October 11, 2002

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War is not the answer
President Bush brought his case for waging a unilateral, preemptive war against Iraq to the U.S. public. Unfortunately, he was still unable to answer a number of troubling questions:

(1) Why are alternatives to war (renewed UN weapons inspections, other diplomatic measures) not being pursued with the same energy as preparations for war?

(2) Would a unilateral, preemptive military strike by the U.S. encourage other nations to follow suit against their perceived enemies?

(3) How many U.S. troops and Iraqis (including children, elderly people, and other innocent civilians) will be killed or maimed by this war?

(4) Will the next regime be any better than the current one with respect to democracy, human rights, disarmament, or maintaining peaceful relations with its neighbors? What are U.S. plans for so-called “nation-building” in a post-war Iraq?

(5) How will such a war advance U.S. or regional security? Many throughout the Muslim and Arab world would view it as an act of aggression. Might this increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the U.S. and abroad?

This week, Congress will debate and vote on a war resolution. I hope that our members of Congress will thoughtfully consider these questions. If they do, they likely will arrive at the same conclusion as many of their constituents: war is not the answer.

Laura Kohl
San Marcos

Another view on the War

To All My Esteemed Chicanos and Chicanas Who Speak Out On The War:

What nerve you have insulting the President of the United States of America regarding the war on terrorism. To say thay we have a tyrant as President not only demeans him, but also testifies to the large extent of your ignorance, considering most of you are PhD’s. Get Real. Drop the Bong. And get a taste of reality. There are some 4,000 lost souls from the tragety of the World Trade Center attack whom are crying from their graves for justice. Think of the widowed spouces. Think of the orphaned children. On Sept. 11th, 2001, death, pain and destruction rained on our country, and what do you knuckleheads call for? Disarmament? You call President Bush a tyrant?

Again, I call on all of you to drop the bongs and get sobbered up because we are at war. Believe it or not, but there are some radical Muslims in this world who want all Americans, either democrat or republican dead. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Henry Palma
Chula Vista

Proud to be an Aztec

The blood of the Aztecs is in my body also and very proud of it.
Keep the name Aztec’s at San Diego State please!

Alfonos deHerrera
via email

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