Volume XXV Number 36 September 7, 2001

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Tijuana's Julieta Venegas Garners Mainstream Attention With Two Latin Grammy Award Nominations

By Francisco H. Ciriza

The sweet young voice is somewhat recognizable as the same voice that floats sometimes eerily over pop compositions silkily coating layers of percussion, guitars and keyboards, and sometimes accordion. Hers is a voice of experience, honesty, and accomplishment. A fact punctuated with her recent nominations for both "Best Rock Solo Vocal Album" and "Rock Song of the Year" for her BMG U.S. Latin album, Bueninvento and the track, "Hoy No Quiero", respectively, in this year's Latin Grammy Awards. The awards show will take place in Los Angeles on September,

Julieta Venegas, the Tijuana product, born in Long Beach, but raised in one of the most tumultuous and turbulent cities in North America is in her Mexico City home chatting away like an excited teenager in her native Spanish, "I've been living in Mexico City for the past eight years. I was born in Tijuana and lived there for about twenty years. Well, actually, I was born in Long Beach, CA, but I never spent any time there. My parents had their papers, so each time they had a child, they would go over to the U.S. and make sure we were born there in order to be citizens of that country as well."

The diminutive yet striking Venegas has been compared to and is considered an equal to many of today's top English-speaking women of contemporary alternative music. Praise has come from such mainstream publications as Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, and even Newsweek. Venegas feels living in such a bustling center of action such as Tijuana was the perfect catalyst that matched perfectly with her tendencies toward more than just her native Mexican cultural and musical influences. Yet, she's quick to point out that those traditions were not altogether something she necessarily felt the need to escape.

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"Legal Mistake"!: SABER Program Gets Back Grant
By Yvette tenBerge
Teachers, parents and students are not the only ones who headed back to Sherman Elementary this week. Thanks to a united front of dedicated employees, determined parents and committed teachers, SABER Colaborativo, an initiative that has created a system of social support, health education and wellness promotion for Sherman children and families for the past eight years, will also be going back to school.

Dumb and Dumber in Durban
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
— A relative handful of delegates at the U.N. World Racism Conference in Durban, South Africa, are coming perilously close to doing what few thought was humanly possible. They may make President Bush look smart.

SDUSD Parents Appeal to the U.S. Department of Education For Help
Members of the District Advisory Council (DAC) and other concerned San Diego Unified School District parents held a press conference at Kimbrough Elementary School on Wednesday, September 5. In an attempt to stop the school district from further misuse of federal, Title I funding, district parents have filed an appeal to Rod Paige, the United States Secretary of Education.

The Border Patrol's El Paso Sector
by Greg Bloom, FNS Editor
Historical Background
It can be argued that current Border Patrol, border-control strategy originated with Operation Hold the Line in 1993 in the area between downtown El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. In that operation, launched in September, 1993, sector chief Silvestre Reyes forward deployed his agents along the corridors most used by people trying to cross illegally into El Paso from Cd. Juárez. While the year concluded with the El Paso sector's 600 agents having made 285,781 apprehensions, by 1994, with Hold the Line still in place, the number of apprehensions had dropped to 79,688.


C.H.U.M. Summer Research Apprenticeships: Helping Students Toward Science Careers
Before working this summer at UCSD in the laboratory of Mark Lawson, Ph.D., area high school students Angelica Riestra and Briana Alvarez had no idea what it would be like to perform scientific experiments under an actual scientist.

SAT shows minorities short-changed
, Aug 28, 2001 (United Press International via COMTEX) — This year's Scholastic Aptitude Test scores indicate minority students have less access to rigorous course-work and come into the test at a great disadvantage, the College Board reported Tuesday.

New Report Finds California's Poorest Schools Are Still Behind in the Race For Technology
San Francisco — Over 36 percent of low-income schools in California are not connected to the Internet, according to a report released today by Latino Issues Forum (LIF), a non-profit public policy and advocacy institute. The report, "Connecting California's Children: Is E-rate Enough?" finds that despite federal efforts to provide Internet access to low-income schools, California's poorest schools are still behind in the race for technology.

Amnesty for Undocumented Workers Would Boost Economies, Bring People Out of Shadows
. — A proposed amnesty for more than 3 million undocumented Mexican workers and their families might help all Latinos in the United States, particularly those in rural communities, where they are often viewed with suspicion, say two Indiana University professors.

