October 22, 2004


National City Council Endorsements

La Prensa San Diego Endorses

Ron Morrison and Fideles Ungab

National City is a city that is maturing and changing right before our eyes. Gone are the days where it was seen as only a small sleepy little town located between San Diego and Chula Vista, along Highway 5. It was and still remains a small Berg with a small town perspective. It still retains the quaint habits such as holding private/informal City Council meetings at a local restaurant after the official council meetings. Evidently, the City Fathers still didn’t know or ignored the Brown Act. Which makes such little meetings illegal. Lately, however, there are signs of City Hall making small efforts to bring about change in the way things are done.

Unfortunately, small municipalities struggle to attract candidates for public office that are capable of, or care enough to carry out the duties of their office in the public interest. But, be it as it may, there are small incremental changes occurring that give that the City of National City hope and is moving away from the “Good Old Boy Network” process of running the City. Some of the change is good and long overdue. It is crucial that this slow process of change be maintained. It is therefore crucial that the voters analyze each candidate running for office and select only the best of that are running for election.

The Board of Editors of La Prensa San Diego has analyzed the candidates running for the City Council. It is our opinion that the re-election of Councilman Ron Morrison is crucial He has worked long and hard with the diverse residents of this community and equally important he has the experience and backbone to put a stop to uncontrolled, politically motivated growth and change. The city’s residents need this elder statesman on the council with a proven track record of fighting in the City’s best interest.

Fideles Ungab was appointed to serve out the remaining two years of the term vacated by Nick Inzunza. He has gone through the difficult task of learning what it takes to be a city councilman. He knows the issues facing the city and he has proven himself to be an independent voice on the council with the city’s best interest at heart. Ungab deserves a full term on council so that the residents of this city can benefit from the years of learning and in conjunction with Ron Morrison, and the rest of the members of the City Council, work to provide the best leadership for the citizens of the City of National City.


Ron Morrison & Fideles Ungab

For the National City Council

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Ron Morrison y Fideles Ungab Para Concejal de National City

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