October 29, 2004


Why We Support John Kerry

For President of The United States

Twenty Eight Years ago, La Prensa San Diego was launched as a weekly newspaper of general circulation. With little experience in the newspaper business, this neophyte Editor/Publisher, nevertheless felt driven by what he saw and experienced back in 1976...the lack of a public voice for the growing Mexican American community living in the City and County of San Diego. It would be a requisite that La Prensa San Diego would always have an Editorial Page, where in unmistakable clarity, it would speak out on the issues. La Prensa San Diego would be the voice for the Mexican American community. Often, the issues are of grave importance to the state and of the Nation as a whole. Such is the case in the upcoming Presidential election.

This election year, in representing our country, and supposedly acting in the best interests of our nation, and of the world community of nations, President George W. Bush has brought dishonor to America. His Administration has, through their disgraceful conduct and behavior, towards other Nations of the world and their citizens, have added to the problem, to the point where America now stands alone, isolated and disrespected.

The President has made a mockery of what America stands for. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been turned into meaningless pieces of paper with no relevance to Americans and much less to the other counties in the world. America is caught in a meaningless war where thousands of our young Soldier, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors are being slaughtered and sacrificed by the ignorance of their Commander in Chief and his coterie of advisors whose main interest appears to be “the bottom line”. To the Republican administration going to war was an easy way to make money...Lots of it.

The Bush Administration has dishonored the military by forcing them to fight a war they can’t win. The highest ideals of the Military leadership have been compromised.

We cannot allow our country to be destroyed on the misguided leadership of President George Bush. America is more than the one President. It is the sum of all its parts! La Prensa San Diego believes its time for a Change!

La Prensa Board of Editors Support & Recommends for

President of the United States

John Kerry

“It is time for a change”

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