Volume XXVIII Number 43 October 29, 2004

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She’s Baaaaack! The beautiful-horror of Jill Galvez

By J.D. Hawk

With Halloween around the corner, lines from horror movie scripts may cross the minds of many, especially with Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) Board Trustee Patrick Judd. 

Jill Galvez with supporters and her husband Victor. Pictured from left to right: Victor Galvez, Jill Galvez, Dr. James Santiago Grisolía, Dr. Carla Stayboldt, and Humberto Peraza.

According to a recent article Judd had planned on retiring from the CVESD board this year until he heard that teachers’ advocate, Jill Galvez, was planning to take his spot. Though Galvez had run unsuccessfully against Larry Cunningham in 2002 for the board, she nonetheless captured an impressive 46 percent of the vote — more than likely scaring the begeebeez out of the “Old Guard.” 

Galvez realized in 2002 that there was a large core of parents who were unsatisfied with the direction and results of the school board in general. Galvez stated that back in ’02 she had no intention to run until she learned that not one of the three board seats up for reelection was being challenged. It was a spur of the moment decision back then, and despite a lack of campaign experience and organization she still managed to garner over 17,000 votes.

Galvez didn’t consider running in 2004 until the board took action to raise class size, with Judd’s full support. She helped lead a parent protest to convince the board to reverse their decision.

Galvez said she has received endorsement by the teacher’s union and approximately 450 to 500 teachers from the CVESD who are actively participating in her campaign.

She’s baaaack. Then, just like the spirits in “Poltergeist II,” she has made her spirit known with noisy disturbances, shaking, rattling and knocking at the Good Ol’ Boy school house. Galvez was back—back fighting for teachers, back fighting for children’s issues, and yes, back running for the board once more. Her presence may chill the spines of some, but for many discontented teachers and parents, this is a welcome and beautiful Halloween horror. They have lined up rank and file to support her.

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¡Ya Está Aquí! El hermoso-horror de Jill Galvez
Por J.D. Hawk
Con Halloween a unos días, líneas de un guión de una película de horror puede cruzar por las mentes de muchos, especialmente por el Consejero Patrick Judd de la Mesa Directiva del (CVESD) Distrito Escolar de Primaria de Chula Vista.

Different Candidates, Different Views of the Border
By Jessica Chandler
As the tightest and most heated of presidential election races gets underway, one of the biggest issues of the 2004 election is immigration.

Kerry, Bush y América Latina
Por: Manuel R. Villacorta O.
Concluyeron los tres debates entre John Kerry y Geroge W. Bush. Los periodistas y columnistas más populares del continente estuvieron muy atentos a cada uno de ellos. Esperaban ansiosamente que el tema de América Latina fuese mencionado y en el mejor de los casos, discutido. Eso les hubiera brindado apetecible material para nutrir sus diversos y polémicos enfoques. Pero no se dio. Ni Kerry ni Bush abordaron la relación de los Estados Unidos con América Latina y los acuciantes problemas que vive la región. No tuvieron otra opción los citados comunicadores sociales que denunciar la “poca importancia” que la clase política estadounidense le otorga a nuestros países.


The future of Mexico-United States relations:
Interview with Dr. Victor Espinoza Valle

By Luis Alonso Perez
The presidential elections are near. This is very important for Mexico, especially in migration issues, because of its economic dependence to the United States.

El futuro de las relaciones entre México y Estados Unidos:
Entrevista con el Dr. Víctor Espinoza Valle
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Las elecciones presidenciales están cerca. Esto es muy importante para México, especialmente para los temas migratorios, debido a la estrecha dependencia económica que tiene con Estados Unidos.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica
El gigante soñador
Cuatro minutos, de un total de aproximadamente 270, dedicaron los candidatos a la presidencia de Estados Unidos al tema de la migración. Lo que millones de inmigrantes esperaban terminó casi antes de empezar

Se Reunen en San Diego Los Cónsules de México en California Para Coordinar Esfuerzos en Favor de Inmigrantes
• Los 10 cónsules se reunieron en días pasados con funcionarios del Departamento de Agricultura de Estados Unidos para acordar acciones de asistencia alimentaria en favor de migrantes y menores mexicanos.

Care Across Borders
By Joseph Peña
Barbara Baquero returned to a small migrant camp in San Quintin recently and met with one of the promotoras that she helped train in 2003. The man and his wife had been working in the community, promoting health education and building relationships with members of the small colonia.

After Execution-Style Murder of 14-Year-Old, Community Demands Response
(Editor’s Note: National City has a choice to spend more money on more police via Prop. S. The following article is one communities response to more money for more police.)
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
LOS ANGELES—The brutal execution style murder of 14-year-old Byron Lee has ignited a firestorm of rage and action in Los Angeles. But while the community demands programs to tackle root causes of violence, city officials have gone in the opposite direction.

No-Win Situation for Hispanic American Seniors :  Higher Medicare Premiums Mean They’ll Lose Up to Half of Social Security COLA
Washington, D.C. — A new report released by the Democratic staff of the Joint Economic Committee yesterday shows that increasing Medicare premiums are erod-ing  Social Security  benefits of Hispanic American seniors. Under the Bush Administration, next year’s Medicare premiums for seniors will increase a record 17.4 percent — the largest increase in Medicare’s history — while their Social Security benefits will increase by only 2.7 percent. That means that almost half of seniors’ Social Security cost of living adjustment (or COLA) will be spent on Medicare premiums alone.

Por Jaime Alvarez
Una Decisión de Vida o Muerte
Que levante la mano quien piense que la catástrofe de la invasión de Irak es motivo de risa. Nadie, ¿verdad? ¿Quién podría reírse de algo tan trágico?

