Volume XXVII Number 43 October 24, 2003

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San Ysidro High Funds Show No Results

By Raymond R. Beltrán

Side by side comparisions: On the left side San Ysidro High School and on the right Otay Ranch High School. Same money, same plan, same start date, different results.

Since the opening of Sweetwater Union High School District’s San Ysidro High School campus, students have been wrestling with the ability to attain the privileges granted to sister schools in the Sweetwater district. In 2002, parents and students, as San Ysidro residents, not only struggled to get their feet into the newly constructed classrooms, but were also shut out of the Compact for Success program, a program assuring that Sweetwater district students would be prospective San Diego State University undergraduates if they could graduate high school with a 3.0 grade point average.

It was also recorded that in 2002 a mere six percent of San Ysidro residents earned a college degree from a four-year university, and less than half of the population has a high school diploma.

As the parents who’ve fought to get their teenagers into the once new classrooms, and who’ve argued against the exclusion of Compact for Success, San Ysidro parents are currently opposing the stagnant state of construction at their teenager’s high school, supposedly having been funded very well. To the parents and California’s Department of General Services, construction should be complete, but now the school district is saying that San Ysidro’s construction works in two phases, one of which is already complete.What were supposed to be twin campuses, between Otay Ranch and San Ysidro High School according to the district, has turned into a question of whether or not we’re seeing a slanted state of progress and neglect, leaving parents and students to ask, Why is San Ysidro always the last?

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The Purpose of the Prop?
by Raymond R. Beltrán
As banners and signs reading “Subpoena Powers” were raised high Tuesday evening, Oct. 21, at the National City Civic Center, Mayor Nick Inzunza and city council members addressed the first eight appointments, of nine, for the long awaited N

The Real Miracles of Mother Teresa, An Indian Saint
By Sandip Roy
It is hard to reconcile the images of the giant portrait of Mother Teresa unveiled on the façade of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City with the shrunken old lady I saw in Calcutta in the 1970s and ’80s. It is harder still to comprehend that someone I actually met would become a saint in my lifetime. Still, as the Vatican scours the world for the miracles that will elevate her to sainthood, it seems to me they are looking in the wrong places.

Bob Menendez: Leader for a New Democratic Majority
By David Rebovich
The Democratic Party’s nine presidential candidates have been getting their fair share of coverage these days, for criticizing Pres. George W. Bush, attacking each other, and in a few cases simply for having the chutzpah to run. At first the spirited repartee between the candidates made good theater, but soon party regulars began to worry. Are the Democrats’ criticisms of the President too mean-spirited and will they cause a backlash? Are their attacks of each other so harsh that the eventual nominee will be so bloodied that he will have trouble competing against an even unpopular incumbent? And, will that nominee’s policy positions be so jumbled after trying to placate so many different groups in a multi-candidate primary that they won’t appeal much to the average voter?


Peace activists expect thousands to march on Saturday
By Ruxandra Giura
– Peace activists will march around the White House and the Justice Department on Saturday morning to protest the Bush administration’s war agenda, march organizers said Tuesday.

Politica a la Mexicana
Mujeres Insumisas

Por Luz Aída Salomón
Este mes de octubre en México se está celebrando el 50 aniversario de que a las mujeres se les otorgó el derecho a votar y ser votadas. El 17 de octubre de 1953, bajo el gobierno del presidente Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, con la reforma al artículo 34 de la Constitución se incorporó a más de la mitad de la población mexicana a los procesos políticos de México.

Va Por México: Héroes Auténticos Awards Luncheon
By Raymond R. Beltrán
Last Friday, October 17, Tecate, La Prensa San Diego, and The Old Town Mexican Café hosted a luncheon in honor of the three women who earned the Va Por México: Héroes Auténticos awards due to their community involvement. Beatrice Estrada, Ofelia Escobedo, and Liliana Aguilar were accompanied by their family and friends, along with some community officials, to receive their awards and to be recognized for their achievements in underprivileged areas throughout San Diego.

