Volume XXIV Number 36 September 8, 2000

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President Clinton Address the Press in Colombia and Outlines the War on Drugs

(Editors Note: The following is an edited version of the transcript presented by President Bill Clinton before the press in Colombia, followed by an outline of the war on drugs.)

Casa de Huespedes, Cartagena, Colombia, August 30, 2000 -- I want to thank President Pastrana, members of his government and legislative leaders who have welcomed us so warmly here today.

Together we come here to say that the United States, executive and Congress, Republican and Democrat, House and Senate, stand with Colombia in its fight for democracy.

The White House President Clinton meets with Colombian President Andres Pastrana during his visit to Colombia on August 30, 2000. Photo Credit: Sharon Farmer.

In our meetings I had a chance to thank President Pastrana for his truly courageous leadership, for a peaceful, prosperous, democratic country free of narco-trafficking. He has pursued this vision fearlessly, as has so many others. The 11 widows of those who gave their lives for the rule of law and human rights and a better future that we met earlier today are the most eloquent testimony of it.

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Plan Colombia: Are You Listening, Mr. President?
By Mary Jo McConahay
Now that President Clinton has formally committed U.S. military personnel and weapons and more than $1 billion to the war against drugs and guerrillas in Colombia, it may seem too late to listen to voices of caution.

New demographics changing everything
Experts examine rise of state's minorities

By Tanya Schevitz, Lori Olszewski, and John Wildemuth
The San Francisco Chronicle, August 31, 2000
Long anticipated, California's transformation into a minority-majority state may have arrived with little fanfare, but make no mistake about it — the shift in the demographic landscape is expected to ripple through almost every aspect of life.

The Changing Face of the Nation
By Stephanie Niedringhaus
In the mid-1990's, a traveling exhibit featuring old elementary school "Dick and Jane" readers was greeted with nostalgia by many white museum goers. The middle-class family of Dick and Jane, complete with their dog Spot and white picket fence, elicited comfortable memories of a time when white European middle-class values and images seemed to represent the United States. For many, life seemed somehow simpler then.

INS: Is Gatekeeper Working?
The INS changed its strategy to prevent illegal migration over the Mexico-US border in 1994. Instead of trying to apprehend all migrants detected, the INS sought to deter attempts at entry by stationing large numbers of agents visibly along the border and using lights, fences and other obstructions to funnel persons attempting unauthorized entry to places where they were likely to be caught. That INS strategy is often referred to as Operation Gatekeeper, the INS name for the program along the California-Mexico border.

Most Minorities Don't Reap Benefits of California's Strong Labor Market,
According to UCSF Researchers
While California's labor market continues to be strong, Latinos and African Americans —who together make up 31 percent of California's working population— are being left behind by the state's technology-driven economic boom, according to the results of the third California Work and Health Survey (CWHS), led by University of California, San Francisco researchers.


Firebaugh Measure That Would Provide Immigrant Students Access to Higher
Education Goes to Governor
Sacramento — Assembly Member Marco Antonio Firebaugh (D-Cudahy) announced the passage of Assembly Bill 1197 by the State Assembly. AB 1197 was approved on a bipartisan vote of 49 to 9. "I am very pleased that the State Assembly gave final approval to this important legislation. Now we wait for the Governor to make a decision on the bill," Firebaugh stated.

Sweetwater Summit Focuses on Better Learning
California's First Lady Sharon Davis and the state's Interim Secretary of Education John Mockler helped the Sweetwater District kick off its Sixth Annual Education Summit at Eastlake High on Aug. 25. More than 1,000 parents and community members attended the event which included a personalized video greeting from Governor Gray Davis. The Governor applauded students' improved academic achievement and recognized Sweetwater's innovative partnerships.

Six Hispanic High School Seniors Win National Honor
Washington, D.C. — Six high school students will soon be in the national spotlight. These accomplished young people are the recipients of the coveted Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards. They are outstanding role models whose busy lives and many successes are a great contribution to our country. The honored students were selected from among 60 Regional Winners from 10 cities across the U.S. to reach the pinnacle of the Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation's annual search for the nation's most outstanding Hispanic youth.