No Spanish Language Voter Guides, But There Will Be Bilingual Poll Workers to Help With the Vote
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Just days before the Nov. 2 elections, the atmosphere at the San Diego County Registrar of Voters is full of “excitement.”

No Hay Guías Para Votar en Español, Pero Habrá Trabajadores Bilingües en las Urnas Para Ayudarle
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
A tan sólo días antes de las elecciones del 2 de noviembre, la atmósfera en el Registro de Electores del Condado de San Diego está llena de “emoción”.


Why We Support John Kerry For President of The United States
Twenty Eight Years ago, La Prensa San Diego was launched as a weekly newspaper of general circulation. With little experience in the newspaper business, this neophyte Editor/Publisher, nevertheless felt driven by what he saw and experienced back in 1976...the lack of a public voice for the growing Mexican American community living in the City and County of San Diego. It would be a requisite that La Prensa San Diego would always have an Editorial Page, where in unmistakable clarity, it would speak out on the issues. La Prensa San Diego would be the voice for the Mexican American community. Often, the issues are of grave importance to the state and of the Nation as a whole. Such is the case in the upcoming Presidential election.

San Diego Unified School District Board of Education
In District D, Benjamin Hueso is running against Luis Acle.
Leadership on the San Diego Unified School Board for the past seven years can be described as abysmal. Meetings were reduced to name calling, hurling veiled threats, and constant verbal warfare between the Board majority and those on the Board minority. Frequently, their arguments spilled over to the audiences at the school board meetings. It is amazing that any school district business was conducted.

Ballot Recommendations
City of San Diego: Propositions G, H, J, & K

A Voter Guide for Elected Positions: President; Senator, City Council, School Boards

State and Local Propositions

What has George W. Bush done for the Latino community?
By Jorge Mariscal
Last month the U.S. Civil Rights Commission completed its federally mandated report “Redefining Rights in America: The Civil Rights Record of the George W Bush Administration, 2001-2004.” An exhaustive analysis of President Bush’s record over the last four years, the document investigates every issue related to the on-going civil rights agenda. Republican commissioners attempted to block the report’s release to the American people.

The true meaning of the word
Justice could determine election

By Joe Ortiz
One of the few things in life I have always trusted is my understanding of the true meaning of the word justice, and its implementation. Not just the righteousness of American Justice, which has been the bulwark and envy of the entire free world for the last 200 years, but the justice that always prevails by its original author. The American concept of justice, which was designed to justly enforce the laws that protect its citizens, was the bedrock upon which our nation’s Constitution was formed.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
John Kerry does not support a Bracero program
With respect to the story of October 22, entitled “Both Bush, Kerry Endorse a Return to the Braceros”, by David Bacon, I must take strong exception with Mr. Bacon’s interpretation of Senator John Kerry’s position on immigration. John Kerry does not support a return to the Bracero program, in fact, he strongly supports a responsible reform of our immigration laws that honors our tradition as a nation of immigrants and that will make America stronger.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Día de Muertos en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El día de muertos ya está cerca. Para los mexicanos es un día en el que se rinde honor a los seres queridos que han fallecido, una tradición de los pueblos Náhuatl que se ha mantenido viva generación tras generación.

Día de Muertos in Tijuana
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Dia de los muertos is close. For Mexicans is the day in which a loved one that has passed away is honored by their family, a tradition that has been kept alive from generation to generation since the days of the Nahuatl civilization.

Enseñanzas Sobre el Amor, el Sexo y el Desarrollo Personal en Un Curso de Amor
Por: Paco Zavala
Mucho se ha escrito sobre el amor en todos los idiomas habidos y por haber y a la fecha, ha sido lo mismo siempre, miles de planteamientos, de consejos, de ejemplos y no se ha podido concretar una fórmula valiosa que ubique a las parejas, para que sus relaciones sean duraderas y “hasta que la muerte los separe”.

Maquinando la revolución
Latinos entran a competir con películas estilo “Hollywood”

Por Jose Daniel Bort
A primera vista, la película “El Maquinista” (The Machinist) suena como otra producción americana de Hollywood. Protagonizada por Christian Bale y Jennifer Jason Leigh, ésta película de Brad Anderson está filmada en ingles. Pero ahondando en la plana artística, se puede descubrir que el film es completamente producido, recreado y concebido en España.

Julieta Venegas was the big winner at Thursday night’s MTV VMA Latin America Awards, winning in 3 categories, including Artist of the Year. Cafe Tacuba brought home 2 “tongue” awards, and the night’s other winners included La Oreja de Van Gogh, Alejandro Sanz, La Ley, Belinda, Diego Torres, Cementerio Club & Capri. The awards were broadcast live on MTV2 & MTV Espanol here in the US, and will be re-broadcast on MTV October 30th at 11:00 pm PT/ET.

Gomez Heads Indoors With Sockers
By John Philip Wyllie
Over the course of the last several years, Herculez Gomez has become a familiar name in local soccer. His play with the San Diego Gauchos has often been brilliant. His dominance at the Division 3 level has provided him the opportunity to gain extended playing time with the First Division Los Angeles Galaxy in each of the last two seasons. Now he is facing a new challenge as he tries to jump from outdoor soccer to the indoor game. He seems to be catching on quickly. Gomez scored a goal in his debut for the 1-2 San Diego Sockers.

Sam Colonna, The Man Behind Heavyweight Contender Andrew Golota - One Fighter’s Perspective
By J. Matt Barber
As you climb the murky stairwell and enter Chicago’s Windy City Gym, you’re greeted by a symphony of sights and sounds, perhaps only properly appreciated by an enthusiast of the Sweet Science.

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