September 1, 2000

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Nader should be included in the Presidential debates

Ralph Nader should be included in the upcoming presidential debates. No matter who you support, it's a question of democracy.

Voters deserve a real choice. They deserve a robust debate before they cast their ballot. There is no justification for keeping Nader out of the debates. He will be on the ballot in virtually every state. He's a nationally-known candidate who has spent decades successfully pushing for legislation that opens up government and protects consumers.

On many issues, there is little difference between Gore and Bush. We deserve a real debate and choice on key issues.

The commission on debates recommended including only candidates who receive 15% of the vote in polls. This is not surprising: The Commission was composed of Democrats and Republicans only, and the two parties want to keep their stranglehold on our democracy. How is a candidate from another party to get 15% in the polls unless the American people see him matched up against Bush and Gore? What are the Democrats and Republicans afraid of? We will have majority rule in the end, but the minority deserves a voice as well.

Michele Delehanty
Chula Vista, CA

Didn't he get the email?

Have you seen the website? I took a quick look and compared the english and spanish versions. On the top where it says pick an issue, the english site has 31. The spanish site has 6 issues. I guess if you speak spanish, you only want to know about immigation, family issues, medical care, crime, education, and the economy. And the bonus of an interview with Al's daughter! (What the hell is she running for?) So, we're all poor, uneducated, recent immigrants who just want to survive??? Didn't he get the memo? Some of us actually graduated college!

Apparently, we don't care about Campaign Finance Reform, the budget, civil rights, foreign policy, guns, technology, etc. Which way to the Playboy mansion?

LM Garcia

For the sake of accuracy

For the sake of historical accuracy, Tonie Nathan (not Joseph Lieberman) was the first Jewish vice-presidential candidate. In 1972, Ms. Nathan ran for VP on the Libertarian Party ticket. This is just another example of the media's ignorance of third-party candidates!

Dennis Triglia
San Diego

One Political Day in Southern California

Wednesday, August 16, 2000:

At the Democratic National Convention police shut down the main happenings of the Shadow Convention because of a bogus bomb threat, driving attendees into the street where demonstrators were being herded after a confrontation at the police station, causing another confrontation leading to suprisingly few arrests or cases of brutality, but making the major newscasts.

Also at the same time there was an unconnected protest at the Border Patrol Checkpoint on I-15 just south of Temecula, involving more than 50 demonstrators who made their point peaceably & responsibly, limiting their criticism to the issue of internal checkpoints inside the United States with federal officers profiling & stopping people for unlawful search &/or questioning.

This diverse group from Young Americans for Freedom, Justice League {with Impeach Reno signs}, Libertarian activists & candidates of Riverside & San Diego counties, Fully Informed Jury Association, various campaigns & citizens expressing concern over loss of their rights to travel, using a parade of decorated cars & trucks to make their point...

While the Kubby Case was making headlines in Northern California, Steve & Michelle's American Medical Marijuana Association allies in San Diego were making the case for reasonable enforcement of the Compassionate Use Act [Prop 215] to the San Diego City Council, led by Steve McWilliams a local medical marijuana victim/hero... and Dennis Triglia, Libertarian for California Assembly, 78th district, San Diego's beaches & bays.

The council was respectful of the suffering of patients & the problems of forcing them into the alleys, rather than allowing them to grow their own herbal medicine, personally or in cooperatives... There are hints of change, but nothing concrete yet.

Meanwhile, at the 3 ring circus formerly known as the Reform Party, the insiders are now thrown out, outsiders are now in, bystanders are totally confused, the media is totally amused, the bylaws are totally abused & there's going to be a helluva lawsuit to decide who gets $12.5 million in political welfare from the taxservants... & everybody's gettin' turned every which way but loose...

The good news for the Reform Party is that its defragmentation this year may make the issue of political welfare moot for the forseeable future, maybe allowing what's left of the Reform Party to get back to the business of political reform.

JR Graham
San Diego

Editorial cartoon out of order?

8/25/00 edition L/P cartoon was out of order, "Hey Lieberman itsn't that your wife?" with an African-American woman toasting Lieber-man, VP candidate and an ugly attack upon his wife, that she is a racist. What this is based on escapes me, its a form of racist McCarthyism.

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego

(Editor's Note: Everybody has the option of reading into the cartoon what they see. I find it unfortunate that you choose to read into this cartoon a racist attack. The message in the editorial cartoon was not about Liberman's heritage/race, nor his wife, but about his politics.)

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