October 30, 1998

Chula Vista School Board Race Raises Question Of Character

By Daniel L. Munoz

By coincidence San Diego City Attorney Quinn had an Opinion on Domestic Violence published this Thursday in the Union Tribune, University City edition. Generally one is quick to think only in terms of males committing domestic violence against women. What caught my attention was that by a strange coincidence, I had in my possession an order from the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego that issued a Temporary Restraining order on a Candidate for the Chula Vista Elementary School District Board of Education. The order was dated July 22, 1993.

As an Editor and Publisher, I had to question within myself this was a legitimate issue to bring out. City Attorney Quinn's piece certified in my mind that I had no choice. It spoke to morels, ethics, violence, and behavior that in an Elementary School setting could be very detrimental to the district and to the School children. A Board Trustee sets policy, has to determine issues that might involve drug usage, violence amongst the children, violence from the parents, not only that she has to work with the other Board members, administrators, teachers and parents but with the community at large.

It is within my professional perimeters to make it public and let you the voters decide whether you still desire to elect her.

The facts: Rafael Hernandez a UCSD Instructor of Teacher Education and an instructor at the Bishop School in La Jolla, filed a request to the Superior Courts to have Bertha Lopez, who is a candidate for the Chula Vista Elementary School Board of Trustees, placed on a Restraining Order. She was restrained from being within 100 yards of his sister's house and of his place of work. Mr. Hernandez indicated that they had a "dating or engagement relationship".

What concerned me was his statement that said: "Defendant (Bertha Lopez) constantly calls my work and my home. She has started to follow me. She told me that it my all end in blood if I do not do what she wants. I'm afraid for my safety. The `blood' threat took place on 7/16/93."

It is a matter of public record case # 368879. The case never came to court. At the date of the hearing neither Mr. Hernandez nor Bertha Lopez failed to appear. The case was dismissed with out prejudice.

The choice is up to the voters.

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