September 4, 1998


San Diego Needs a Congressman Who Will Protect and Fight For Our Community

Your August 14 comments in "Tezozomoc Speaks" claimed Bilbray has done a good job for Latinos. I would like to set the record straight Mr. Bilbray has proven that he is not friend of the Latino community. He has consistently opposed measures to protect legal immigrants and he continues to work to take away gains we have made in recent years to deny benefits to legal immigrants including Supplement Security and Food Stamps.

Mr., Bilbray introduced legislation to deny American citizenship to children born in the United States. Even mainstream conservatives such as Jack Kemp, George Bush and Bill Bennett join me in opposing this unjust legislation.

Moreover, Bilbray voted to eliminate Head Start, voted to cut $10 billion from student loans to cut funding for summer youth employment programs, and voted against Youth Tobacco Prevention Initiative.

San Diego needs a member of Congress who will protect and fight for our community. San Diego needs cooperation, someone that will work with both parties to get things done. We can't wait any longer to move forward to improve health care, education and the environment... You are a voice of the community, and I ask for your support to let the voters know the true facts in this race.

Christine Kehoe
Candidate for Congress 49th CD

(Comment; Ok let's get the true facts. Tezozomoc Speaks had this to say: "Congressional Candidate KEHOE is seen as non-acceptable, as opposed to Congressman Bilbray, who is viewed as more family oriented. Though he does go off the deep-end on immigration and Border issues, KEHOE `s lack of attention to Mexican-American issues during her tour as councilwoman didn't win her any friends."

No where in the statement does it say that "BRIAN BILBRAY HAS DONE A GOOD JOB FOR LATINOS!!

To those of us who are practicing CATHOLICS Kehoe's lesbian life style is unacceptable from a moral, religious, or ethical point of view. Last time we checked, Bilbray is a married, family man.

As for your other points, I could almost swear that you had a staff member from Congressman Bob Filner's office write the rest of your letter. What you are talking about here is Filner's record vis-à-vis Brian Bilbray's record. As far as I know, you haven't served a day in the Congress. But you have served as a city council member representing the 3rd district and you do have a voting record. Please send me all your voting record that demonstrates your commitment to the large Mexican American/Latino, Chicano, and Hispanic community of the City of San Diego. That is the record you have and not Bob Filners.

From my recollection of your record, you have not PROTECTED OR FOUGHT FOR OUR COMMUNITY IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. This doesn't mean that La Prensa San Diego is going to support Bilbray. There are other candidates running in the 49th Congressional District!)

(Editors note: We are swinging into the election cycle again. Your comments and viewpoints are appreciated. Please try to be brief and to the point. We will comment on those letters that the editor feels need a response.)

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