September 10, 1999


Some things never change/Algunas cosas nunca cambian:


The ECO Freaks and some Barrio Logan Duds all fired up over pollution and toxic wastes in El Logan Heights... Que nuevas, effort to clean the Barrio started decades ago. Many of the veteranos of those efforts are now residing in heaven where we hope there is no pollution... Nothing will change gente, until you stop putting the same old politicos in office and voting for every gringo candidate just cause they eat tacos with you! City Hall has the responsibility to clean up that mess! Why haven't they???????




The town of El Cenizo that made Español the city's official language, is now the butt of every two-bit hack comedian North of the border... One such Vato is Don Geronimo from radio station KHTL, from Albuquerque New Mexico. In his ignorance he said over the air... "Let them get on their burros and go back to Mexico"... Ya vez, gringos are not the only racist... Some Hisssspukeniks are just as bad.


La Susan Golding, Alcaldesa struck out with the PADRE shysters. While she was busy shilling for the owners, who were pleading poverty, she gave them the "Bienvenida" and the key to the town treasury to build the PADRE stadium. Same time they were scamming la Al-caldesa and her City Manager Jack McGrory, Padre owner, Sr. John Moores, was busy telling the folks in Anaheim that he had plenty of dinero to build a football stadium at no cost to the city! Tried to tell you PADRE fanáticos that you were being taken by the ownership. Poor old Susan, she just doesn't know where to hide anymore.


PREGUNTA: Can we cancel the contract on the grounds of misrepresentation and lying by the ownership of the PADRES?????


The Res Indios think they know how to get back pay for all their land taken from them by Calvary and the Settlers: "Puting up more gambling casinos and taking their WAMPUM! White folks don't know when they are being scalped! The Chief White leader in Sacramento paid colored beads to assist in the scalping. Viejas and Borona tribes leading the Indian raid.


Hablando de los PADRES... tell us once again Coach... how come we sold all our best PLAYERS? What did Moores and Lucchino (owners) do with all the millions they made in exchange for minor league players? Who is going to first sue the city for using public funds to support a minor league team that masqueraded as a major league team?


Sorry to hear of the passing away of Frank Pizarro. He was so young. Our condolences to the Pizarro family.


Memo: Para los Boriquas, how do you stand on the question of Statehood, Independence, remaining as a commonwealth... Which do you support? Llame 231-2873... Pregunte por el Sr. Dan Muñoz Sr. director de La Prensa San Diego. Su opi-nion es importante ó escriba a nuestras oficinas, 1950 5th Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92101.


Now that summer is over La Prensa busca two delivery men or women for delivery service on every Friday of the week. Must have car or pick-up, drivers Lisc. and be a responsible person. Help your community receive La Prensa San Diego! Call 231-9823.


Bueno chao... Enjoy having los escuincles en la escuela!

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