September 5, 2003

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Bush’s Record/Actions Called Into Question

Re letter by COL. Jerry Webb,  USA Ret., San Diego Native, commentary on George W. Bush’s qualities The Public Forum, August 23,2003.

Col. Webb’s letter touched me by his sincere belief of George W. Bush’s “good qualities” as being real. I personally wish they were all true. But unfortunately, there is so much information in the public domain about his personal and political life that speak to the contrary that one comes away with a totally different picture of the man who is the head of our government.

My opinion has become stronger by observation of his actions, decisions and speeches (as documented by the media) as president. The latest public flap is about the veracity of the reasons to invade Iraq. The notorious 16 words he enunciated in the State of the Union speech are multiple orders of magnitude worse in their consequences (a young soldier, or two, die every day, and many are wounded) than the 7 words President Clinton gave for which he was nearly impeached.

And just now, Bush as a compassionate conservative is enabling members of his administration enact legislation that will reduce medical benefits to veterans. Bush’s fiscal record shows that he has been riding on the backs of the middle class and disadvantaged consistently  to favor the rich folks that help him get elected  with their massive contributions to his campaigns.

Ruben Fierro
Solana Beach

It was too good to be true! Bush’s highly publicized tour of five African nations six weeks ago was intended to launch a $15 Billion AIDS program. The August 28 issue of England’s “Guardian” reports that Bush objects to one of the several aid agencies involved, Marie Stopes International, because it promotes population control.  So, President Bush has cut off all of the AIDS funding for Africa. 

These amounts pale compared to the $48 Billion cost of the invasion of Iraq and the $4 Billion monthly cost of the occupation!  The Bush Administration seems to have no money or sympathy whatsoever for any humanitarian causes, while it continues to pour our money down the drain trying to hang onto Iraq to secure its oil and the lucrative Halliburton and Bechtel contracts for Bush cronies. 

Angela Bradshaw
Los Angeles

We’re moving towards a totalitarian state with the Patriot Act. We need to stop it and roll back the earlier provisions.

Brian Collins

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