October 18, 2002

State Proposition 49
PROP 49: Before and After School Programs, State Grants.

Prop 49 is a well intention Initiative to provide AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS to breach the serious shortcomings in our public educational system. It has become evident that since control of the financing of public school systems was taken over by the State & federal Legislators that education has become a political football game where education has taken 2nd place to political considerations. Little or no participation by Professional Educators or Administrators is evident. The politicians determine what kind (s) of education is to be provide, how many hours will be spent in the class rooms, what kinds of courses will or will not be taught and how they are going to be taught through the public school systems to our children. What we have in California is a public educational system that is driven and controlled by 120 politicians in the Assembly & Senate and the entire U.S. Congress. Control of the purse has led to control of education. In the main, the neophyte Politico-educator is a lawyer without an ounce of professional preparation in the field of education.

It is quite clear that our children are not being educated in today’s public schools because the effective school day has been reduced to the point that teachers are unable to provide sufficient classroom time for their students! How can you provide an education when our children spend more time at the mall than in the classroom? How can learning occur when most elementary schools are only open four and a half days per week and each teaching day is approximately 4 hours per day? Parents are overburden by being pressed to play the role of substitute teachers. Children are overburden with excessive homework because there is insufficient teaching time in the schoolhouse to learn. Yes, we recognize that most problems with children occur between the hours of 2-7pm (after school hours). While mom and dad are working to support their children, the schools send their student’s home, an unsupervised home!

PROPOSITION 49 doesn’t solve any of the underlying systemic problems that have led to the current educational problems in our Public schools. Systemic problems in the structure of education cannot be solved by throwing money at it. Putting education back in control of the local school boards, the professional education community, and the local parents and community would be a right beginning.

On November 5, 2002
¡Vote en contra de la Proposición 49!

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