October 16, 1998


Ahy-ya-yai… Los Coyotes and Coyotas come out of their black ollos every time there is an election. No, no Sra. Arlie Ricasa, you can not go to class rooms to recruit students, hand out campaign materials, nor send out your propaganda through the school mail system. All this is illegal under Educational Code 7054. Pero it took the threat of a lawsuit by Attorney Bruce M. Boogaard to stop you. Faced with having to go to court RICASA and ill-advised campaign sent the following letter to Atty Boogaard who represented a group of citizens from Chula Vista:

"…We will immediately disband our program and make no effort to speak in classrooms regarding the campaign."

Arle Ricasa


Que verguenza to her Filipino home town-compatriots. It didn't endear her to the Superintendent who was humiliated and asked to appear ex parte at the court hearings


PREGUNTA: When is Bertha Lopez going to stop doing the same in the Chula Vista Elementary school district?


Hablando de Bertha Lopez, who is running for an open seat in the Chula Vista school district... Her financial report doesn't look too promising. It's all in the dinero that a candidate gets… No dinero? Means you have little or no Support in your district. Only six (6) people from the Chula Vista School District have donated to her campaign. In this period she received $11,035 total. $2,000 was donated by Bertha to herself. $5,000 came from the Teachers Union, most of who don't live in the School District. $1,000 came from out of city and out of San Diego total: $4,000. B.L has only $5,000 dollars left for her campaign… Maybe. Guess who owns Bertha Lopez $5,000 dollars worth?


Que locura to run for office… Your whole vida is open to the público; all your past is fair game. A la Clinton.


Ok, pues este Indio did his cosita with la gente de El Paso, Tejas. Major interview this morning with Talk-Show host, Paul Strelzen on Radio KROD. Topic: former Superintendent Anthony Trujillo. (Eat your heart out Hedgecock). Trujillo in mucho hot water in the district.


Subcomandante-YAHOO CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT OF THE ELECTIONS. They claim it will show the gringos we can't be taken for granted. Think these vatos smoking too much mota. In case you haven't noticed Raza has been boycotting elections since 1927. Not for any political reason but just because no les importa. Gringos use to ignoring us now. If you care get on the net and dial up subcomandante@Yahoo.com... I don't care.


Gracias Pam... Gracias Arelene, friends like you are short in supply.



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