Volume XXVIII Number 41 October 15, 2004

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Butcher’s son says he’s the people’s candidate

by J.D. Hawk

The butcher’s teenage son asked his father for money. So the butcher did what any blue-collar Joe would do. He took the then future Chula Vista city council candidate Steve Castaneda out “for a ride”, and dropped him off in front of a Food Basket supermarket and told him to get a job.

Steve Castaneda (center) meets with residents of Chula Vista

The Helix high school graduate would work the grocery business the next 11 years until he left in 1987. During that time, Castaneda spent less than a year as a San Diego police officer from 1980 to1981 — an intermission, if you will, from his grocery clerk days. But at only 20 years old, Castaneda felt he wasn’t ready for police life or that type of responsibility. Calling himself too immature at the time, he left the police force. “Next to a soldier in time of war, it’s probably the most difficult job you could possible have,” he explained.

But Castaneda’s otherwise humdrum life was about to change. According to Castaneda, he was basically drafted as president of his homeowners association when he shared with his neighbors a couple of ideas. And when he felt the city of Chula Vista wasn’t paying enough attention to his issues regarding the southwest area of Chula Vista, he was forced to get even more involved in city issues. This involvement, in turn, led him to a meeting with future Assemblywoman Shirley Horton who, according to Castaneda, helped him further excel in civics.

Now Castaneda serves as the current Chair of the Chula Vista Planning Commission and has held that position since 1998. He has also co-owned Profile Research and Marketing since 1996. PRM is a business guidance company that in Castaneda’s words will help businesses “specialize in project management, specialized transportation planning, and construction management.”

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Human Slavery in the 21st Century
By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan
The vivid image of a 14-year-old Mexican girl, lying in a twin bed in a small room in Florida, is one of the images engrained in Bradley J. Schlozman’s mind. This 14 year old, undocumented and once innocent girl was confined to sex slavery day after day. Forced to succumb to the threats and wishes of dozens of men daily. As a Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the U.S Department of Justice, Scholzman has dealt with several human trafficking cases that usually end in the sexual exploitation of women and children, just like this 14-year-old girl. In fact, low estimates show that close to 400,000 children are current victims of sex trade in the U.S. Of those 50,000 are believed have been trafficked into the U.S each year, according to the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition. However, despite the increased awareness of this phenomenon, the general public in San Diego County knows little if anything of these human trafficking cases. What is perhaps most startling is that several “sex camps” have been running in North County for years.

First Person
Remembering One of the Darkest Nights in Mexico’s History
By Benito Ortiz
We arrived at the plaza close to four in the afternoon, several of us, buddies from the Department of Philosophy and Literature. Activists with the National Strike Commission had assigned my three friends and I the task of handing out flyers around Plaza Tres Culturas. The flyers that I was assigned contained an open letter that Genaro Vásquez Rojas (a guerrilla in the sierras of Guerrero State) had sent to Mexico’s students. I had read it and I thought it was buena onda. Today, I still have one of the flyers that I stuck in the back pocket of my pants. Every time I read it, I feel that I am still there, in the plaza teeming with people.

South Bay Union candidates say district faces new challenges
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Located in the southwestern corner of the United States, the South Bay Union School District has a unique position in San Diego’s educational panorama.


Libres por la palabra: National protest against crimes to journalists in Mexico
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Francisco Ortiz Franco, editor of the weekly newspaper ZETA, was assassinated on June 22 in the city of Tijuana, when he was getting into his car with his 10 and 8 year old children.

Libres por la palabra: Protesta nacional contra crímenes a periodistas en México
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Francisco Ortiz Franco, editor del semanario ZETA, fue asesinado el pasado 22 de junio en la ciudad de Tijuana, al momento en que abordaba su auto, acompañado de sus hijos de 8 y 10 años.

Southwestern College’s The Sun is #1 Community College Newspaper in the Nation
CHULA VISTA — The Southwestern College student newspaper, The Sun, has been named America’s top community college newspaper by the National Newspaper Association (NNA). The NNA also ranked The Sun #3 in the nation among all college and university publications.

New guide for immigrants provides practical information for living in U.S.
By Rebecca Trela
WASHINGTON — “Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos!” Welcome to the United States – would you like a checking account with that? Maybe you’re searching for a job, an apartment or a health care provider?