Washington D.C. Espera la Llegada del Grupo Cuyo Voto Será Decisivo Este Año
A Menos de Dos Meses de las Elecciones, Más de 100 Líderes Femeninas de la Comunidad Latina Expresarán Sus Inquietudes en la "Latina Action Day"
Los Angeles — Los latinos se están convirtiendo en un grupo cuya fuerza de voto tendrá suma importancia en el futuro de los Estados Unidos. Antes del año 2025, uno de cada cinco residentes americanos será de origen latino. Por eso, éste es el momento de brindarle a los latinos ciertos poderes para que participen en el proceso político y así defender asuntos importantes con la meta final de marcar la diferencia.

Expertos de Publicidad Hispanos se Suman a la Ola Creativa; los Líderes se
Reúnen en Newport Beach para Explorar el Proceso Creativo y Homenajear a lo
Mejor de la Publicidad Hispana

NEWPORT BEACH, California — Las principales agencias de publicidad hispanas de los Estados Unidos se reunirán en la Conferencia Semestral de la Asociación de Agencias de Publicidad Hispanas (AHAA), que se celebrará del 14 al 17 de septiembre. Durante el acontecimiento de tres días, en el Four Seasons Hotel de Newport Beach, los directores de las agencias analizarán de qué manera las agencias de publicidad pueden reavivar los espíritus creativos y explorar nuevas vías de pensamiento.

Almost $4.2 Million in Construction Contracts for Market Creek Plaza Awarded to
Local Minority and Women-Owned Contractors
Almost $4.2 million in construction contracts for building San Diego's innovative market Creek Plaza project were recently awarded to several local minority or woman-owned contracting firms.

Apuéstale a la paz con amor y verdad para que tengan vida las Jornadas de paz en
Caldas, Colombia

Por: Juan Guillermo Cano Vargas
Medellín. Colombia
-- Con el slogan: " apuéstale a la paz con amor y verdad para que tengan vida", se lleva a cabo en el suroeste antioqueño la semana por la paz organizada por la diócesis del municipio de Caldas y la comisión vida, justicia y paz, para los 20 municipios que conforman esta región, y la cual se prolongará hasta el próximo 9 de septiembre.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
En Nombre del Trabajo

Hace poco el diario The Washington Post, destacaba en varias columnas la sumisión de los trabajadores en una región cercana a Río de Janeiro en Brasil. El autor de este reportaje, Stephen Buckley escribía: "Un recluta llegó a la ciudad en marzo con un autobús y una corneta; prometiendo trabajo ininterrumpido, con un bono de $25 por inscribirse, y un salario de $75 dólares mensuales".

Call 900 Gouge: State Department Connects With Masters Of Overcharging In
By Martin Espinoza
MEXICO CITY — What does the U.S. Embassy here have in common with the porn industry? Ask any Mexican citizen who has had to get a U.S. tourist visa recently and he'll tell you — both use 900 numbers to generate outrageous amounts of money.

Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 - October 15

Old Town State Historic Park
Fall Fiesta 2000
The Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and Boosters of Old Town will host their second annual celebration of Mexican Independence Day, Saturday, September 16, 2000 from 12 pm-4 pm. In the evening the Boosters of Old Town will be hosting a Fandango (traditional Mexican Dance) following the daytime activities, from 6 pm-1 am.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Offers Aid
- The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which has provided financial aid to outstanding Hispanic American students pursuing college degrees for almost a quarter of a century, is accepting applications from college students for its College Retention program.

El Departamento de Policia de San Diego y la Asociación de Alzheimer Unen
Fuerzas en San Ysidro Para Ofrecer un Día de Registro Gratuito Para el Programa
Retorno Seguro
El Departamento de Policia de San Diego y la Asociación de Alzheimer se unirán el Sábado 16 de Septiembre, 2000, de 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., para ofrecer a la comunidad Latina, un día de registro gratuito en el programa Retorno Seguro. Normalmente, el registro para este programa cuesta $40.00 por persona. El registro se llevará a cabo en la oficina de policías, ubicada en 1120 27th Street en San Ysidro, Ca.