Por Diego Alvarez
Honduras jugó como en casa
El Sábado 1 de septiembre la selección hondureña de fútbol demostró su superioridad, al derrotar 3 goles por 2 a la selección de los Estados Unidos, como parte de las eliminatorias del Mundial de Fútbol Japón-Corea 2002.

La causa de muchos males de la humanidad es: El Licor.
Por Paco Zavala.
Durante el transcurso de toda la historia de la humanidad se han ingerido bebidas embriagantes de distinta naturaleza, color, sabor y reacciones. Adentrándonos un poquitín en la información que actualmente aparece en todos los medios informativos especializados y no especializados como son: libros, revistas, rotativos, etc., nos encontramos con una serie de reseñas, de historias, de biografías, de un sin número infinito de cosas relacionadas con el alcoholismo todas de fondo, forma y desarrollo, nada agradable. Todas estas letras, líneas, párrafos, poemas, historias están impregnadas de dolor, amargura, desamor, conflictos, desaparaciones, violaciones, asesinatos, guerras y otros desórdenes sociales en todo el mundo.

Aclaración de un Reportaje Relacionado con el Retiro del Mercado del Medicamento Baycol para Reducir
el Colesterol
Clarification Regarding News Report on Recall of Cholestro Drug Baycol

New SDSU Grant Aims to Increase Diversity in California's Nursing Work Force
San Diego State University's School of Nursing recently received a $302,000 grant from The California Endowment, the state's largest health foundation, to support development of nursing student recruitment and retention/mentor programs. These programs will aim to address the nursing shortage and diversity the nursing work force in San Diego and Imperial Valley regions.

San Diego County Children and Families Commission Announces Grant Opportunity
The San Diego County Children and Families Commission has announced that $500,000 in Prop. 10 funds are to be allocated for Small Parent-Run Organization Grants. The Grants are open to all parent-run, led, or operated not-for-profit groups that provide parent information, education and support for children 0 to 5 years of age in San Diego County. Examples of the types of groups that could receive funding include local chapters of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), "Baby Boot Camps" in which new fathers learn how to care for an infant, and library story circles. Groups that are affiliated with local non-profits such as religious organizations, the military, the YMCA, or local libraries are encouraged to apply.

Lo Amargo y lo Dulce
Por Sergio Nogues
Un día por la mañana, una señora al levantarse para preparar el desayuno, se le rompe el único pomo de azúcar que tenía en la casa en ese momento y al tratar de buscar algo para endulzar la leche, encuentra solamente un pomo de miel de abejas que había recibido de regalo de unos amigos que se dedican a criar abejas y tienen varias colmenas en el patio de su casa, pero al mirar la etiqueta que le pusieron observa que al escribir "miel" se equivocaron y escribieron "Hiel", algo que es completamente amargo.

"The County Cooks!" Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
County Television Network (CTN) today announced its "Fiesta Show" on "The County Cooks! With Chef Larry" to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The half-hour program air every day in September at 7:30 p.m., since Saturday, September 1. The show features recipes for a Mexican Fiesta-Carne Asada, Guacamole, Salsa, and Flan. The show also features a segment on local tortillerias and homemade tortillas.

KMEX-TV Celebra Las Independencias Latinoamericanas Durante El Mes De La Hispanidad
KMEX-TV, Canal 34 se une a la comunidad latina de Los Angeles en celebrar los Días de la Independencia de Belice, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México y Nicaragua durante el mes de septiembre con los tradicionales eventos culturales y cívicos que se llevarán acabo en la ciudad. Todo dará comienzo con el tradicional Desfile de la Independencia Mexicana del Este de Los Angeles el domingo 9 de septiembre, la emotiva recreación del Grito de Dolores en la escalinatas del Ayuntamiento de los Angeles el sábado, 15 de septiembre y el colorido Desfile de la Independencia Centroamericana el 16 de septiembre.


Calls For Extending Supt. Bersin's Contract Premature!
Since the imposition of education-novice Alan Bersin to the post of Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School system four years ago, the 143,000-student district has been embroiled in constant conflict and disruption. The hiring of Bersin, engineered by the political and economic elites of the City of San Diego, has without question been the worse decision made since San Diego Unified was founded in 1936.

Chismes de Mi Gallinero:
Chicanos and Reapportionment Democrat-Style
By: Julio C. Calderón
It is Labor Day 2001 and it is 4:15 in the morning. I am at the keyboard even before Javier Solis, el gallo, sings his mañanitas, rousting the girls in the gallinero, and neighbors for blocks around. Sleep has been disturbed since the announcement of new Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts that will rule politics for the rest of the decade.