Edición Especial Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Lanzamiento Programa Maya & Miguel
¡Preparense! Maya y Miguel, los Ocurrentes e Incontrolables Gemelos de Scholastic Entertainment Toman Por Asalto PBS Kids Go’sm Desde el Pasado 11 de Octubre de 2004

Apoye a sus hijos para que le saquen provecho a las tareas escolares
El desempeño escolar de los niños depende no sólo de la atención que presten a sus maestros sino también de su cumplimiento con las tareas. Su aprendizaje mejora a raíz de la ayuda que reciban de sus padres en este aspecto y de lo que les inculquen acerca de la importancia de ir a la escuela.

Notas de la ciudad de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Ya aprobaron el Dictámen Técnico para que el “Omnibús Cultural”, preste el servicio en la ciudad de Tijuana. Este omnibús atenderá el recorrido por la ciudad que deseen realizar tanto residentes, como a visitantes, por los sitios históricos y turísticos, así lo informó Blanca Fabiola Piza Silva, Presidenta de la Comisión de Educación, Cultura y Bibliotecas.

Handbook for a Fire-Smart San Diego
By Dan Carney
Renowned wildland resource scientist and author, Klaus W.H. Radtke, Ph.D., will sign free copies of the handbook A Homeowner’s Guide to Fire & Watershed Management at the Chaparral/Urban Interface, as part of the San Diego Natural History Museum’s grand opening of the “Earth, Wind and Wildfire” exhibit on Oct. 16, 2004. Dr. Radtke will be available to meet with visitors and sign handbooks from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Jill Galvez is our choice for Chula Vista Elementary School Board, Seat #4
One of the most important areas of concern, to the voters in an election, is the education of their children. If the schools are not functioning to the satisfaction of the parents and family members, the school districts are caught up in turmoil. The schools are one of the few public institutions where the voters, parents, other family members and yes, even friends will become highly incensed over the failure of their school districts to provide their children with what they consider is the best education possible. Every resident of a community, such as Chula Vista, holds as their fondest memories that time that they spent in the school system. When a school fails, the memories are not there and a child has been shunted aside to the margins of society condemned to live a marginal life all his life.

Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Education
La Prensa San Diego’s Board of Editors after due consideration believes it is time for a Change. Two board seats are up for election this year. If ever there was a need for change the time is now. The present board has been paralyzed and rendered ineffective for most of the past four years. In our considered opinion, the current incumbent of Seat #2, Pearl Quinones, who is running for reelection, is incompetent and not worthy of the voters support.

General Elections 2004
Propositions 70, 71 and 72

Vote “Yes” On Prop 67 to Keep Ers and Trauma Centers Open
By James Santiago Grisolía, MD
Some 80% of California hospitals lose money on their emergency rooms, according to statewide data recently released by the California Medical Association (CMA). Over the last decade, some 65 hospitals were forced to close across the state, including 7 of 30 hospitals in San Diego County. Others totter on the brink of closing, such as Martin Luther King in LA, which intends to close its trauma and emergency facilities, and San Jose is slated to lose its only Trauma Center in December.

Of Columbus and Other Heroes
By Heriberto Escamilla
As a young child, my impressionable mind was molded by the world that I saw unfolding around me. More than anything the world was an unpredictable place. While the early morning crow of the roosters, the foul smell of chickens, the unforgiving spines of nopales seemed to follow us everywhere, the place where I laid my head at night was often unfamiliar. Those early days also taught me that while the jacales we called home changed, my mother and father did not. The big people in my life, my uncles and aunts were always there. To me they were infallible, the people that created and maintained the land, lifted the sun across the sky and ordered the rain that always smelled so good.

La Contradicción del Debate
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
Mientras se desarrollaba el último debate presidencial, un porcentaje alto del electorado nacional estaba fijado en el partido de béisbol entre los Yanquis y los Medias Rojas. Esta preferencia por el entretenimiento en vez de la política, no es un mito sino una realidad que duele en la sociedad norteamericana. Las consecuencias son obvias. Los que no politizan el gobierno, a través de las elecciones u otros mecanismos democráticos, el sistema simplemente los ignora y los excluye.

Our Community’s Expectations for the Next President: Effective Policy Towards Latin America
By Congressman Silvestre Reyes
As our nation focuses on matters of foreign policy like the ongoing war in Iraq, continued military efforts in Afghanistan, and potential crises in places like North Korea, we as Hispanics need to unite and call on our next President to reach out to our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Modernizando el sonido Latino
Bacilos se lanza a la conquista del público con su disco número 3

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Cuando se haga el recuento de esta década musical, es muy probable que se pueda contar a Bacilos entre la amalgama de grupos que simbolizarán la vanguardia en el sonido “Latino” en Norteamérica.

