October 11, 2002

Introducing...Urban Latino TV

For the first time in American history, a television medium presents the lives of Latinos as they really are.

“Urban Latino TV” is a weekly, 1/2 hour magazine show highlighting the diverse elements of Latino culture, long overdue on nationwide TV. “Urban Latino” premieres this weekend on 28 stations in 26 markets across the United States!!!

This week on Urban Latino.... Episode one features a rare interview with musical superstar Robbie Rosa, a look at up and coming Latino Independent Filmmakers, Latino dating online, a Los Angeles Latino hotspot and delves into DJ culture through the eyes of internationally known DJ’s.

In San Diego you catch Urban Latino on XETV Fox 6 Thurs at 12:30 AM and XUPN UPN 49 Sat 11:30 PM . Check your local listings for accurate and up to date days and times in your area.

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