September 10, 2004

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Another Movie On the Iraq War

I recently watched “Uncovered: The war in Iraq” at the Ken Theater in San Diego. After watching this documentary I’m now convinced that there is clear and undisputable evidence that the Bush administration lied and manipulated pre-war intelligence in the guise of pursuing the war on terror.

As a Retired U.S. Marine I feel that war should be the absolute last option. I’m concerned as an American Citizen that damaged caused abroad to U.S. credibility maybe irreversible. Former President Reagan once said, “America is a shinning City on a hill whose beacon light guides freedom.” America cannot be a shinning city when a pre-empted war was based on false and manipulated intelligence. Truth, Responsibility, and Integrity must be the foundation for America’s beacon light. President Bush promised to restore credibility and honor to the White House. President Bush might learn something by reading Harry Truman’s quote, “The buck stops here.” Over a thousand soldiers and countless Iraqi’s have died, because Bush lied.

Joseph Moreno
USMC Retired
San Diego

1000 Víctimas y dos países destruídos por Bush

Cuando regresé de mi viaje a Irak, fuí a visitar la tumba de mi hijo Jesús, y platicando le decía: Hijo, ya son muchos de tus compañeros los que han caído en ésta guerra; ya son más de 400 jóvenes brillantes y valerosos como tú. Dime hijo, ¿cuándo terminará ésto?, ¿cuántos más tendrán que caer para que las familias dejen de sufrir? Hazme alguna señal hijo. Y lloré, lloré mucho ese día. Al paso de los meses continuaron muriendo más y más jóvenes brillantes y miles de niños en Irak. El pasado Viernes 3 de Septiembre el Sr. Bush aceptó la candidatura del partido republicano para ser nuevamente presidente de este bello y gran país, y entre otras cosas decía que le dolían mucho las muertes de nuestros hijos, pero que ese es el precio por nuestra libertad, el precio de nuestro estilo de vida, el precio por vivir en la democracia y que hoy, miles, millones de personas viven una mejor vida que antes, y yo me pregunto, ¿a quién se refería el Sr. Bush? Porque hoy, ya son 1000 (MIL) jóvenes muertos en Irak, 2000 (DOS MIL) padres destruídos, 1000 familias desechas, sin contar con los miles de heridos, mutilados que son otras miles de familias destruídas; estas familias no disfrutamos el estilo de vida que el Sr. Bush menciona; estas familias no tenemos la libertad que el Sr. Bush menciona, estas familias no hemos recibido un gesto de gratitud humana del Sr. Bush, porque las medallas, ceremonias, solo le han servido a los políticos para sus campañas electorales, pero nosotros, en nuestras casas, nunca, nunca hemos recibido una palabra de aliento por parte del Sr. Bush y de su administracion. En el momento que escribo estas líneas, posiblemente otra familia está recibiendo la nefasta noticia de su hijo muerto en combate, y la cifra aumenta, ¿hasta cuándo? ¿cuántas vidas, cuántas familias, cuántos niños huerfanos más serán necesarios para poner fin a esta guerra inmoral basada en mentiras?

Mi esposa y mis hijas me decían hoy, ¿servirá de algo tantas muertes? ¿servira de algo tu lucha por la paz? ¿entenderán las personas y los políticos que Bush está destru-yéndonos?

Mi respuesta la daré el 2 de Noviembre.

Fam. Suarez del Solar.

“W” is for “Waste”.

This in the papers today across the nation. Same day as passing the 1,000 death barrier in Iraq.

It’s not the fall, but the sudden stop that hurts.

“The budget office expects that the total federal debt held by the public — the amount borrowed through the sale of Treasury bonds to finance overspending — will balloon 58 percent over the next decade, from $4.3 trillion this year to nearly $6.8 trillion in 2014.”

There are several rates for T-bonds, today’s are

...from a high: “The 30-year Treasury bond jumped 23/32 point to yield 5.01 percent, down from 5.06 percent on Friday, according to Moneyline Telerate.”

... to a low “Yields on one-month Treasury bills were 1.50 percent as the discount fell 0.02 percentage point to 1.47 percent.”

So using the lower number of 1.47 % , simple annual interest on $4.3 Trillion dollars is $63.2 Billion annually. Using the upper numbers, since this isn’t likely to get paid off anytime soon, of 5.06% simple interest on $6.8 Trillion ($6,800,000,000,000!) , is $344 Billion annually... interest paid just to service the debt, a substantial amount of money that is being taken away from all other things... from citizens... forever until the debt is paid.

“Chad Kolton, a spokesman for the White House Office of Management and Budget, said the CBO figures are deceptive because they include far too much money for continued fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

However, the Bush White House continues to ask for additional supplemental spending authorizations because it repeatedly underestimates the costs. And other estimates of how long the U.S. forces must stay in Iraq and Afghanistan are twice and more the number used by the OMB. We still have troops in Germany and South Korea.

There are other optimistic assumptions made by OMB, clarified in the OMB report, so deficits could get even worse if other! Bush proposals are enacted.

The U.S. Federal Government now borrows 20% of what it spends. Could anyone personally do that every month? For how long?

The U.S. is spending at a deficit rate higher than during WWII, and that was coming out of the Great Depression.

We owe this money not just to ourselves, but to China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and others.

Deficits are why the Soviet Union isn’t around any longer. In economic warfare, they went bankrupt and broke up. The U.S. quickly capitalized on the “peace dividend” to produce surpluses and start paying down the national debt.

Today, we are spending our future and freedom to control it.

Choose your poison:

inflation: too many dollars chasing too few goods, or devaluation: a substantial drop in the value of a currency, relative to the price of gold or the currencies of other countries.

Forget “Tax-and-Spend”, it’s “Spend-and-Owe”.!

This is the other war, a bigger war, and one we are losing badly.

Kevin Hardy
San Diego

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