Cantante de Santa María Gana Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana
El joven intérprete Josué Hernández, de la ciudad de Santa María, ganó el Primer Lugar “Disco de Oro” en la categoría “Intérpretes de Canciones Conocidas”, en una de las finales del 24avo Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana de California. Es interesante notar que Josué tiene sólo 15 años, a pesar de que su altura —un metro noventa su potente voz masculina y su profesionalismo, lo hacen aparecer como alguien mucho mayor. El cantante Roosevelt Córdoba, de Redwood City, California, recibió también un “Disco de Oro” en la misma categoría.

El Grupo Musical Michoacano Expresión del Mestizaje Bola Suriana en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Las propuestas musicales en la actualidad están cargadas de una dinámica y de una fuerza expresiva sin límites, tal parece que se dan en una especie de “Boom” impresionante, compulsivo y audaz. Las ideas musicales son revolucionarias, modernas, mismas que están rompiendo con todos los moldes existentes y forman un nuevo conglomerado. Estas propuestas están constituídas por obras con contenidos poéticos, sociales y filosóficos asombrosos; en la actualidad, con algunos años de experiencia el grupo “Bola Suriana” pertenece a este género.

Celebra su Segundo Aniversario de Actividades la “Academia Fiesta Mexicana” de San Ysidro
Por: Paco Zavala
La Academia Fiesta Mexicana, de Artes Musicales y Escénicas con sede en San Ysidro, se encuentra de plácemes, al celebrar su II Aniversario de Actividades Académicas, encaminadas a prestar sus servicios a la comunidad, impulsando con esfuerzo, dedicación y mucho trabajo a la juventud residente en el contorno, deseosa de incursionar en el mundo artístico del canto, tomando las indicaciones, la orientación y clases de vocalización vastas y suficientes que imparten sus maestros, para desempeñarse con decoro y un nivel profesional adecuado, que garantice la incursión del aspirante en el complicado mundo del espectáculo. El próximo sábado16 de octubre de 7:00 a 11:00 PM. en el Teatro de la Escuela San Ysidro Middle School, del 4345 Otay Mesa Road, tendrá lugar parte de ésta festividad.

Halloween Activities Scheduled at Recreation Centers
Halloween will be celebrated at Chula Vista’s recreation centers with a variety of activities for youth. A Halloween Carnival is scheduled at Parkway Community Center; a Fall Fest and Monster Bash dance are set for Loma Verde Recreation Center; and Otay Recreation Center is having two parties for children.

“Marc producirá mi disco en español”
Jennifer López se destaca en: Shall We Dance?

Por Jose Daniel Bort
No hay medio que se le resista a Jennifer López. Ya sea la televisión, el cine, la música o el baile, la artista se muestra sumamente efectiva en todo lo que hace. Esto lo puso de manifiesto una vez más en la película a estrenarse: Shall we Dance?, y en sus nuevas producciones discográficas.

Obscenas. Divertidas. De Madera.
Así son las marionetas de “Team America: World Police”

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Los años electorales traen una amalgama de propuestas políticas en el cine, desde documentales buscando la “verdad”, hasta conflagraciones paranoicas sobre la elección del líder del mundo “libre”. Para los que buscan una opción completamente diferente en entretenimiento profundo ha llegado un grupo de marionetas groserísimas, pecadoras de palabra y acción, y no aptas para los niños ni las abuelitas.

Aztecs Hope to Rebound Against CSU
By John Philip Wyllie
The San Diego State Aztecs will try to pick up the pieces from last weekend’s disappointing performance against Wyoming when they battle Colorado State (1-4, 0-1) Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. at the “Q”. Now 2-3 on the season and 0-1 in the Mountain West Conference, the Aztecs are facing a virtual must-win situation if they hope reach their goal of competing in a post-season bowl game.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Fifth Annual Convention of Amateur Toreros Held in Texas
This past weekend, the Fifth Annual Convention of Aficionados Taurinos was held in La Gloria, Texas, at Fred and Lisa Renk’s Rancho La Querencia, attracting amateur toreros and fans from throughout the world.

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