Volume XXVIII Number 42 October 22, 2004

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Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is Mexico’s ancient tradition of celebrating the lives of deceased loved ones. It features elaborate ofrendas or altars, whimsical skeletons and sugar candy skulls that mock death to release the fear and grief about death.

The following are local events and there is an accompanying story in Spanish that talks about the tradition Dia de los Muertos.

Oceanside Celebrates

Día de los Muertos

This year Dia de los Muertos will be celebrated in downtown Oceanside on Sunday, October 31. Each year the celebration has grown and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

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Tradiciones Mexicanas y Bajacalifornianas: Orígen y significado de los Días de Muertos
Por: Paco Zavala
La historia nos dice que desde tiempos muy antiquísimos se conocen los enigmas que encierran los misterios de la vida y la muerte, los cuales han poseído espacio y pensamientos del hombre. Las culturas que desaparecieron por causas diversas con toda seguridad, también le guardaron un respeto, un culto y una tradición a estos misterios, así como las culturas que hoy día existen sobre la faz de la tierra.

Both Bush, Kerry Endorse a Return to the Braceros
By David Bacon
“I believe there ought to be a temporary worker card that allows a willing worker and a willing employer to mate up, so long as there’s not an American willing to do that job, to join up in order to be able to fulfill the employers’ needs.” —George Bush, presidential debate, 10/14/04

Tres para el Distrito Escolar Nacional
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Los tres candidatos para los dos puestos disponibles en la mesa directiva del Distrito Escolar Nacional no son nuevos en la comunidad ni al distrito:

Three for National School District Board
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
The three candidates for the two seats available on the National School District board are not new to the community nor to the district.

Otay Water District race promises change
by J.D. Hawk
Three seats on the Otay Water District board of directors are up for election on Nov. 2, and all candidates are promising better times for the OWD. The incumbents say the days of troubling lawsuits are over and the OWD just needs to stay the course, while the challengers say that its too late for the incumbents.


By John P. Schmal
The act of voting is one of the most important privileges of American citizenship. Through this action, Americans can choose their leaders and attempt to make changes in governmental policy. For many Americans, the act of voting is the most significant manifestation of American citizenship.

Editor’s Note: On October 8, 2004 Katia Lopez-Hodoyan writing was recognized with a first place award under the non-daily Public Service category of the San Diego Press Club Awards. In recognition of the award, the importance of the issue, and of course our writer, we are republishing the award winning article published March 12, 2004 in La Prensa San Diego
There is Hope for Hispanic Women When It Comes to Domestic Violence
By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan

Candidatos de South Bay Union dicen que el Distrito enfrenta nuevos retos
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Ubicado en la parte suroeste de Estados Unidos, el Distrito Escolar South Bay Union tiene una posición única en el panorama educativo de San Diego.

Despite a County-Wide Rise in Access to PCs and the Internet, South County Residents Disproportionately Lack Access to Technology
San Diego is the most wired place in the nation, where everyone has access to a computer and the Internet, right? Wrong according to a 2004 RTA/Waitt Family Foundation study, San Diego’s Digital Divide Revisited: Approaching Digital Inclusion – but Disparities Persist, a sequel to their groundbreaking 2001 study.

Edición Especial Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Maya & Miguel -Entretenimiento Hispano en Television Americana
Entrevista con la directora de contenido educativo, Dra. Ellen Riojas Clark

La Palabra del Doctor
Pida a su doctor un examen de tuberculosis
Por Arnel Reyes, MD
¡La escuela está en sesión! Eso significa que hay que entregar los formularios de salud para la escuela – entonces hablemos del chequeo para la tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculosis es una infección bacteriana que usualmente infecta los pulmones. Los médicos creen que aproximadamente 10 a 15 millones de personas en los Estados Unidos tienen tuberculosis latente. Esta alta tasa significa que los exámenes son fundamentales para el tratamiento de la enfermedad antes que se desarrolle en tuberculosis activa.

Tainted Candy Proves to be Scarier than Ghost and Ghouls
The National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week was established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is observed during the fourth week in October. This coincides with the Halloween celebration. But lately, the candy treats for Halloween have proved to be scarier than ghosts. .


National City Council Endorsements
La Prensa San Diego Endorses: Ron Morrison and Fideles Ungab

National City is a city that is maturing and changing right before our eyes. Gone are the days where it was seen as only a small sleepy little town located between San Diego and Chula Vista, along Highway 5. It was and still remains a small Berg with a small town perspective. It still retains the quaint habits such as holding private/informal City Council meetings at a local restaurant after the official council meetings. Evidently, the City Fathers still didn’t know or ignored the Brown Act. Which makes such little meetings illegal. Lately, however, there are signs of City Hall making small efforts to bring about change in the way things are done.

Election 2004: Ballot Recommendations
State Propositions
PROPOSITION 65; Local Government Funds, Revenues, State Mandates
An Initiative Constitutional Amendment
Prop 65 was submitted to the voters in order to protect local revenues that are used to provide essential services. For reasons unknown, Prop 65 was found to be inedecuate and a new Proposal was created by different players which is on the Ballot as Prop 1A.

Latinos en las Elecciones
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
Últimamente los medios de comunicación han aseverado la importancia del voto latino en las elecciones presidenciales de Noviembre. No existe duda que los latinos somos realmente importantes en las elecciones, no solamente en aquellos estados considerados “claves”, sino también en aquellos donde existe mayor número de votantes hispanos. Sin embargo, considerar que somos imprescindibles –como sostienen algunos comentaristas de televisión—, y que las elecciones son determinadas por los latinos es una hipótesis exagerada y padece de miopía analítica.

