September 9, 2005

New Orleans, hit by Hurricane Katrina, laid it out in the open for all to see, just how racist and incompetent our Government, under the rule of President Bush and his Extreme Right Wingers, is! In case you ever thought that America was a just society, New Orleans placed the ugly face of racism on display for the world to see. Never mind sending your extremist Right Winger Vice President Dick Cheney to the Gulf Coast to “cut through any bureaucratic obstacles slowing the recovery”! Just stay away Mr. President and keep all your Right Wing dudes, out of the way… They were and have been the bureaucratic obstacles not only in Iraq but in America!

Kudos to our Gente for protesting against sending Recruiters from the Armed Forces into our schools to sign up our children to serve in the Armed Forces. If the cause of fighting in Iraq was a just cause, our people would volunteer on their own. It wasn’t Chicanos that went across into Canada rather than serve in the Armed Forces in Vietnam! It was the thousands of the middle-class and wealthy members of American society that failed America! It has been that way in American history: The children of the rich and powerful never were forced to put their bodies on the line for America!

Not to be outdone, our own politicos, in Sacramento, made their grab for headlines by approving the legalization of “same-sex marriages”! The Assembly, which is in the main, controlled by Democrats, approved the bill to legalize ‘same-sex’ marriages by a margin of 41-35 votes! Gracias Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña for supporting this outrageous bill! All other San Diego elected Assemblymen and women voted against same sex marriages! Forget Dolores Huerta, of the United Farm Workers Union, she lobbied for the Bill. Hummmm, wonder if the thousands of farm workers realize that their leadership is now siding with the Homosexuals and Lesbians against the Catholic Church and their staunchly religious Mexican WORKERS and LATINO PARENTS and FAMILIES? The Senate passed the measure by a vote of 21-15!

NOTA: Standing firma against the outrageous attacks against the family structure were Assemblyman Juan Vargas, (D), San Diego, Assemblyman Ray Haynes (R), Murrieta, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton (R), Bonita, Assemblyman Mark Wyland, (R), Del Mar, Assemblyman George Plescia, (R), San Diego, Assemblywoman Miami Walters, (R-) Laguna Niguel, and Jay LaSuer (R), La Mesa.

Pregunta: Councilman Scott Peters-In case you haven’t noticed more and more Mexican Americans, Blacks, Senior Citizens, and working Class Americans have moved into District One. We are having more and more problems being generated in the District because of your lack of attention to the problems of the District such as Governor Drive and Genesee being turned into an unauthorized Freeway by the thousands of cars, trucks, and motorcycles which have turned University City into an intolerable place to live in. Your obsession with the problems of the City as a whole has made you forget your District. If you want to run for Mayor and worry about the whole City, that’s fine… Just let us know, so we can elect a Councilman that’s going to look out for our interests!

Orale Councilman Luis Natividad (National City), este Indio saw your dream sheet where you almost claim to have been God’s choice to save the South Bay Cities… Come on Vato, este Indio has been around a long time. I have seen a lot of our Gente devote their time and attention trying to make our Barrios, livable, and turned into areas that we can be proud to raise our families in. Rein in your ego, Luis, and you will see more support coming your way!

The Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District is turning into a College where its not what you know but who you know! Case in point Wendell Cutting, the Chairman of the Governing Board and his willing assistants, Richard D. Alexander, Timothy L. Curathers, D.C. (All elected to office) and Bill Garnett and Deanna Weeks (Both appointees), gave “Sweet Heart” extensions of their current contracts to Chancellor Omero Suarez, PhD, James E. Austin, Vice Chancellor, Ben Lastimado, Ed.D, Vice Chancellor, and Geraldine M. Perri, Ph.D. President Cuyamaca College. But, passed over Ted Martinez Jr. PhD, President of Grossmont College! All without any input from any interested parties, like the Faculty, Parents, and Students. There were no open discussions. In other words, no other input was brought into the discussion of extending or denying a contract. The President of Grossmont College did not even have a hearing where he could defend himself of any charges that might have entered into discussion of the renewal of his contract. La Prensa San Diego believes this is a very un-American way to run a college. This closed system of hiring and firing staff can easily be corrupted to the disadvantage of the College, the students and the staff.

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