Volume XXIV Number 41 October 13, 2000

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President Clinton Orders More Contracting Opportunities For Disadvantaged Businesses

WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 — President Clinton today ordered all federal agencies to increase opportunities for small disadvantaged businesses in the $200 billion a year government contracting marketplace. This includes approximately 6,000 companies registered in the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) 8(a) Business Development program.

President Bill Clinton signs the Disadvantaged Businesses Bill. Photo by Ralph Alswang, White House Photo.

President Clinton ordered that each agency that has procurement authority develop a long-term comprehensive plan to expand opportunities for disadvantaged businesses, particularly 8(a) Program participants, Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) and Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs). Each agency must submit a plan to the Office of Management and Budget within 90 days from the date of the order.

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Christopher Columbus "Discovers" Española, The Beginning of Hispanic Heritage
in the Americas

By Daniel Muñoz, Jr.
October 15 marks the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, (September 15 - October 15), a month set aside each year to celebrate the contributions and impact on today's society by Hispanics to the United States.

La Raza: Product of Two Conquests
By Andres G. Guerrero
Conquest is at the ground of Chicano history. Two major conquests stand out. The first conquest was by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century; the second by the gringos in the nineteenth century. The history and personal identity of the Chicanos is shaped by these two conquests. Both conquests were so brutal that they left unforgettable memories upon the conquered. In a sense Chicanos are a by-product of these two historical conflicts.

Carlos Salinas de Gortari and the After Shocks
By Enrique Davis-Mazlum
On March 10th, 1936 President Plutarco Elias Calles was sent into exile by President Lazaro Cardenas, because Calles wanted to control President Cardenas and make decisions even though his term as President had ended in 1928. It is ironic how history repeats itself.

Mexico's Cold War Wounds — The Disappeared That Won't Go Away
By Martin Espinoza
MEXICO CITY — It's a woeful scene you would expect to see on the streets of Buenos Aires, Guatemala City or Santiago, Chile — forlorn mothers, carrying enlarged photos of their "disappeared" sons and daughters, demanding that the government return their loved ones.


$33 Million Building Boom at City College
San Diego City College is in the midst of a $33 million building boom, including a new Educational Technology Center building that opened last month and groundbreaking for a $20 million library. An $11 million gymnasium is on the drawing board for the college with construction expected to begin in early 2002.

Jóvenes de San Diego Se Unen Para Combatir el Consumo de Alcohol Por Menores
Por José Alvarez
Armados con pancartas y las firmas de más de 200 jóvenes de todo el estado, unos 20 estudiantes de San Diego se dieron cita en la entrada del Edificio Administrativo del Condado para presentar una serie de recomendaciones que ayudarían a disminuir el uso de alcohol por menores y a salvar vidas.

Lincoln Park Residents Unite to Celebrate Cultures and Light Their Streets
African-American, Latino, and Samoan-American neighbors live side-by-side on a cul-de-sac neighborhood in Lincoln Park, but until recently didn't talk much to each other.

From His Roots as a Farm Worker to His Success as a Community Leader,
Juan Andrade Jr.'s Commitment to Empowering Latinos Has Never Wavered
Chicago - A farm worker for 18 years, Juan Andrade Jr. knows how to appreciate the fruits of his labor. His life in the fields of his hometown of Brownwood, Texas during the 1950s and `60s taught him perseverance and the importance of a job well done.

Immunize For Healthy Lives
By Dr. Luis Estevez
It's back-to-school time which means parents are busy with the activities that traditionally accompany a new school year, from shopping for new clothes to checking bus schedules and purchasing school supplies. The National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) is encouraging parents to add an important annual check-up to their back-to-school checklist: their children's immunization schedules.

