Volume XXVII Number 42 October 17, 2003

FrontPage Stories

Va Por México: Héroes Auténticos

By Raymond R. Beltran

(Pictured clock-wise from upper left) Liliana Aguilar (center) with two of her friends. Bea Estrada (standing) preparing LULAC members for another busy year. Ofelia Escobado (left) with her sister Connie

It is difficult to recognize a hero when someone is living in the everyday scramble of routine life, especially Mexican towns across San Diego where people pass in and out of barrios, downtown city blocks, and even in the Chula Vista suburbia. Although, the chances of walking passed a hero are greater than one could imagine. As might be perceived, not all heroes are glamorized on the big screen, nor are all heroes given one minutes worth of recognition on the air. People who’ve profoundly changed the lives of many still walk on two feet, and those feet continue to stand firmly in the ground of our communities at all times. A few of these people making a difference in San Diego are those who the Tecate beer industry has named the Unsung Heroes.

A year ago, the Tecate public relations team began considering the idea of connecting more with the Mexican American living in the United States, along with the idea of what it is to be a hero in the Latino community. The result is the soon to be annual award program titled Va Por México: Héroes Auténticos. Granted that all heroes aren’t recognized for their efforts, Tecate has collaborated with La Prensa San Diego and Spanish television station, Univision, to put the spotlight on Latinos that have gone out of their way to build a stronger community.

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Latinas in Politics: The New Leaders of San Diego County
By Perlita R. Dicochea
Latinas are taking on more prominent roles in San Diego County politics focusing on pressing issues from environmental degradation to multicultural education to raising awareness about current abortion legislation. As Latina political activists reach higher positions, they build a new foundation for San Diego’s border and gender consciousness.

Poverty is cause of Hispanic students’ poor achievement, report says
By Laura Withers
WASHINGTON — A lack of educational choices is to blame for Hispanic public school students’ below-par performance on standardized tests and low high school graduation rates, according to a report released Thursday.


Organizan Enérgica Marcha de Protesta a Nivel Estatal Para Rechazar la Instalación de Plantas Gaseras
“La ciudadanía y el sector estudiantil se encuentran inconformes con este arreglo del gobierno con las empresas involucradas”
Por: Paco Zavala
La comunidad del estado de Baja California, se encuentra muy indignada con diversos sectores del gobierno en general involucrados en la concesión de permisos para que empresas transnacionales instalen sus plantas regasificadoras en la entidad.

Tamales mexicanos en Hawaii
¿Vender tamales en Hawaii? Sí, y también refrescos Jarritos, tortillas, chile y frijoles.

Politica a la Mexicana
Cruel realidad
Por Luz Aída Salomón
“El gobierno del ‘cambio’ es una mentira. El presidente Vicente Fox no acabará con la corrupción y vendrán otros presidentes de otros partidos y seguirá México igual de corrompido y sin oportunidades para los pobres. Vivimos como en tiempos de Porfirio Díaz, explotados, sin poder mantener a nuestras familias”.

Parents Learn New Skills at Leadership Conference
Preventing identity fraud. Learning the academic preparation needed for students to qualify for the University of California system. And how to organize a neighborhood council. These were just some of the 24 workshops parents, community members and students could choose from at the Fourth Annual South Bay Leadership Symposium.

Por Beverly Liles
Latinas Sexualmente Activas Necesitan Tomar Ácido Fólico Todos Los Días

Las mujeres Hispanas presentan doble riesgo de dar a luz bebés con defecto de tubo neural (NTD, por sus siglas en inglés) que cualquier otra mujer en los Estados Unidos. Una de las razones para ello, es simplemente que las Latinas no consumen suficiente ácido fólico. El ácido fólico, una Vitamina B, puede reducir los defectos de tubo neural hasta en un 70%, si se toma antes del embarazo y durante las primeras semanas de gestación.

First Breast Cancer Awareness Festival For Young Women in San Diego
Breastival 2003 to be held October 28 at University of San Diego
Breast cancer is a concern for women of all ages - including young women 19-39 - and reaching that age group is the motivation behind Breastival 2003, a first-of-its-kind event for San Diego.

Poncho Sanchez Headlines Benefit For Hospital Infantil de las Californias
The Foundation for the Children of the Californias, today announced its gala celebration to raise funds for the expansion of Hospital Infantil de las Californias, to a full service hospital dedicated to improve the quality of life for thousands of children in the California and Baja California region who would otherwise not have access to specialty medical care.

Why Mexican & Jewish Americans Don’t Understand Each Other to be Addressed by Author & Commentator Gregory Rodriguez on October 22
The San Diego Latino-Jewish Coalition announced today that  Gregory Rodriguez, a Senior Fellow with the New America Foundation, and contributing editor to The Los Angeles Times Opinion Section, will speak on, “Why Mexican and Jewish Americans Don’t Understand Each Other” on Wednesday, October 22, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Courtyard by Marriott Old Town (formerly the Holiday Inn), 2435 Jefferson Street. A reception for young professionals ages 40 and under will precede the discussion from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.


Chamber of Commerce of San Diego Using Public’s Money to Play Politics!
Well it is interesting that we have finally found something that is important enough for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and the Unions to come together on — whether or not San Diego has a football team!

El coraje popular en Bolivia
Por: Humberto Caspa, Ph.D.
“Ya murieron tres niños el día de ayer, y no sé cuantos más dejarán de existir hoy y durante el enfrentamiento del ejército contra el pueblo”. Estas fueron las palabras enfáticas de mi hermana Julia, enfermera del Hospital del Niño en la ciudad de La Paz, consternada por no recibir tanques de oxígeno y otros medicamentos necesarios, los cuales precisamente se encontraban en el Alto, localizada a diez kilómetros de la ciudad de La Paz.

