Volume XXVI Number 42 October 18, 2002

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Si Se Puede! For the Students

By Raymond R. Beltran

In 1986, a woman named Carmen Sierras-Carroll took a job in the tutoring lab at Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley. She had just moved from Washington where she had lived for twenty-six years, and where she had taught migrant education. Emerging into the high school system and working with teenage students, Carroll began to notice the lack of guidance and determination within the students’ programs.

Granite Hills' Si Se Puede Leadership Program with parent mentors Patrice Moreno (bottom, second from the left) and Alex Cuestra (far right).

“In the tutoring lab, I met a lot of kids from other countries,” says Carroll. “And I realized kids needed encouragement. I wanted to get helpers that were doing well and set up a program to help themselves.”

Sixteen years later into the year 2002, Carroll’s dream has grown out of the tutoring lab and has become a full-fledged organization known as the Si Se Puede Leadership Program. The program is based on encouraging the students to build leadership skills as a student, while they look ahead into the future as adults.

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With Horton, What You See Is What You Get
A hard working – determined person
By Daniel Munoz
When you first meet Shirley Horton, a very attractive, petite, blond greets you. She does not come across like many, boisterous, politicians and in fact is rather self-effacing. But don’t let those first impressions fool you!

Why the Waterfront War Will Spread
By David Bacon
SAN FRANCISCO —The men and women of the docks are back at work. But during the coming 80 days of labor guaranteed by the Taft-Hartley Act, the basic disagreement at the root of the longshore conflict will only grow sharper and more bitter. Moreover, if federal intervention succeeds in breaking the union’s back on the West Coast docks, employers will probably use the same strategy in industry after industry.

Croucher Soaking The Otay Water Board to the Tune of $25,000
By Nancy Fay
Gary Croucher was supposed to be different. Croucher was supposed to be the one who, through example, would counter the wife beating, threats of violence, harassment, and financial problems that brought Otay Water board member Tony Innocentes so much notoriety – and a court order preventing Innocentes from even talking to fellow board members or Otay Water staffers for three years.

Giorgino alleges Ducheny broke finance rules
By Laura Mitchell
State Senate Republican candidate Michael Giorgino has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission alleging his opponent, Democrat Denise Moreno Ducheny, violated campaign finance rules.


Made In America? Sniper Killings and Homegrown Terrorism
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
The day after the FBI issued yet another terror alert, Kenneth H. Bridges, co-founder of a national Black self-help group, Matah, was gunned down at an Exxon gas station in northern Virginia. Even if Congress had given President Bush the billions of dollars and free-wheeling authority he demands for homeland security, it would likely not have made a difference for Bridges or the eight others murdered to date by a Maryland sniper.

CalTeach Homenajea al Ex Personal Militar Que Ahora Presta Servicios a su Patria en los Salones de Clase
A fin de conmemorar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, el Centro para las Carreras Docentes de California (CalTeach) se ha unido a De la Tropa-A-Maestros (en inglés, Troops-To-Teachers) para reconocer a cuatro latinos excepcionales que pasaron de una carrera militar a una carrera de maestros. La campaña, titulada “Latinos en Acción, Enseñando para un Futuro Mejor” es un llamado a que los latinos se unan a las filas de la profesión docente.

Un Marinero Latino que se Convirtió en Maestro Ameniza la Clase Con Historias de Tierras Lejanas
Los maestros son como soldados: prestan servicios en forma diligente para asegurar un mejor mañana. Richard Bermúdez, Sr. entiende esta simple verdad porque él ha vivido ambas vidas. Un ex-operador de radio de primera clase de la Marina de los Estados Unidos, Bermúdez ahora está enseñando el sexto grado en la Escuela Elemental Palmer Way de National City, California.

Gateway Computers Donated to Hilltop High Academy of Information Technology
It was the opportunity of a lifetime for four Hilltop High Academy of Information Technology students. Meaghan Booth, Chris Cherry, Jennifer Dawson and James Antoniszyn met and rubbed elbows with local celebrities Tom Waitt-Chairman and CEO of Gateway, Inc.-and Junior Seau of the San Diego Chargers.

