October 26, 2001


Mexico So Close and Yet So Far

Mexico - ancestral home to millions of Mexicans, Americans by birth, naturalization and/or by ancient historical rights, has once again let an opportunity pass by in which it could demonstrate to the world that it is ready and willing to thrust itself into the global scene and become a major player. By failing to throw its solid support behind the efforts of the United States to bring terrorism to an end, Mexico demonstrated its lack of political sophistication and understanding of continental politics.

It is difficult for the 30 million Mexican citizens of the United States to accept that their ancestral country would not lift a finger to provide for the common defense of the continent. Is it possible that the elected officials of Mexico did not understand that an attack on any country of the American continent is an attack on all? If it had been a terrorist attack on Los Pinos (Presidential Residence), and the United States did not rally to the defense of Mexico it would have opened every country in the continent venerable to attacks by foreign powers. Together we survive... Solos, perdemos (alone we lose).

In its tepid response to The United States' invitation to join in stopping, preventing, and/or destroying terrorist groups, Mexico lost an opportunity to demonstrate leadership within the nations of the continent. Their joining the U.S. in a common defense could have catapulted the country into the major leagues of the continent and of the world. Then, 30 million Mexican (Americanos) would have orgullo (pride) in their ancestral homeland.

It is time that a process of establishing an alliance for the common defense and development of every nation within the Americas is initiated. Canada, Mexico and the United States should take the lead to create this mini-United Nations of the American continent. Does any one believe that any other country or terrorist group would dare to attack if they knew that the whole continent would rise to defend the continental nations? I believe not.

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