“Oh Say Can You See”
By Joe Ortiz
I just love singing our national anthem. Every time I sang it in school, and especially while attending a sporting event, it brought tears to my patriotic eyes. The only tears I have been shedding lately are for the sad state of affairs we are experiencing in this great country of ours, especially its dividedness. This sadness is more profound and visible as we approach the Presidential election on November 2, 2004.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
City schools are a mess!
I am a teacher at one of San Diego Unified’s 8 most underperforming schools. Over the years it has become more than obvious to us teachers why our schools have the odds stacked against them, but lately, more so than ever, it has become impossible to teach in a school where at this moment, students are cold because the heaters on campus are not functioning. Could it be a coincident that each and every heater on campus is broken at the same time?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Conciencia Artistica
Informal Economy Vendors
By Geneva Gamez
Taking off every first Thursday of the month is TNT, the Thursday Night Thing at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) in Downtown. This month’s collective is “Informal Economy Vendors” by Julio Cesar Morales. The collective explores the ill necessities of living in a country where “formal” labor resources are lacking. It depicts the notion of a standard of living that needs to be met at all costs, even if it means creating your own way to get by.

Conciencia Artistica
Free at last
By Geneva Gamez
Thoughts run freely within but seldom do they let loose. However, from time to time there are those who like to challenge that, this is what you would have experienced at UCSD’s Marcuse Gallery last month. Working on a school (film) project, Davina Semo used the gallery space as a home for a month. She used this space to work, create, and explore different aspects of living as she produced her film about three women who are each trying to find their identity in their own peculiar way.

Unique Halloween Programs/Events Alternatives
“House of Wax” Library Program Features Bone-Chilling Tales
The Oceanside Public Library dares children ages seven to fourteen to enter its horrifying House of Wax Museum on Monday, October 25 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., at the Civic Center Library, 330 North Coast Highway, Oceanside. Children will be escorted into the museum by tour guides to see the wax figures of famous characters such as Frankenstein, Lizzie Borden, La Llarona, and the Crazy Cafeteria Lady. The frightening fun begins when the characters come to life and share their haunting, bone-chilling tales. The storytelling talents of the Children’s staff are guaranteed to raise the hair on the back of the neck. A variety of revolting snacks will be served after the tour in the House of Wax Cafeteria.

Todo un Acontecimiento la Celebración del II Aniversario de “Fiesta Mexicana”
Por: Paco Zavala
El trabajo fecundo y creador cuando se toma en serio da excelentes resultados, esto es lo que ha acontecido con la Academia de Artes Fiesta Mexicana, enclavada en San Ysidro, bajo la dirección del compositor, músico, cantante y maestro David Camacho, bajo su dinamismo, conocimiento y aciertos ésta institución ha seguido una trayectoria de progreso y de éxito.

By Francisco Ciriza
New Music:
Bacilos has released it’s follow up to their ultra successful , Sin Verguenza (Warner Latino). The group’s unique sound remains distinct and intact, but the group assumes a different voice this time around. There exists a maturity with some riveting lyrics and ideas behind them along with some musical exploration by the group. The results are impressive as is the group’s attitude and dedication to its art and its fans. Look for a full feature in the near future as Bacilos begins the first leg of what promises to be an extensive international tour.

Albi de Abreu se estrena como productor en Hollywood
El actor se destaca todos los días en “La mujer de Judas”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Como Alirio Agüero del Toro, Albi de Abreu tuvo la mejor oportunidad de lucir su talento en las telenovelas. El seriado que transmite Telefutura de lunes a viernes a las diez de la mañana juega con las claves del misterio dentro del género, generando un suspenso que siguió a los actores hasta el set de grabación.

Sobreviviendo a Ben Affleck
“Surviving Christmas” trata de hacer reír, y trata, y trata, y trata…
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Tiene todos los avisos del “pavo cinematográfico”. ¿Qué hace una película que se filmó el año pasado, sobre navidad, estrenándose en la mitad de octubre, donde nadie está en el espíritu navideño todavía? Queriendo evitar cualquier asociación con Gigli y el estreno en diciembre pasado de la otra película de Ben Affleck, Paycheck, el estudio Dreamworks decidió reservarla para este periodo de fiestas. Ahora la lanza con dos meses de adelanto.

Calendar of Events
Diana Ross in San Diego
** Superstar Diana Ross, one of the most accomplished entertainers of our time, will embark on her North American “FOREVER” DIANA TOUR beginning Friday, November 5th in Atlantic City, NJ. The 11-date run will include performances in San Diego, November 9 @ 8PM at the San Diego Civic Theatre. Always the consummate performer, Ms. Ross has selected venues on this tour with an intimate atmosphere in order to create a very special evening of entertainment for her fans.

Aztecs Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
By John Philip Wyllie
Despite an uneven performance on Saturday, the then (2-3) SDSU Aztecs anticipated getting back to .500 with their third victory of the collegiate football season after previous back to back defeats. With just one minute and 51 seconds to play, they had a three-point lead and control of the ball. Victory was seemingly at hand. The 1-4 Colorado State Rams could do little except hope for a miracle and watch the clock count down the game’s last remaining seconds. The Rams miracle turned out to be the latest horror in what has turned out to be a nightmarish Aztec season.

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