October 25, 2002


Francisco (Frank) Parra

Receives our Support to be a National City Council Member

A newcomer to the political arena FRANCISCO (FRANK) PARRA, we believe, will bring to the National City Council the leadership to move the city forward into the future.

Francisco Parra may not be known to some of the residents of National City but you can rest assured he is known to the parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic church where he is the President of St Mary’s Hispanic Community, as a member of the Knight of Columbus and of the San Lorenzo Council of St Mary’s. Francisco has lived all his life in National City. He attended Lincoln Acres Elementary School, Granger Junior High and graduated from Sweetwater High School in 1981. Frank has been married for 13 years to his High School sweetheart Hilda. They have a daughter Viviana.

You still don’t know Frank? Perhaps he hasn’t been involved politically, you say? He is the current Chairman of the National City Planning Commission (That’s quite political). He also serves as the Vice-President of the Christmas in July Program, for National City. In his spare time, he has been Vice President of the Boys & Girls Club and Past President of the Lions Club.

If you still can’t remember Francisco perhaps you might have had to use his emergency services. Parra has been a Paramedic for 18 years many of those serving the National City and South Bay Community. He is now the Paramedic Supervisor in the City of San Diego!

Why do we like Frank Parra? We like his priorities, if elected to the City Council:

1. He wants to help develop a Master Plan for all new Development and re-development with citizen input.

a. He wants to address the issue of the West Side of the City where the City has allowed a manufacturing zone to mix with residential zones.

2. He wants a City Beautification program that will clean up the thrash, graffiti, and abandoned autos that litter the city.

3. He wants to develop low cost transportation programs. Medical care, and food distribution for the elderly and the needy.

4. He wants to improve public safety and bring the Police Department’s Neighborhood Policing teams to more areas of the community. He is determined to bring a Firefighter/Paramedic program to the citizens of National City.

a. He wants to improve relationships between the police department and the community.

These are some of the reasons La Prensa San Diego ENDORSES FRANCISCO (Frank) PARRA.

FRANCISCO (Frank) Parra
For the National City Council

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