October 18, 2002


Time for a New District Attorney

In the Primary we editorialized that it was time to replace Paul J. Pfingst as District Attorney. We endorsed Mike Aguirre at the time. Aguirre did not make it to the general, but that does not change the need to replace Pfingst.

The issues that were raised in February are still relevant and call for a new District Attorney.

Least we forget 68 percent of the Deputy District Attorneys within his office issued a “vote of no confidence” in his ability to lead and that Pfingst did not receive the general endorsement of the law enforcement community. A number of scandals have also occurred under his watch, including sex in the D.A.’s offices, an attorney using his office and his secretaries for real estate dealings and the embarrassment of losing an unlawful firing case for firing an attorney after her maternity leave.

With regard to minority communities, Pfingst has failed to defend the rights of the people by declining to pursue investigations into any of the police shootings that have occurred, including the Dubois shooting, the shooting of an individual holding only a stick, and the shooting of a mentally ill man in National City. Pfingst has represented the interests of the power structure, rather than those of the people of San Diego. This is best exemplified by the way he handled the Grand Jury investigation into the dealings between Mayor Susan Golding and the San Diego Padres.

The Grand Jury, which represents the people of San Diego, did their job: they took a complaint, and interviewed and gathered information with regard to how the deal was put together. After extensive interviews and research, the Grand Jury presented their findings to Pfingst, believing that there was enough evidence to indict Golding. Instead of investigating the indictment, Pfingst chastised the Grand Jury and refused to investigate.

Nothing has changed since the primary. Pfingst needs to be replaced in order to bring integrity back to the office of the District Attorney and the person to do that is Bonnie Dumanis.

Dumanis has the experience, serving as a felony prosecutor, criminal trial judge and as a law enforcement manager. Dumanis spent 15 years in the San Diego County District Attorney’s office, including 12 as a Deputy District Attorney. She led the Metropolitan Homicide Task Force and was coordinator of child abuse and neglect cases in the Juvenile Division.

Dumanis has the support of the Deputy D.A.s and from many law enforcement organizations. She also has the endorsement of Mike Aguirre and many other Hispanics associated with law enforcement.

It is time to return Integrity back to the District Attorney’s Office.

We recommend the election of

Bonnie Dumanis

as your next District Attorney.

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