman Heights Community Center Hosts Its Annual Fiestas Patrias “Recordando a México” Celebration
The Sherman Heights Community Center is pleased to present a celebration of Mexican Independence Day to residents of Sherman Heights, surrounding neighborhoods and visitors.

Friends Of Scott Foundation Striving To Help Children & Families Facing Childhood Cancer
Friends of Scott Foundation is a new organization, founded by Carmen and Henry Delgadillo, aiming to assist families dealing with childhood cancer. Carmen and Henry know first-hand how childhood cancer affects families – their son, Scott Delgadillo, lost his battle with Leukemia in January of 2001.

Por Maite Arce Argleben
Una Llamada Alienta a Miles de Latinos

Todo empezó con un teléfono público de Jamaica, en Nueva York. Ahí, una muchacha llamada Esperanza realizó la llamada que cambió su vida, pero también la de miles de Latinos. Imagínate, estaba embarazada con tan sólo 17 años de edad. Su mamá y su papá no lo sabían. Es más, ellos se encontraban en Puerto Rico y no podían adivinar la manera cómo había crecido la barriga de su hija. Sólo lo sabía su prima, porque Esperanza compartía la renta con ella mientras trabajaba por las noches limpiando oficinas.

New School-To-Career Program Educates Youth On Health Care Careers
The San Diego Border Area Health Education Center (SDBAHEC), in collaboration with Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista, has launched a new program designed to educate youth about the career opportunities in the health care industry. The School-to-Health Career Mentoring program provides youth with positive assets that enable them to become knowledgeable about health careers, comfortable in the workplace and ambitious about their future.

Corazon Latino
Los Latinos Corren Riesgo de Sufrir Enfermedades Cardiacas y Derrames Cerebrales

Si a usted le gusta la comida picante, los frijoles, las tortillas, las arepas, la “ropa vieja”, el chimichurri, las brevas con arequipe, la leche poleada y el café con pan dulce por la tarde; si los pies le bailan solos con la música salsa, un buen son o el tango; si en su casa habla español y a sus hijos los llama con un m’ijo, m’ija, pibe o patojo... ¡Felicitaciones! ¡Usted es latino!


Prop. 54 Another Form of Discrimination

Proposition 54 will appear before Cali-fornia voters on the October 7 ballot. The ballot initiative is know formally as “Classification by Race, Ethnicity, Color or National Origin” (CRECNO) and informally as the “Racial Privacy Initiative.” Proposition 54 amends the state Constitution to prohibit the state or local governments from “classifying” individuals by race, ethnicity, or national origin for any purpose not covered by a specific exemption.

Let us cut to the chase on this issue. This initiative has lit

Two Years Later: As Nation Observes 2nd Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, The ACLU Asks Whether We Are Any Safer or Just Less Free

Statement of Anthony Romero
NEW YORK - As the nation commemorates the second anniversary of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks, the American Civil Liberties Union joins with hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans across the country in asking our elected and appointed officials to mark this solemn day with a strong commitment to making the United States both safe and free.

Tezozomoc Speaks:
Orale: ol Cruz Bustamante got tired of carrying the Gov’s water and decided it was time to drop him. Cruz no longer asking you to vote no on the recall. Hell, he sees this as his best and last chance to become the big chingón!! If Cruz loses this fight, Davis will see that not only will his parking spot be moved, but his office may end up in the basement. It is all, or nothing.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Two kids in a motorhome; if this was Saber Springs it would have been kidnapping!
Is this for real? I can’t believe no charges were filed aginst a man who took 2 children in Barrio Logan without permission from their mother! That sounds like a kidnapping to me! Is it because the 2 boys have brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin? Would charges had been filed if these boys had golden curly locks of hair?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Gestan un Homenaje a Javier Villaurrutia
Por: Paco Zavala
Desde que nos inciamos en la escuela los maestros, los super maestros que en nuestra época nos transmitieron sus conocimientos con el fin de hacernos hombres de bien, siempre insistieron en que nos documentaramos sobre la vida de nuestros próceres, heróes y gente de la cual pudieramos tomar un ejemplo a seguir, pero no encauzados hacia lo decadente o insano, no, hacia el crecimiento y desarrollo intelectual, artístico, social, político o religioso.