Middle School Parent Summit II — A Roadmap For School Success
SAY San Diego’s PASS Project will hold its second annual middle school parent summit—a road for school success on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at O’Farrell Community School, 6130 Skyline Drive, San Diego. The summit will be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The event is a unique opportunity for parents of middle school students enrolled in San Diego. City Schools (and those whose students will soon enter middle school) to receive extensive information about what it takes to attain academic success in middle school and how parents can help.

Por Yamel Catacora
Ante el terror interno
Las palabras del Presidente George W. Bush repercutían en las cadenas acostumbradas cuando debe dirigirse a la nación. “Nos rehusamos a vivir con miedo”, recalcaba el primer mandatario, justificando la posibilidad de un futuro ataque a Irak. Pero mientras Bush intentaba transportar a la opinión pública fuera de los márgenes del país, cruzando el atlántico y un par de mares, al lugar donde según él y su administración, se origina el miedo del pueblo de los Estados Unidos,  este  ya se había apoderado del área metropolitana de Washington.

Children of the Rainbow Child Care Centers Honored by Points of Light Foundation
Children of the Rainbow, a San Diego-based child care center with two locations, recently received the Points of Light Foundation President’s Award for developing innovative programs that meet community needs and improve the lives of children and families in their neighborhoods.

Wells Fargo Abre un Nuevo Camino Para Dueños de Casa
Unico tipo de cuenta ofrece a los compradores de casa propia “Aprobación en un solo Trámite” para financiar su casa y ganar Acceso Flexible al Capital de Patrimonio Propio

$50,000 For the “Diamond Neighborhood”
The San Diego Neighborhood Funders (SDNF) is funding $50,000 for residents to improve the community. Community residents are eligible to apply for Mini-Grants that range from $500-$5,000 to improve and strengthen their neighborhoods or volunteer as part of the Grant Selection Committee (volunteers to review, evaluate and select awardees). It is all about residents changing and making decisions about their own neighborhoods.

Flu Kick-Off Event Marks Start of 2002-2003 Flu Season
Thousands of dollars and numerous sick days are lost each year due to the flu. As part of the countywide “Immunize San Diego” campaign, which began yesterday, the Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP), a collaboration of hospitals, nonprofit organizations and healthcare agencies are joining forces in a countywide effort to increase the number of medically at risk residents who receive flu and pneumonia shots.

The Trick Is To Have A Safe Halloween
A safe Halloween is just a few tricks away according to the staff at the California Poison Control System-San Diego Division, located at UCSD Medical Center. The following are safety precautions for parents to help them keep Halloween safe:


Time for a New District Attorney
In the Primary we editorialized that it was time to replace Paul J. Pfingst as District Attorney. We endorsed Mike Aguirre at the time. Aguirre did not make it to the general, but that does not change the need to replace Pfingst.

State Proposition 49
PROP 49: Before and After School Programs, State Grants.
Prop 49 is a well intention Initiative to provide AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS to breach the serious shortcomings in our public educational system. It has become evident that since control of the financing of public school systems was taken over by the State & federal Legislators that education has become a political football game where education has taken 2nd place to political considerations.

State Proposition 50
PROP 50: Water Quality Supply and Safe drinking Water Projects, Coastal Wetlands Purchase and Protection BONDS. (An Initiative submitted by special interest groups).

State Proposition 52
PROP 52: Would allow legally, eligible, persons to register to vote on Election Day. (An Initiative petition).

Notas politicas
The names behind some of the Political Action Committees that exist in the Raza political scene: The South Bay Committee whose Treasurer is Jorge Covarrubias, well known Psychologist, and member of the Sweetwater School District.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Entrevista Con America Ferrera e Ingrid Oliuo
Real Woman Have Curves
Por Claudia Hernandez.
La Prensa (LP): ¿Cuál es la finalidad con la que ustedes realizan la película?, ¿qué es lo que hace que America e Ingrid decidan tomar parte de esta película y entregar no nada más el alma a través del talento y de su ser en sus actuaciones respectivamente?, ¿qué es lo que las motiva?