Inmunícelos Para Una Vida Más Sana
Por el Dr. Luis Estévez
Llegó el momento de enviar a los niños de vuelta a la escuela, lo que significa que muchos padres de familia están ocupados con las actividades relacionadas con el comienzo de un nuevo año de clases, desde comprar ropa nueva y consultar el horario del ómnibus a adquirir útiles escolares. La Asociación Médica Nacional Hispana (NHMA por sus siglas en inglés) recomienda a los padres de familia que incluyan otra importante actividad anual en su lista: el calendario para inmunizar a sus hijos.

La Tecnología Moderna Vierte Nueva Luz Sobre Una Vieja Tradición
Exposición de materiales, métodos y "hacedores" de "Santos"
La imprevisible conjunción de la ciencia y lo sagrado crea una visión nueva y didáctica sobre una de las más antiguas tradiciones practicadas por los latinos —la de tallar esculturas pintadas y de madera de los santos— en la exposición "Santos: Substance & Soul (Sustancia y Alma)" que se inauguró el pasado mes de septiembre en el Edificio de Artes e Industrias del Smithsonian.

Fallece una hija de César Chávez

Linda Chávez era esposa del actual presidente de la UFW; duelo en la comunidad campesina
Las luchas en los campos, los momentos de pena y alegría, quedaron en la memoria de Linda Chávez Rodríguez, hija del legendario activista campesino César Chávez, la que falleció el lunes pasado.

Linda Chavez Rodriguez—daughter of Cesar Chavez, wife of current
UFW president
Linda Chavez Rodriguez, daughter of UFW founder Cesar Chavez and wife of Arturo Rodriguez, the union's current president, died early Monday morning, Oct. 9 in Los Angeles of complications from scleroderma after nearly five weeks of hospitalization.

Your help is needed to save the life of a baby.
Pablo Isaac Zuniga
was born November 5th, 1999. At 4 months of age was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the spine between the 11th and 12th vertebrae. His parents sought medical attention when his legs became suddenly paralyzed. Pablo and his family live in Ensenada, Baja California. His family has little means, and is unable to pay for his treatment. They have two other young sons as well.

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney
La Escuela Católica - Ayer y Hoy
Ir a la escuela secundaria católica en el año 2000 es, sin duda, una experiencia muy distinta de lo que fue para mí 40 años atrás. Aparte del crucifijo en la pared, los únicos símbolos de mi época que aún permanecen son el retrato de John Kennedy, el primer presidente católico de EE.UU., y el del papa —ahora Juan Pablo II, en lugar de Juan XXIII.


San Diego Mayoralty Candidates A Race Between Twiddle-Dee & Twiddle-Dum
What once started out as a political event of some circumstance has been reduced to a tedious replay of the "Golden" era of mismanagement, unethical conduct, and of political incompetence in the management of the city's business.

Tlatelolco Thirty-two years Later
By Enrique Davis-Mazlum
Mexico City
- Once again Mexico remembers the sad day of October 2nd, 1968, which took place in La Plaza de las Tres Culturas at Tlatelolco. I was not born yet when this occurred but as a kid I would always here about that tragic day.

Trustees Violate Public Trust!
By John de Beck
Trustees Ron Ottinger and Ed Lopez listed Erickson-Hall Construction and other school builders on their recently filed Fair Political Practice reporting forms.

Politics 2000: Punish the Rich by Economic Suicide
By Julio C. Calderón
The political campaigns of today have broken down to an hour speech filled with 15-second sound bites. Great, or even mediocre, oratory is non-existent in the rhetoric. The mainstay is simply class warfare. The mythical "they" has finally been identified as the "rich."

Proposition 38 Receives Support!
Why do the leaders of MIMEXCA (Mi-grant Mexicans For Change) support Prop. 38? For the same reason they supported Vicente Fox whose platform include recognition of education as the most powerful instrument for the expansion of opportunity for all of Mexico's citizens and migrants to the US. They refused to sit by with arms crossed and chose to fight to make certain that the government did not forget them.

