September 11, 1998

Latin American Nations Celebrating Their Independence

The Mexican war for Independence is usually highlighted in California and in the local media. This is due in part due that California is the home to the largest concentrations of Mexican-heritage persons north of Mexico City. Nevertheless, La Prensa San Diego takes note of the growing number of Latinos in our country and wishes to remind our readers that there were a number of `wars of liberation' from Spain that were occurring throughout Latin America within the period of 1809-1827.

La Prensa San Diego would be pleased to bring `orgullo' to our Latin Compatriotas by carrying in our pages `your history'. Your input towards this effort is solicited.

Wars of Liberation from Spain

1809- Uprising in Bolivia, Peru

1810- Upraising in Venezuela, Argentina. War of Independence Mexico.

1811- Uprising in El Salvador, Venezuela & Paraguay declare their independence.

1813- Colombia declares its independence.

1814- Upraising in Chile

1817- Upraising in Brazil.

1821- Peru declares its independence. Mexico granted independence by Spain.

Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador declare independence.

1822- Brazil declares independence. Ecuador declares independence.

1825- Uruguay and Bolivia declare independence.

1898- Receives its Independence.

! Que Viva La Independencia!

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