October 18, 2002

Middle School Parent Summit II — A Roadmap For School Success

SAY San Diego’s PASS Project will hold its second annual middle school parent summit—a road for school success on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at O’Farrell Community School, 6130 Skyline Drive, San Diego. The summit will be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The event is a unique opportunity for parents of middle school students enrolled in San Diego. City Schools (and those whose students will soon enter middle school) to receive extensive information about what it takes to attain academic success in middle school and how parents can help.

The summit program features guest speakers and about a dozen different workshops. A sampling of workshop topics include the following: Keeping in Contact with Your Middle School—When & How; Communicating with Teen; Standardized Testing; The Positive Power of Discipline; Reducing Homework Stress; Homework Without Tears; Determining if Student work Meets Academic Standards; Planning Past High School — Start Now!; Academic Success — What Parents Can Do; English Language Learners — Successful Strategies; and Leadership Training, is $5 per adult; children are free. Summit fee includes workshops, materials, continental breakfast, and lunch; also child care and bus transportation if needed. Translation will be available in Spanish, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lao and Somali with pre-registration.

Scholarships will be available to enable parents to participate — Many of San Diego City middle schools are sponsoring parents to attend.

Parent Alliance for School Standards (PASS) informs parents how they can help improve their child academic performance and make their child’s middle school experience a positive one.

SAY San Diego’s PASS Project for middle school parents is funded by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. The event is presented by the PASS Project operated by SAY San Diego, Inc. It is co-sponsored by San Diego City Schools, California Parent Center and the Union of Pan Asian Communities among others. To pre-register or for more information contact the PASS Project at 858-974-3603 ext 211, Ellen Yaffa at Ext. 210 or email ellen@saysandiego.org.

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