October 25, 2002

Endorsement Ron Morrison National City

Time for New Vision

In National City

National City is facing a crisis: it is bursting at the seams. Visionary leadership is required at city hall to bring the changes necessary to move National City into the 21st century. Changes are required at City Hall.

Mayor George Waters has served as Mayor for the past 16 years. He has served with distinction within his limitations. However, times have changed and a new vision is required. The City can no longer grow within the “good old boy” network. The city is constrained by the limitations imposed by its geographical boundaries and the competing struggle between its mushrooming population and the business/industrial interests. National City is facing a crisis of identity.

It has been clear that the city cannot be a hub for factories, shipping ports, and space-gobbling businesses at the same time as it is growing as a bedroom community. The challenges being faced is whether the families have a greater need for homes, parks, schools, beach fronts, medical facilities, a safe environment, clean air or does it want to turn all the city land into an industrial park with at the expanse of the 45-55,000 residents! These are some of the challenges that the new administration must face with intelligence, abilities and vision.

The Board of Editors believe it is time to retire Mayor George Waters and let him enjoy the fruits of his past labors. He has earned the respect of the residents, but it is time for change.

Of the two candidates running for Mayor, we believe RON MORRISON is by far the superior candidate. He has a solid record of working in the interests of the diverse communities that call National City home. He led the citizen groups that struggled to save the entire Westside of National City when members of the City Council attempted to turn the Westside into an area for warehouses. The effort was led by Ralph Inzunsa, Mitch Beauchamp, and Darryl Gorman. They were stopped from evicting hundreds of residents from their homes in the interests of corporate moneyed interests. Ron Morrison joined the effort of the Mexican, Filipino, Asian, seniors and working class whites to stop the rape of National City by outside interests and has continued to work in the interests of the residents of National City

Ron Morrison has stood side by side with the Mexican, Filipino, Asian, and working class whites in the struggles against police brutalities, illegal INS raids, and spoke out fearlessly for the civil & constitutional rights of its residents. He had one goal that the people of National City had a right to be able to live in peace and security.

National City needs this kind of leadership to revitalize and bring about a development of the City that will have as its core interests the residents of the city!

La Prensa San Diego
Ron Morrison
FOR Mayor of National City

(Vote on November 5, 2002)

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