September 17, 1999

Senior Congressional Members Oppose Cuts In HUD Budget

WASHINGTON — House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt and other senior members of Congress came out in strong opposition to $1.6 billion in cuts that the House Appropriations Committee made to the Department of Housing and Urban Development's budget in July.

Congressman Gephardt said: "The Republican VA-HUD Appropriations bill drastically cuts funding for some of the most successful community development and affordable housing initiatives taking place around the country. It will reverse the great strides made by the Clinton-Gore Administration and destroy the dreams of the hardest working families struggling to achieve the American Dream of home-ownership. Working together with Secretary Cuomo and the President, I will do my best to ensure that this bill never becomes law."

The Appropriations Com-mittee's cuts reduce spending on HUD programs by $1.6 billion in Fiscal Year 2000 below the current year's level. The full House is expected to vote on the HUD budget later this month. The Senate has not yet acted.

"The Republican tax cut hurts the poorest families in our nation to help the riches families in our nation," Cuomo said. "By cutting investments that help people work their way out of poverty and build a better future, this reckless tax cut tells families left behind that there's no room for them on the road to the American Dream."

A HUD study issued in August found that the budget cuts would have a devastating impact on the poorest people and communities in America. The study - called Losing Ground: The Impact of HUD Budget Cuts on Americas Communities - concluded that the proposed cuts would deprive 97,000 people of jobs, 156,000 families of affordable housing, and 16,000 families and individuals who are homeless or have AIDS of vital housing assistance.

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