October 23, 1998

Natural History Museum and San Diego Dialogue Host "Dos Aguilas/Two Eagles"

Celebrating the public expression of a commitment to binational understanding, education and partnership, the San Diego Natural History Museum and San Diego Dialogue jointly hosted "Dos Aguilas/Two Eagles,' binational gala fundraiser this Saturday (October 10th).

From left to right: Dr. Charles Nathanson, Executive Director, San Diego Dialogue; Guadalupe and Luis Herrera-Lasso, Hon. Consul General; Jo and Nick Hahn, Ph.D, Hon. Consul General; and Dr. James Celments, President, SDNHM Board of Trustees.

The goal of Dos Aguilas/Two Eagles, a biennial event, was to bring together civic leaders from both sides of the border in support of the initiatives and programs led by these two respected institutions.

"The San Diego Natural History Museum and San Diego Dialogue share a joint focus on a region full of diversity, opportunity and challenges," said Museum Executive Director Dr. Michael Hager. "Dos Aguilas is a wonderful opportunity to raise community awareness on both sides of the border of the valuable work that's already being done, and an opportunity to work together for a better future."

"Dos Aguilas is a celebration of the shared commitment by both U.S. and Mexican citizens to protect and preserve the environment for the common good of the San Diego/Baja California region," said Dr. Charles Nathanson, executive director of San Diego Dialogue.

Funds raised at the event will benefit the Museum and Dialogue. Museum funds will support the Environmental Science Education Center at the Museum. San Diego Dialogue funds will be used to develop research and a public program on sustainable development issues facing the San Diego/Baja California region.

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