Se Fortalece la Ubicación del Centro Histórico de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
En una charla informal que sostuvimos con el Arq. Armando García, Coordinador del Instituto de Cultura de Baja California y quien rubrica estas líneas, el pasado martes en las instalaciones del propio ICBC, nos comentó que en ese momento asistiría a una reunión de trabajo en el Ayuntamiento, para tratar lo relativo a la determinación de lo que será el área en el que se ubicará el Centro Histórico de Tijuana, lo que nos causó mucho gusto.

Redefiniendo Hollywood
Robert Rodríguez no conoce la palabra miedo

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Lo llaman el cineasta orquesta. Después de diez años y diez películas de dar su salto a la fama por “El Mariachi” con $7000 dólares, Robert Rodríguez ha ido acumulando prácticamente cual-quier crédito técnico que tenga que ver con sus películas. Para “Spy Kids 3-D” y “Once upon a time in Mexico” a estrenarse esta semana, el cineasta no solo dirigió, escribió y produjo la película, sino también se encargó de la cinematografía, manejó la cámara, diseñó los escenarios, escribió la música inédita, la editó, supervisó los efectos especiales y mezcló la versión final del sonido.

Exquisita fascinación por los tramposos
“Matchstick Men” es la primera novela de Eric García que recibe tratamiento cinematográfico

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Eric García logró una acogida estupenda en el mundo literario gracias a las historias de “Rex”, un investigador privado de los Angeles el cual es verdaderamente un Tiranosaurio disfrazado de humano en las novelas “Anonymus Rex” (1999) y “Casual Rex” (2001). Sin embargo, es su tercera novela “Matchstick Men” la que consigue el primer crédito cinematográfico para el joven autor nacido en Miami, con residencia en California.

Work of Cal State San Marcos Artist David Avalos Featured in Traveling Exhibit of California Labor Art:
Exhibit Includes Work of Dorothea Lange, Diego Rivera and Others
During the 1980s and 1990s, Cal State San Marcos artist and professor David Avalos collaborated on a number of highly publicized public art projects in San Diego County that raised questions about the treatment of hourly wage-earners and migrant workers.

Calendar of Events...
By Berenice Cisneros
Concerts, Musicals…
**The San Diego summer heats up when Brazilian Promotions and PartySan Diego.com team up to produce “Brazil by the Bay” night at the Cannibal Bar located inside the beautiful Catamaran Resort located at 3999 Mission Blvd. to build a cultural bridge through music, fashion and dance. Don’t miss the Brazilian Beach Fashion Show, and September 23 Ms. Brazil Latina Pageant.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturale en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Se fortalece el fervor patrio con motivo de la celebración de las festividades patrias de todos los mexicanos nacidos en el país azteca y por adopción.

Joel Casamayor: “Sometimes I Feel Like Crying”
By Fiona Manning
Sometimes in boxing, a writer gets to witness an historic moment. Sometimes that writer also gets to tell all about it: sometimes, the moment is so profound and unique, it affects all concerned.

Castellanos Optimistic about SDSU Soccer
By John Philip Wyllie
Despite its slow 1-2 start, San Diego State is expected to field one of its best women’s soccer teams in years this fall. Former Rancho Bernardo High School standout Kim Castellanos, third on the all-time list of Aztec goal-scorers (with 32 goals), will attempt to build upon last year’s impressive nine goal, six assist performance in this, her senior season. Castellanos has accounted for all three of the Aztec goals this year and the first team all-Mountain West Conference returnee is being counted on to once again supply the Aztec’s scoring punch.

Southwestern College Jaguars Host Golden West in Home Opener
Free Miniature Footballs Presented to Kids Under 12
CHULA VISTA — On the heels of their first win last weekend, the Southwestern College (SWC) Jaguars (1-0) are ready to battle the Golden West College Rustlers (1-0) this Saturday, Sept. 13 at DeVore Stadium at 5 p.m.