October 11, 2002

General Election
November 5, 2002


Proposition 46: Housing & Emergency Trust Fund Act of 2002

Don’t be misled by the wording that the Legislature has used in an effort to get you to further increase the public debt! The State Legislature, is attempting to get you to approve loading the state with an additional THREE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! Who pays? You do in higher taxes, on cars, homes, food, medicines, gasoline, clothing on everything that you consume or use such as theater tickets, Charger & Padre Ball games, the beer you drink etc.

The state is heavily in debt because of the manipulation of the energy prices (gas, electricity) and its mishandling by the Governor and the legislature, add to this, the Silicon Valley crash, the failure of the National economy, the drain on the state treasury responding to the “Chicken-Little false terrorist threats being issued by the President and his staff and California’s economy has tanked and we are now near depression era unemployment. Pour a few corporate scandals into the mix, and we have hundreds of thousands of Californians lose their savings on illegal market manipulations by Corporate leaders. The drive by the President and his extremist advisors to launch a war has further drained the state dry and has led to the worst stock market crash since the depression! WE HAVE NO MONEY!

Forty Senators and 80 Assemblypersons don’t seem to have a clue that the people in this state are hurting. They have continued to spend money we don’t have, as if nothing has happened! PROP 46 not only is a means to cover up the fact that the elected politicos have badly bungled their responsibilities, but the PROPOSION itself is a perfect example of the BIG LIE!

The Legislature States that:

PROP 46 will support Battered Women’s Shelters. That should get the women’s vote, until they read the proposal and note that not one single penny is allocated for BATTERED WOMEN! Sorry ladies talk to your women legislators on that!

PROP 46 says it will provide Affordable Housing for the areas with the most critical need. Going for the Mexican, Black, and lower income vote folks. Wrong again on that one, unless you like living in high-rise apartments, in already heavily congested barrios and ghettoes, and priority is given if you live close to a trolley line. Didn’t Chicago try this one before and ended with massive apartment buildings where they dumped all the folks on welfare and created massive slums heavy on crime, dope selling and using and uncounted murders?

PROP 46 says it will provide Farm workers (Migrant) Housing. This is a give away to Joe Serna Jr. who will siphon off $200,000,000 (as in millions). And in case OWNERS don’t want migrant housing on their farms. That’s ok. All $200 million will be deposited in the Joe Serna Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant Fund.

There is lots more but you get the picture. PROP 46 is a massive boondoggle to assure that Developers, Bankers and Corporations, all those folks who have been putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in your favorite elected officials pockets, is taken care of… NO MATTER IF THE STATE GOES INTO BANKRUPTCY!




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