La Prensa Persa
One Noble Peace Prize Winner and Multiple Views
By Kathy Hadizadeh
Winning the Noble Peace Prize by an Iranian lady: Shirin Ebadi has resulted in many different opinions from different sources. Perhaps it can be the most controversial news-making event during the lifetime of Noble Peace Prize.

Por German Velasco
Preciado tesoro: la buena salud

Tarde o temprano, todos valoramos el tesoro que es una buena salud, requisito para desarrollar mejor nuestra vida.

Looking for Mathematicians, Scientists, and Engineers!
Southwestern College’s Science Opportunity Day Promotes Science Among Students
Chula Vista—The demand for a highly trained and educated workforce in the fields of math, science, and engineering is steadily increasing. Yet, the supply of science industry professionals is moving in the opposite direction. Southwestern College’s Science Opportunity Day will bring together student scientists, industry representatives, and university spokespersons in an effort to promote science among students and encourage them to pursue careers in the science industry. Science Opportunity Day will take place Tuesday, October 28, 2003 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Courtyard of the School of Math, Science, and Engineering.

CHCI y Ejército de EE.UU. Lanzan Guía Nacional 2003-2004 de Becas, Pasantías y Subsidios Para Estudiantes Latinos
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), la organización educativa hispana líder en la nación, y el Ejército de EE.UU. publicaron recientemente la Guía Nacional 2003-2004 de Becas, Pasantías y Subsidios para Estudiantes Latinos. Esta guía es la única publicación en EE.UU. que contiene una lista completa de becas, pasantías y Subsidios destinados a estudiantes latinos.

Sherman Heights Celebrates Its 9th Annual Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
The Sherman Heights Neighborhood Cultural Council (SHNCC) announces the return of a very special weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, November 1 & 2, 2003, from 11 a.m. through 5 p.m., the community will celebrate Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), a joyous Mexican tradition of honoring loved ones who have passed on and celebrating their memory with the creation of beautiful, festive altars. More than a dozen local families and groups will create altars inside the Community Center, located at 2258 Island Avenue in San Diego, and an even greater number of residents and local San Diego artists will create ofrenda, “offerings” or nonblessed altars, outside at local historic homes within the Sherman Heights Historic District and at the Villa Montezuma Museum. This event is free and open to the public.

Mainstreet Oceanside Hosts Third Annual Día de los Muertos Street fair
On Sunday, November 2nd, MainStreet Oceanside (MSO) will host its third annual street fair to celebrate the colorful Mexican cultural holiday, Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. This year’s celebration features traditional ofrendas (altars) exhibits, norteño and latino music, mariachis, food, “baile folclórico” dancing, and activities for children. Nationally acclaimed artist Roland Crump designed this year’s playful signature art.

Día de los Muertos
Calendar of Events


San Ysidro Students and Community Discriminated Against
It was just last year that the Sweetwater Union High School District was investigated by the County Grand Jury due to the complaints received from the community about misuse of Prop. BB funds. The Grand Jury found no illegal wrong doing, but they did admonish the district for their spending priorities. Apparently the message went over the heads of the school district administration and in particular the school board.

Medicare Needs to be Improved, Not Unraveled
By: U.S. House Representative Raúl Grijalva
Thirty eight years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill that created the Medicare program, allowing those of us in government to fulfill our responsibility to help those who worked so hard to provide us with the prosperity we enjoy today. Now we have the opportunity to enhance the most successful program in our nation’s history. For years, more than three million Latino Seniors have been waiting for a Medicare prescription drug benefit that is guaranteed, affordable, and available to all.  That’s what House Democrats are working for.

The Emperor Has No Clothes
Senate Floor Remarks Final Passage of Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill

By U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd
Friday 17 October 2003 — In 1837, Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote a wonderful fairy tale which he titled The Emperor’s New Clothes. It may be the very first example of the power of political correctness. It is the story of the Ruler of a distant land who was so enamored of his appearance and his clothing that he had a different suit for every hour of the day.