Propositon 36: Beware the Man on the White Horse
by John T. Schwarzlose
Proposition 36 is a dangerous and misleading initiative timed to take advantaged of the growing consensus among Americans that treatment is a more promising weapon in the war against drugs than incarceration. Had it been introduced ten years ago when crime rates were soaring, nobody would have taken it seriously.

CHICANA: A Negative Connotation?
By Diane Rios
Why is it so bad to say I'm Chicana? Tell me something, do you too laugh at me when I say I'm Chicana? I'm temporarily confused and can not comprehend the reason for those who look down on me and shy away from embarrassment when they hear me say this word.

La elecion picking up... Parece que los Democrats are not taking us in cuentea! Three weeks before elections their CAM...PAINS are nowhere to be seen in the barrios...

The Public Forum .... El Foro Publico
Saving Monty Montezuma?
If the Nazis won WWII and, a few hundred years later, named a sports team the Jews, I'm sure folks of that day will say they're celebrating a proud heritage and that they're helping people learn about a long forgotten civilization. I'm also sure a few Jewish descendants, who have assimilated into the dominant culture, would also agree that the symbolism is a majestic honor ("we're proud they haven't forgotten about our people").

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Chapter XVIII
By Jeannine Diego
Fourth Chorus
Dearest Jen,
All seems to be okay with our friends.

Gran Fiesta Mexicana En Viva El Mariachi
Por: Paco Zavala
El festival "Viva El Mariachi" que se verificó el pasado 8 del presente mes en el COORS AMPHITHEATRE de la ciudad de Chula Vista, estuvo pletórico, lleno de luz, alegría, canto y buena música mexicana.

Univision Presenta Entrevista Exclusiva con Carlos Salinas de Gortari
En su primera entrevista para la televisión estadounidense desde que se exilió voluntariamente en Irlanda en 1995, el expresidente mexicano Carlos Salinas de Gortari le afirma a Univisión que no estuvo involucrado en la muerte del candidato presidencial Luis Donaldo Colosio; declara que su hermano Raúl es inocente del asesinato de José Francisco Ruiz Massieu; y acusa con fuerza al presidente Zedillo de mentirle al pueblo mexicano.

Confetti Espectacular
Por Lucero Luna Campos
MEXICO, D. F., (NOTIAMERICA).- Descanse en Paz, Cuco Sánchez. Uno de los pocos cantautores que habían sobre-vivido al auge desmedido de grupos extranjeros y defensor de la música mexicana, Cuco Sánchez, falleció a los 79 años de edad, debido a las complicaciones de estado de su salud, que de hecho le habían dejado sin poder escuchar bien además de que no veía con el ojo derecho.

Girlfight Soundtrack Released By Capitol Records
In keeping with the gritty Nuyorican world portrayed in Girlfight, the undisputed hit of this year's Sundance & Cannes Film Festivals, Capitol Records has released a soundtrack collection that captures the Latin/Urban musical fusion dominating today's city streets.

Ana y Rafael, Dos Voces Con Sabor al Campo
Por Paco Zavala
El sabor a tierra mojada, la fragancia de flores, el oir el arrullo del arroyuelo en sus corrientes cristalinas, el trinar de una multitud de pajarillos en las enramadas y el mirar los multifacéticos colores del campo se reviven en las bien timbradas y armonizadas voces de Ana y Rafael.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Creepy Creatures
Tarantulas, toads, spiders, snakes, hissing cockroaches and other insects invade SeaWorld this Halloween season. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on October the park features a new animal show - Pepsi's Creepy Creatures.

Fleet Week San Diego Sea-N-Air Parade: The Best Show On Land, Sea and Air
Though San Diegans may be familiar with the sight of military ships off the San Diego coastline, only during Fleet Week can people see the full spectrum of land, sea and air vessels in proud display of military strength.

Rams and Vikes Seek To Make It 6-0;
Big Rivalry Week Features Jaguars-Titans on MNF
Maybe when they play each other, one will lose.

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