Reseña Crítica
Real Women Have Curves
Por Claudia Hernandez
La noche del pasado jueves diez del mes y año en curso, los pasillos del Spreckles Theater se vistieron de gala, ya que se llevó a cabo en dicho lugar una recepción previa a la proyección de la primera producción auspiciada por HBO, MANA y Cox Communications que será puesta en la pantalla grande.

Reseña Critica
Trece Sentidos Obra Maravillosa de Victor Villaseñor
Por Claudia Hernández
Trece Sentidos es obra inspirada, exhalada y finalmente materializada a través de la pluma y el papel por su autor: Victor Villaseñor, quien es el autor del bestseller Lluvia de Oro, obra por la cual se ha hecho acreedor de varios reconocimientos tales como el premio Margo Albert de Excelencia Literaria, el premio Lab School de Washington de Logro Literario para Personas con Problemas de Aprendizaje y el premio Colgate-Palmolive Abrazo, entre otros. Las ciudades de Santa Ana, San Diego y Los Angeles en California le han otorgado distinciones por su contribución como modelo hispánico a seguir.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales
Por: Paco Zavala
Se acerca la época navideña y comienzan los preparativos para las fiestas decembrinas. Se inician las festividades con el famoso “Día del Pavo”, enseguida llega el día de las “Conchitas”, luego el día de las “Lupitas”, se inician las posadas, llega la “Navidad” y concluye el año con el advenimiento del Año Nuevo el: 2003.

Días de Los Muertos 2002
Días de Los Muertos 2002, a binational project, is pleased to announce the following activities for October through November 2, 2002:

Witches, Women and the Day of the Dead:
The Historical Reasons for Tricking, Treating, and Celebrating
GOLDEN HILL — “Witches, Women, and the Day of the Dead: The Historical Reasons for Tricking, Treating, and Celebrating,” a lecture and presentation on reasons why witchcraft accusations focused on women in Europe and in the American Puritan colonies.

“Día de los Muertos: Past and Present”
Saturday, October 26, 2002, 11:00 to 5:00 .m.
Opening ceremony 12:00 p.m. noon Altar Exhibitions,

9th Annual Halloween Costume Contest
Calling all ghoulies, goblins and ghosts! The National City Recreation Department is sponsoring the 9th Annual Halloween Costume Contest on Friday, October 25th.

Gulls Girls, It’s Not Just About the Dancing
By Raymond R. Beltran
When was the last time you were able to hang out, eat some appetizers, have some drink specials and wait … with twenty-two cheerleaders from a major league sport in San Diego?! When? Well, here’s your chance. The San Diego Gulls Girls 5th Annual Swimsuit Calendar Release Party is here, and it’s open for the whole family!

Margarito, Morel Shine In Latin Fury II
By Fiona Manning
San Diego resident Danny Perez failed in his bid to wrestle the World Boxing Organization welterweight championship from Antonio Margarito in ‘Latin Fury II’ at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim on Saturday night.

Bullfight World
Big Triumph For Pablo Hermoso in Tijuana!
By: Lyn Sherwood
With the seasons winding down in Spain and the Mexican frontiers, it’s the best of all worlds for aficionados of the Tijuana corridas. Many of the top ranking Spaniards have completed their Spanish tours, and are getting set to perform in South America and the Mexican interiors, which allows us to see such masters as Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza do their thing.

Gomez Now Healthy, Hopes to Help Turn Aztecs Season Around
By John Philip Wyllie
Up until Saturday, the 2002 SDSU football season had been one of frustration and disappointment for massive right guard (6’3” 305), Raul Gomez. Projected as a starter in the preseason, the Oceanside High School product found himself on the bench when the season opened Aug. 29 with a disappointing loss to Fresno State. While Gomez watched helplessly from the sidelines, that loss, was compounded by four more in rapid succession.


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