September 9, 2005

Centro Cultural Tijuana’s educational services program

By Luis Alonso Pérez

Children are the citizens of the future. If a country wishes to improve their situation, they must begin by improving opportunities for the younger ones.

To encourage artistic appreciation, improve educational quality and promote national identity among youth, Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT) presented their educational services program for this semester, with the main goal of strengthening the link between culture and education in Baja California’s students.

The event consisted in a presentation of the cultural-artistic program by the educative services management, and a special presentation of the scenic arts projects that CECUT will be offering this season, like El Taller de Don Jacinto and De Calacas, cuentos y leyendas.

The educational program’s main focus is encouraging schools to visit CECUT, so they can take advantage of the services available for students of all levels –from preschool to college– like guided visits to the Museum of the Californias, temporary exhibitions, multi-disciplinary artistic projects, shows, workshops, reading circles, video screenings and of course their famous Omnimax theatre.

But these visits are not intended exclusively for Baja California schools, they are also available for schools in the San Diego and southern California area. For Centro Cultural Tijuana it’s very important to encourage visits from educational institutes with high level of Mexican-American students, because it gives them the opportunity to come in contact and appreciate their Mexican culture, particularly during important holidays like Mexican Independence Day and Dia de Muertos.

With the intention of maximizing their visit, CECUT has developed pre-designed schedule packages to meet every school’s particular needs and offer additional discounts on shows and workshops. This way every group can decide on which activities they want to do and the schedule they want to keep.

One of the specific goals for this semester is to promote visits from middle and high school students, as well as encourage visits from schools within the State Educative System (SEE), not only from Tijuana.

One of the main strategies to motivate their participation is through a program called “equipping our schools” which consists in contributing to the improvement of public school in the SEE that want to expand their educative programs with visits to CECUT, with donations that range from books and educational equipment, to those educational institutes with the most visits.

Another important program that encourages participation from scholars in culture is “Strengthening out identity” which consists in sponsoring a day of visits to CECUT, to middle and high school students form schools located in Tijuana’s poorest areas.

The artistic projects in the educational services program are meant to introduce youth to the exploration and appreciation of different artistic expressions like music; scenic arts like theatre, dance and pantomime; visual arts like painting, photography and muralism; audiovisual arts like film and video.

Another important part of the program is the cultural and artistic workshops for basic level teachers, like the Liberty management workshop, intended for people who work with adolescents with drug problems, and the Drama for puppeteers workshop that introduces teachers to the basics of this art form.

As always, one of the main attractions are the movies screened in the Omnimax theatre, and for this season CECUT has prepared a very complete movie lineup, like Adventures in California, Sharks: Dangerously close, Forces of Nature, Cosmic Travels, Ocean Oasis, Dolphins, among others.

The video hall has an abundant collection of movies and documentaries for all school levels: preschool, grade school, middle and high school. Teachers can coordinate with CECUT staff so they can choose which video they find more appropriate to screen the students, and if they want, they can bring their own videos and so they can be projected.

For more information or reservations, contact Centro Cultural Tijuana’s Educative Services Management by telephone 52 (664) 687 9645 to 48 or by email

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