Al Tanto....
Noticias you don't see in the `other' media:
Mexico Pays Off International Monetary Fund Debt of 3 Billion!
Mexico, with its soaring economy paid its outstanding debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a $3 billion prepayment by the Finance Ministry. It closed the books ahead of schedule on two lending packages from 1995 and 1999.These loans were not due to be paid off until September of this year and March 2005. The country's international reserves stood at $32.5 billions at the end of this past week. (Reuters)


Presidential Campaign Tricks Pick Up
When is a speech private? When is it public? Presidential candidate George Bush, apparently swept up in the emotion of the moment, used an obscenity when telling his vice-presidential candidate Cheney his feelings about a New York reporter, who was present. He didn't realize that the microphone was on! The cheering partisan Republican crowd at Naperville, Ill cheered him. It was a damaging aside that he spoke over the public broadcast system before a large contingent of radio, television, and print reporters who reported the affront to their profession. This was not a private conversation it was a very public pronouncement that was heard around the world.

School Vouchers
The Attorney General of California prepared the following title and summary of the proposed measure (PROP 38).

Raza Si! CHICANO FEDERATION—NO! How low can you go??? What passes for leadership at the Chicano? Federation? It is having their Dinner Dance at the Del Coronado Hotel this weekend. Chicano workers are on strike at the hotel because they pay them Peon wages! Chicano Federation doesn't care. They are crossing the picket lines! How many of you that bought tickets are going to betray your gente? This is a betrayal of our gente of the worse kind! El Jefito is asking the Union to give La Prensa the names of all the sellouts that cross the picket line. We will be happy to expose them and the leadership!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Chapter XIV
By Jeannine Diego
"Hi, Sal. It's me." "Geri?" Sal asked, knowing full well it was.

Lo Es
Por Paco Zavala
Una publicación fascinante es esta de Lo Es de Frank McCourt.

Por Lucero Luna Campos

El CECUT Presenta su Programación del Mes de Septiembre
Por Paco Zavala
El CONACULTA-CECUT en Tijuana, estará presentando durante este mes de Septiembre, las siguientes cintas: Amazonas y Cirque Du Soleil, toda la semana en diferentes horarios.

Cine Mexicano: The Mexican Film Series Continues
The Media Arts Center San Diego is proud to present two acclaimed Mexican feature films for the upcoming installment of its "Second Annual Cine Mexicano: Mexican Film Series."

Está Presentándose el Cuarteto Cubano "Alter Ego" en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
El Cuarteto vocal "Alter Ego" está realizando una gira por México, correspondiéndole a Tijuana, B.C. disfrutar de las delicias de este fabuloso grupo cubano, que está presentándose desde hace tres meses en diversos escenarios de la localidad tales como: Jardines del Cecut, Casa de Cultura de la Colonia Altamira, Casa de Cultura Playas de Tijuana, Cortijo San José, Estancia, El Nopal, Hotel Pueblo Amigo, Mr. Fish y otros muchos lugares.

The Spice of Latino Heritage is Featured Throughout the 78th Los Angeles County

The cultural richness of Latino heritage will be celebrated throughout the 78th Los Angeles County Fair, Sept. 14-Oct. 1 at Fairplex in Pomona. From traditional Latino music, dance, food and crafts to creative artwork and a special fashion show, the many contributions made by Southern California Latinos will be highlighted in several different Fair locations.

Calendar of Events
by Berenice Cisneros:
Southwestern College's School of Arts and Communication is hosting an insightful exhibition featuring four artists. "Painters" will be on exhibit at the College's Art Gallery from September 7 through 28. The free exhibition will feature the works of Debra Babylon, David Beck-Brown, Stuart Burton, and "Ruth." Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Wednesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. For more information contact Pasha Turley, at 421-6700 ext. 5368.

Semifinal del Este en la Copa Lamar Hunt U.S. 2000 será transmitida en vivo; los
N.Y./N.J. Metrostars se enfrentan al Miami Fusion
FOX Sports World y FOX Sports World en Español van a televisar en vivo la semifinal del Este del torneo Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup entre el Metrostars de Nueva York/Nueva Jersey y el Fusión de Miami. La transmisión tendrá lugar el martes 12 de septiembre a las 7:30 p.m. ET (Hora del Este).

Ramiro Corrales, the lone Mexican-American on the US Soccer Team
By John Philip Wyllie
Despite the fact that more Hispanic males are playing soccer in the United States than ever before, just one Mexican-American player will represent the U.S.A. on its men's soccer team when the Olympic Games begin next week in Sidney.

Bullfight World:
All Three Matadores Leave On Shoulders
Spanish Matador Antonio Barrera, who has been the salvation of the Tijuana bullfight season, turned in another great afternoon, last Sunday, cutting three ears and just missing a tail.

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