October 29, 2004



La Prensa San Diego has made various recommendations for the November 2 Ballot. To assist the voters in casting their vote, we are reprinting our voting recommendations to assist you in voting, if required.

State Propositions

Proposition 1A: • NO
Seeks to give our local officials oversight of property taxes and sales taxes. State oversight is limited. Local governments have limited expertise of state’s needs.

Proposition 59: • YES
Will provide constitutional rights to government information & Meetings. There are too many closed-door meetings i.e. secret meetings.

Proposition 60: • YES
Requires General election ballots include candidates receiving most votes regardless of party affiliation in a Primary election.

Proposition 60A: • NO
Would allow the state to use all revenues, from sale of surplus properties, pay off bonds, with no accountability.

Proposition 61: • NO
Authorizes $750 million for construction Children’s Hospitals, remodeling, Renovation. State is over its head in debt. Can’t afford any more debt at this time

Proposition 62: • NO
Changes our voting system to where one Party rule MAY be the norm. Voters may vote, for any state or federal candidate, regardless of Party registration.

Proposition 63: • YES
Would add a 1% tax, on the very wealthy, to support expansion of Mental Health programs for the mentally ill. America should not be a FREE ride for the wealthy.

Proposition 64: • NO
Would place limits on private enforcement of unfair Business Competition Lawsuits. Only government officials may enforce these laws on public behalf. Many of these lawsuits are against the government. Who sues in the public interest if they remove the use of private legal intervention?

Proposition 65: • NO
Prop 65 was replaced by Prop 1A. We found both Prop 65 & Prop 1A flawed.

Proposition 66: • YES
Places limitations on “3 Strikes” law. Creates new definitions of what constitutes violent and/or serious felonies. PROP 66 would prevent the jailing of minors who commit non-violent and/or serious felonies. Too many of our children are being confined for 25 years to life for having minor law infractions. Save the heavy-duty incarceration for the serious adult offenders!

Proposition 67: • NO
Prop 67 is deceitfully titled “ the Emergency Medical Services Funding Telephone Surcharge. If anymore surcharges are added to our phone bills, working class families will not be able to have a telephone in their homes. The high cost of having medical care supercedes most all other “cost of living” to survive.

Proposition 68: • NO
Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion. Tribal gaming Compact. In a catch 22, this little gem of a Proposition will allow Tribal Compact Amendments. If the Tribes don’t accept the changes, than all those gambling interest, other than the Indians, will have the right to bring Las Vegas Gambling to your City. Keep gambling on the reservations and out of our towns!

Proposition 69: • NO
Requires collection of DNA samples from all felons, and others arrested, for or charged specific crimes. All DNA samples will all then be lumped together with the felon’s entire DNA in one big database. Where are our Rights? How do we protect ourselves? Big Brother will be watching you! And, they never make mistakes right?

Proposition 70: • NO
Tribal Gaming Compacts.Exclusive Gaming Rights. Upon request from the tribe’s, the Governor must execute a 99-year compact. They will contribute a percentage of funds made back to the state. They will expand their gaming capabilities.They want no state or Federal control!

Proposition 71: • NO
Stem Cell Research Funding. Establishes a California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to regulate and fund Stem Cell research. Establishes a Constitutional Right to conduct such research. Funding cost 6 billion! Prop 71 is written to where neither the Governor nor the Legislature will have no oversight on what they do, nor, how they spend the money!

Proposition 72: • NO
Health Coverage Requirements covering employees working in large and medium employers. Employer will have to pay for private health insurance coverage. Too many un-answered questions in this “one size fits all Medicare proposal. The State has the power to tax. The State should be the agency to provide health care for all.

San Diego County Propositions

Prop A: • NO
San Diego County Transportation Improvement Program.

Prop B: • NO
Gregory Canyon Landfill and Recycling Center Ordinance

City of San Diego Propositions

Prop D: • YES
Amends the Charter of San Diego to provide that the people have the right of access to information concerning how they conduct the people’s business.

Prop E: • YES
Would Amend the Charter of the City to provide independent Legal Counsel to the Ethics Commission.

Prop F: • NO
Amends the Charter to Provide for A Strong Mayor form of Governance.

Proposition G: • NO
Amends The City Charter Relating to the City Contribution to the Retirement System

Prop H: • NO
Amends the City Charter to change the Composition of the Retirement Board.

A Proposal to raise the Hotel and Motel Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from 10.5% to 13% to be used for general governmental purpose.

Mount Soledad Natural Park

City of National City Propositions

Prop. S: • NO
Will authorize the city to issue General Obligation Bonds of up to $12,330,000 million dollars, to acquire and construct new public safety facilities, and to modernize existing public safety facilities.

Prop. T: • NO
An ordinance to impose term limits on the office of the Mayor to consecutive 3 terms.

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