Contracting Abuses in Iraq
By Rep. Henry A. Waxman
October 15, 2003 — There is a lot that is controversial about the war in Iraq and its aftermath. Many Americans believe the President misled the country about the reasons for going to war. Others think the Administration is not doing enough to protect our troops in Iraq. And many more question why so much money is going to Iraq when economic conditions are so tough at home.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Cine más grande que la vida
Clint Eastwood remueve cualquier crítica sobre su obra con Mystic River

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Bienvenidos al cine “experiencia”. Cine donde los temas tratados importan. Cine de elegancia y gradilocuencia. Cine épico y a la vez intimista. Cine comprometido e informal a su vez, confiando el material a actores de primera línea. En lo que respecta a películas de Hollywood, no se puede llegar más lejos que el “Mystic River”.

Luis Miguel Inicia Gira 2003-04
Se presentará el 25 de Octubre en San Diego

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Las Vegas, Nevada — Gran expectativa creó Luis Miguel ante su público luego de una prolongada ausencia por los escenarios. Con un concierto previo “para calentar los motores” en Palm Springs, California, el cantante presentó su nueva producción, titulada simplemente “33”.
Cheap Trick -Veterans Put On Show Only A Veteran Group Could

By Francisco H. Ciriza
The band’s prime, according to many, has come and gone. Few rock fans are unaware of the late seventies pop rock idols that took the world by storm. To those in the industry and those who truly understand the dynamics of the creativity and discipline involved in the music making business, Cheap Trick are not only still in their prime, they also have obviously descoverd the founain of youth.

Social Consciousness Through Artistic Means
So, you’d spend almost $9, by yourself, to go see Arnold kill everyone in his latest flicks, then go back to your run-down neighborhood, and watch him and his real life co-stars kill democracy on CNN or FOX? Chale! Under the auspices of Chicano family-oriented publishing house, Calaca Press, comes entertainment for the mind. Whether you are socially conscious or not, whether you’re ready for art that questions the system your stuck in or not, the Red CalacArts Collective is stepping up to the stage to bring it to you.

Bazaar del Mundo’s 6th Annual “Días de los Muertos” Celebration Brings Mexican Folk Tradition to San Diego
Old Town San Diego’s Bazaar del Mundo will present the authentic trappings of an ancient Mexican folk holiday during its 6th annual Día de los Muertos (Days of the Dead) celebration, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 25 through Sunday, Nov. 2.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Bueno, corre un año más y nuevamente repetimos la realización de algunos acontecimientos anuales y otros de nueva imágen, como las Fiestas del Sol en Mexicali, el Festival Cervantino en Guanajuato, de grata memoria por la riqueza de su contenido artístico y cultural. También nuevamente llegó el 15 de octubre y la Casa de la Cultura Altamira llegó a su XXVI Aniversario, fecha por la cual organizó un programa especial que se verificó en las propias instalaciones de este centro cultural.

Halloween Calendar of Events
Library Plans Harry Potter Twist To Halloween Program  
The Children’s Librarians of the Oceanside Public Library are planning a different approach to Halloween this year. Instead of the usual ghosts, pumpkins, and black cats, the Children’s Program Room at the Civic Center Library will be transformed into the Shrieking Shack made famous in the Harry Potter series.

Calendar of Events
By Berenice Cisneros
Films & Plays
**The Christian Youth Theater will present Annie October 24 through November 2 at Eastlake High School, Ruth Chapman Performing Arts Center in Chula Vista. This is America’s most famous orphan, Annie, who brings hope to Daddy Warbucks and President Roosevelt as she searches for her lost parents during the Depression. The cast of 66 are all students ages 8 – 18. Tickets are $9 for adults. The Theater is located at 1120 Eastlake Parkway in Chula Vista.

Julio Gonzalez: “Records Are Made To Be Broken”
By Fiona Manning
While the rest of the California boxing world will be attending the World Boxing Hall of Fame banquet at Commerce Casino tomorrow [Saturday] night, the southland’s hottest fighter, light heavyweight contender Julio Gonzalez will be lacing up the gloves far away at the Color Line Arena in Hamurg, Germany, intent on taking WBO champion Dariusz Michalczewski’s championship.

Germany Crowned Champion, U.S. Takes Third in WWC
By John Philip Wyllie
For the second time in four years, Southern California soccer fans had the opportunity last weekend to witness the dramatic conclusion of a Women’s World Cup. While not as spectacular or grandiose as its 1999 predecessor, the two-day event played before near capacity crowds at Carson’s beautiful new Home Depot Center offered quality soccer, high drama, colorful, enthusiastic fans and a touch of sadness.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Last Sunday (Oct. 12) was a great homecoming for this reporter, who flew into San Diego from Texas and was hosted by Bruce Hutton and Gary Sloan. The reason was to be honored in Plaza Monumental de Tijuana with an homenage, marking my 50 years as a bullfight photographer.

Jaguars Dominate Coyotes In Conference Opener
Custodio scores two goals in first half and assists on the fourth one

By Jaime Cárdenas
CHULA VISTA — Southwestern College men’s soccer team had not played a game in more than a week heading into last week’s Pacific Coast Conference opener against Cuyamaca College at home. Head coach Robert Flores was concerned that his team might come out flat and rusty.

SWC Goes To College Of The Desert In Search Of Oasis
Jaguars Looks To Get Back On The Winning Track

By Jaime Cárdenas
CHULA VISTA – The Southwestern College Jaguars football team travels to Palm Desert this Saturday to face the College of the Desert Roadrunners.

Abraha Leads Way For Men’s Team In Absence Of Alvarez
By Jaime Cárdenas
CHULA VISTA – Running without their strongest runner, the Southwestern College men’s cross country team came in fifth place last Saturday at the Irvine Invitational.