A Tribute To Don Luis A. Ferre 
By Peter Fontanes
It is not always easy to deal with the death of a great man especially if he also happens to be your friend and mentor. 

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Filipino Village to cost 30 – 40 million???
When the Honorable Mayor Nick Inzunza announced that his Number 7 goal wato build a Filipino Village along Plaza Blvd., between Euclid and Highland Avenue, I was one of those who cheered, admired, and saluted the Honorable Mayor for his concern, giving importance to the Filipinos, and recognizing the presence of Filipino businesses in National City.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

El halago en la parodia
Scary movie 3 repite su fórmula con nuevo director

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Para disgusto de muchos puristas, la parodia (la imitación burlesca de una obra artística seria) ha gozado de amplísima aceptación durante todas las épocas. Desde Aristófanes hasta Moliere, con Shakespeare y Lope incluídos en el meollo, la representación graciosa de hechos o historias conocidas han sido el placer culpable de eruditos y villanos.

Pedro Knight y Juan Gabriel se juntan para honrar a Celia
La entrega de ‘El premio de la gente’ marca su quinto aniversario

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Figuras del nuevo talento del entretenimiento latino se pasearon por la alfombra roja de “El Premio de la Gente” celebrado en el Mandalay Bay de Las Vegas, pero fue una figura tranquila y serena, con el pelo blanco y la sonrisa afable, la que acaparó la atención de todos los presentes.
Viva la Maravillosa Experiencia Prehispánica del “Temazcal”
Por: Paco Zavala
En concordancia con nuestro orígen prehispánico y las maravillosas herencias de nuestros ancestros, en ésta ocasión nos ocuparemos de echar un vistazo a una actividad que ellos realizaban para purificarse y para aliviar y prevenir muchas enfermedades, que hoy día son difíciles de curar superficial o totalmente. Esta ceremonia se realizaba desde tiempos inmemoriales por nuestros antecesores radicados en estas tierras.

Virtuosa Exposición Pictórica de Masha Zepeda
Por Paco Zavala
¿Qué es un artista? Algunas veces hemos hecho ésta pregunta y la respuesta es diversa, porque calificamos a la expresión concordándola con la trayectoria diversa de la circunstancia en que ésta se desarrolla.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
¡Caramba! Fíjese Ud. que en la tan cacareada presentación artística en la ciudad de Mexicali, del mejor tenor del mundo “Luciano Pavarotti”, no lució en la forma que se esperaba. El señor Pavarotti, no permitió que ningún servicio que se le ofreciera fuera atendido por hombres con bigote. ¡Hágame favor! Que además, en los sitios en los que se posara o sentara, nadie lo hiciera; en fin, una serie de ridiculeces de este señor Pavarotti.

Calendar of Events
By Berenice Cisneros
Films & Plays
**The Christian Youth Theater will present Annie October 24 through November 2 at Eastlake High School, Ruth Chapman Performing Arts Center in Chula Vista. This is America’s most famous orphan, Annie, who brings hope to Daddy Warbucks and President Roosevelt as she searches for her lost parents during the Depression. The cast of 66 are all students ages 8 – 18. Tickets are $9 for adults. The Theater is located at 1120 Eastlake Parkway in Chula Vista.

World Boxing Hall Of Fame Banquet: Honoring “The Only Real Game In Town”
By Fiona Manning
They traveled from all four corners of the globe Saturday night to pay homage to the men and women of boxing at the 24th annual World Boxing Hall of Fame Banquet held at the Commerce Casino in east Los Angeles.

San Diego State Opens Basketball Season with Three-Hour Practice
Aztecs welcome three freshmen to first day of practice

San Diego State opened the 2003-04 basketball season with a three-hour practice Saturday morning at Peterson Gym.

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