October 11, 2002

General Election
November 5, 2002


Proposition 47:Kindergarten-University Public

Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002

After failing to act responsibly and budgeting the necessary funds to maintain our school systems, the Legislature raided the State Treasury and squandered millions of our tax dollars on special district PORK BARRELL projects!

They knew the state was billions of dollars in the hole. Still they squandered limited State funds as if there would be no tomorrow. After wasting our limited funds and acting irresponsible, they now want you to cover up for them and permit them to CHARGE on the State credit card $26.2 billion to cover PROP 47 bills!

They now want to indebt your lives, your children’s and grandchildren lives on supposed required construction jobs for the state educational systems. If they were required, they should have been prioritized and budgeted. The Governor should have stopped all the pork barrel projects and restrain spending on projects which are more “special interest projects”.

We (our state) are already $500 billion in debt because of irresponsible spending by ALL THE POLITICIANS IN SACRAMENTO OVER THE PAST 13 YEARS! The current group, of legislators, is now proposing to add $3.36 billion in Prop 46 and $26.2 billion in Prop 47! This adds up to $29.56 billion in debt to be paid over 30 years!

This so-called educational-construction bill will help certain entities:

Los Angeles School District: It has 12% of the States school population. Yet, it will get 24% of all the allocated funds! Needless to say their track record in building new schools over contaminated sites is not good.

Prop 47 makes no requirements for immediate school construction. They can wait for 6½ years while the money sits in a bank earning interest that can be spent for who knows what?

Prop 47 makes no requirement for a District to have plans drawn up for an environmental impact study, or to even have a site picked out before the Bond money is funneled to them! At this rate, new construction can be delayed 10 or 12 years!

Who else wins? Thats easy, the usual suspects who want money to be tied up and dedicated for their use: THE CONSTRUCTION -DEVELOPER INTERESTS OF THIS STATE! You know the same folks that have been buying and paying for every politico in Sacramento and through out the State!


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