September 4, 1998


Mario Obledo came to El pueblo de San Diego to try and warn Los Compañeros about trying to cross La Línea and try to walk across the Sonoran desert just to avoid la Migra. Chamba is not that important gente. What's more important para la familia, ¿su vida o unos cuantos de centavos? Sorry MARIO palabras don't work. Mi gente se está muriendo de hambre. Desperate men do desperate things. Go after la gente responsible for the killing fields created along our borders… That includes Democrats and Republicanos.


Claudia Smith, del CRLA noted 300 migrants have died AKA been murdered by Operation GateKeeper, a creation of the current administration (democrats) and paid for and supported by a Republican controlled Congress. Nuestro San Diego Unified School District Superintendent, former "Border Czar, Alan Bersin, thought it was a peachy-keen idea to send the hordes wanting to come to work Eastward to the deserts! Yes, liberal Democrat Bersin thought nothing of sending innocents to fry in the desert in order to please the Republican - wackos of San Diego.


¿Que es esto? David Gomez, who ran against Juan Vargas and lost, suddenly became very interested in last week's 98 ELECTION NOTE that pointed out that Juanito might be ineligible to assume his seat. City charter doesn't allow three terms. And Juanito may already have completed two terms come November!.. My, my… If Juanito can't assume the seat, city council may appoint the runner up that would be David Gomez.


Pssst Luis Carrillo, el Jefito reserves the right to edit, water down, cut short, etc. any letter that is sent to him in order to take out objectionable material, or reduce the length of the piece, or remove material that is not supported by fact. He will hold your E-mail until you send him the supporting documentation. Otherwise, ni modo..


"Bob" de la Madrid Romandia it is now rumored will be marrying Regina Johnson (Alemana) 28th of Sept… In keeping with his exalted position as former Governor of Baja California, he will marry twice, once at the home of his son, Roberto de la Madrid Victoria, who lives in La Colonia Cacho, Tijuana and a second time, in keeping with his Chula Vista roots, he will remarry at a religious ceremony in Coronado, where he now lives. JLP, will attend the Coronado ceremony.


Don't say we didn't warn your of the school bond scam that was carried out in San Ysidro, in 1997 school bond election by former Superintendent Julia Lopez, the Board of Trustees, Andrea Skorepa, with the help of Larry Rhemer and others. La Prensa carried the story on its front pages.

The D.A is now investigating! Sure took a lot of time for the system to kick in on this rip-off. Check out on our WEB site for March 14, 1997. Story was headlined "The San Ysidro Political Rape; Politics at Any Cost."


PELIGRO GENTE: The ability to scam the voters, rape the taxpayers are still in place. That is why so many school districts are floating school construction bonds… Buyer Beware! If you don't want to be raped like San Ysidro, it is best to vote down every Bond Initiative until the law is changed on how Bonds are financed, voted on, and paid for.


PADRE FOLKS mighty upset that we are bringing up the financing of the stadium for the PADRES. Now bad-mouthing La Prensa as being anti-Padres. Let's make one thing clear. We don't care how many baseball parks you want to build. WHAT WE CARE ABOUT IS HAVING THOSE STADIUMS BEING PAID FOR BY OUR TAX MONEY, TOT MONEY, LEASE Bonds ALL OF WHICH ARE SCAMS TO SHIFT THE BURDEN ON TO THE BACKS OF "JOE LUNCH BUCKET" WHO WORKS FOR A LIVING"!!

We are tired of the over-taxed, over-burdened, and being sold-out by our elected officials and multi-millionaires who are sponging off the public purse.


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