September 17, 1999

U.S. Commerce Department Announces Top National & State Awards for Informatix, Inc.

The United States Department of Commerce has announced that Mr. Raul Ocazionez and Informatix, Inc. have been selected for their prestigious National and State awards as The Minority Service Firm of the Year.

The firm has been selected to receive this award because of its achievements; and the role the firm has played in the progress of minority business development.

Raul Ocazionez, a Colombian American and computer programmer by education and profession, established Informatix, Inc., in 1987. The firm has become a major player in California government technology solutions. In staying true to the company's mission of "Helping Government Serve the Public Interest," Ocazionez developed and implemented a model child support computer automated system that is being utilized throughout California. His sophisticated case record and tracking system enables the collection of delinquent child support payments. (An estimated 12 billion dollars in overdue payments by absent parents is owned to the State's children.)

Prior to Mr. Ocazionez' involvement, a major corporation had been selected by the State to build such a system. After several years, and 100 million dollars later, the state abandoned the system when the counties using the system found it to be non-functional. The State is now in litigation with this firm.

In significant contrast, within six months of the State procuring Informatix to build a system to assist various counties, Ocazionez established a fully functional child support automated system; his system is known as CASES. Twenty-three of the fifth-eight counties in California now uses CASES.

"Mr. Ocazionez is to be congratulated on his vision and accomplishments in a field yet to be dominated by Hispanics. We are very proud of his pioneering efforts in technology and child welfare services," stated San Francisco City and County Supervisor Alicia Becerril, in response to the Department of Commerce announcement.

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