"La mexicanización"
Por: Julio Cesar Aragón
En estos días hablar del tema de la legalización y sobre todo de la visita que está haciendo el presidente de México, a la capital de las Estados Unidos, en donde ya se posieron realmente a discutir el tema tan espinoso y delicado para ambos mandatarios, en la cual se pretende que se beneficien millones de personas sin documentos legales en este país.

Democrats call on President Bush to re-craft a fair immigration policy
Here in Los Angeles and in urban and rural communities nationwide, millions of immigrant men and women do the grueling work that keeps the American economy going. They pay taxes, educate their children and obey our laws. But as undocumented workers, they are stuck in the shadows of American society, often exploited at work, separated from their families, living every day in fear of deportation.

For those of you Mejicanos who were not aware of it... Presidente Vicente Fox no es totally mejicano... es parte gringo. El Presidente's abuelo comes from raíz Irlandés. El Gran-Papi del Presidente Fox es de Ohio (Estados Unidos). Su Mami es Mejicana.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
KPBS Twist Slowly in the Wind
Public radio and television in San Diego is a huge failure financially, in public relations, in programming and community service-wise. This is not a value or ethnic judgment, or the views of some cranky columnist. It is the truth, and the truth comes from San Diego's own KPBS-TV and FM station's year-end financials-the bottom line.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

XXI Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana 21 Años... Y Cada Vez Más Popular
Emoción, suspenso, bellas canciones, emotivos poemas y un alto espíritu de competencia, caracterizaron las cinco finales del XXI Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana de California.

Se Realizó Exitoso Evento de Modelos y Talentos Artísticos en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Todas las actividades a las que pueda y quiera dedicarse el género humano, necesitan y requieren un gramo ó kilogramos de algunas o de muchas cosas para lograr paso a paso escalar el a veces dificilísimo camino del triunfo y así por medio de triunfos pequeños y grandes ir acercéndose al éxito rotundo y completo. Ahora bien, hay que saber llegar, estar ahí y sostenerse para lograr consolidarse y trascender.

La Nueva Furia del Flamenco Fusión "Martires del Compas" en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
La Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana se viste de gala al presentar el próximo sábado 8 de septiembre por primera vez en el espacio que ocupan sus jardines, a la nueva sensación del flamenco, al grupo hispano "Mártires del Compás" que llega directamente de España a engalanar con su presencia este espacio y a deleitar al culto público de la región con esta su presencia en la ciudad. El espectáculo comenzará a las l9:30 horas y el costo para entrar a ver y escuchar a este fabuloso grupo será de unicamente $100.00 pesos.

Latin Hip-Hop Innovators `Delinquent Habits' To Make Exclusive Watcha Tour 2001 Appearances in San
Diego and L.A.
By Francisco H. Ciriza
This years Watcha Tour, the Latino spin-off of the Van's Warped Tour has quickly expanded into a twenty-city tour that now includes nine countries and three continents. The tour's 2001 U.S. stops will include Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and once again San Diego by way of Chula Vista. However, there is an added bonus at this year's stop at the Coors Amphitheater. Additional sponsors have added another stage at the show and also the Los Angeles show. That stage will play host to one of Latino hip-hop's biggest names in the veteran Los Angeles-based act, Delinquent Habits.

Aztecs Look For First Win At Arizona State
San Diego State opens three-game road swing vs. Sun Devils
San Diego State enters the game with an 0-1 record after falling to Arizona, 23-10, in its season opener. The game is the first of the year for Arizona State, 0-0.

Women's Soccer Hosts SDSU Invitational
Aztecs to face South Carolina, Kansas
San Diego State hosts the first SDSU Invitational this weekend at the SDSU Sports Deck. The participants include South Carolina, Kansas and UNLV in addition to the Aztecs.

Sockers Return to Sports Arena Saturday
by John Philip Wyllie
Prior to the current WISL indoor soccer season, one of the biggest problems facing San Diego Sockers coach Brian Quinn was in developing a team that could live up to the legendary reputation created by the old Sockers franchise. Perennial champions of any league they played in, the old Sockers captured an amazing 10 national indoor championships by the time they folded following the 1996 season.

Bullfight World...
By Lyn Sherwood
El Pana Retires in Tijuana, An Indulto in Juarez
According to correspondent Gerry Campos, the very controversial Rodolfo Rodriguez "El Pana" performed his farewell corrida in Tijuana, last Sunday, and took his own sweet time enjoying his triumph.

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