Volume XXVI Number 41 October 11, 2002

FrontPage Stories

There is Something About Mary

By Paola Hornbuckle

Mayoral candidate Mary Salas’ winning personality, genuine concern for people, and savvy business sense inspires devotion in those who know her and they work night and day to help get her elected. She may well be on her way to becoming the next mayor of Chula Vista in the November mayoral elections, to the joy of all who support her. What is it about Mary that attracts such a following?

Mary Salas does not seem like the type of person who climbed her way to the top, or even barely glimpsed at the top before she got there. Instead, she seems to be the kind of person who was swept to the top by the strong currents of people surrounding her at each new level due to the positively magnetic and benevolent effect she has on those around her. Her rapid rise on the political scene and strong popularity sometimes seems to take even Mary, herself, by surprise as she stops to take a breath amidst the flurry of activity that is the Chula Vista mayoral elections.

“I have a knack for creative problem-solving,” says Mary Salas, “to see different approaches to problems. I am successful in getting people motivated and organized and getting projects accomplished.”

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UCSD Creates Minor In Chicano and Latino Arts and Humanities
A step in the right direction, for Latino/Chicano students
By Victor Menaldo
It is a welcome and surprising fact that, in relation to Anglo-students and other minorities, Chicano and Latinos are over represented in institutions of higher learning.

A Tale of Two Sisters
By Mary Jo McConahay
On Sept. 11, l990, Myrna Mack Chang, anthropologist and mother, was killed by 27 knife blows to her slight body as she left a research institute in downtown Guatemala City. Since then I have watched Myrna’s bespectacled sister Helen go after the murderers.

Una Historia de Dos Hermanas
Por Mary Jo McConahay
El 11 de septiembre de 1990, Myrna Mack Chang, antropóloga y madre, fué asesinada de 27 puñaladas descargadas contra su delicado cuerpo, cuando salía de un instituto de investigaciones en el centro de Guatemala. Desde entonces he visto a Helen, la hermana de Myrna con anteojos, buscar a los asesinos.


Alegre Festival Mexicano en el Centro de Recreación de Ancianos Kimball de National City
Por América B. Feldman
El pasado Sábado 28 de Septiembre se llevó a cabo un alegre Festival Mexicano para las personas de la tercera edad organizado por la Unión Filipino-Americano de Ciudadanos Ancianos de San Diego (The United-American Senior Citizen of San Diego) en el Centro de Recreación para ancianos Kimball (Kimball Recreation of Senior Center) ubicado en National City. Este festejo estuvo organizado también por el Centro de Multi-Servicios y Clínica de Salud denominada Operación Samahan (Operation Samahan Health Clinic and Multi-Service Centers).

San Diego County Latino Coalition of Education School Board Debate
The San Diego County Latino Coalition of Education is sponsoring a debate of the four candidates for the San Diego City Schools Board of Education. The date/time and location of this major event will be:

Por Diego Alvarez
¡Abre ya tu propia empresa!
El éxito comienza en la puesta en marcha de un sueño. ¿Cuántas veces nos hemos quedado con la mirada perdida, soñando despiertos en invertir en este o en aquel negocio, o en abrir nuestra propia empresa?

Estudio de American Legacy Foundation Indica Que la Campaña Truth Está Ayudando a Disminuir Los Indices de Consumo de Tabaco
Healton dice que truth es “la vacuna anti-tabaco” para los niños
Un nuevo estudio de la American Legacy Foundation indica que su campaña truth está ayudando a lograr fuertes descensos en los índices de consumo de tabaco entre los jóvenes a nivel nacional. Lo que es más notable es que la incidencia del consumo de tabaco entre los estudiantes de escuelas preparatorias que han tenido una alta exposición a la campaña ha bajado en un 29 por ciento.

Scripps Celebrates National Breast Health Awareness Month
Free Breast Exam and Mammogram for Women who Qualify
Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista and Scripps Otay Family Health Center are celebrating National Breast Health Awareness Month by offering free breast exams and mammo-grams to all women who qualify and hosting a Community Health Fair, Thursday, October 17 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Scripps Otay Family Health Center located at 1637 Third Ave. in Chula Vista.


La Prensa San Diego Editorial Board ENDORSES:
Toby Mange and Jean Romero
for Trustees San Ysidro School Board
Now is the time for the San Ysidro School District Board to come to terms with the 21st Century! It is no longer tolerable that individuals who can’t speak or write English, and have a very limited education, to continue sitting on the Board. It is unacceptable to retain an individual who has conflict of interest’s to remain on the San Ysidro School Board. It is unacceptable for a Trustee to abrogate their responsibilities as a School Board Trustee and take positions to further their business and personal interests. It is unacceptable to re-elect a Board member who has no respect for the institutions of our country and attempts to deny freedom of speech. It is unacceptable, to re-elect to the Board of Trustees, a person who has attempted to coerce members of the teaching to staff to donate to her re-election campaign.

La Prensa San Diego Endorses
Nancy Mulcahy
Southwestern College Board of Trustees Seat 4
Nancy Mulcahy is a woman on a mission: to be a strong advocate of education and to serve the community. “What better place is there than to be part of the creative process of contributing to the growth and success of our Community Southwestern College”? After four years of that driving motivation, Nancy Mulcahy is a determined woman to continue in her mission for the College and the students.

Proposition 46: Housing & Emergency Trust Fund Act of 2002
Don’t be misled by the wording that the Legislature has used in an effort to get you to further increase the public debt! The State Legislature, is attempting to get you to approve loading the state with an additional THREE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! Who pays? You do in higher taxes, on cars, homes, food, medicines, gasoline, clothing on everything that you consume or use such as theater tickets, Charger & Padre Ball games, the beer you drink etc.

Proposition 47:Kindergarten-University Public
Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002
After failing to act responsibly and budgeting the necessary funds to maintain our school systems, the Legislature raided the State Treasury and squandered millions of our tax dollars on special district PORK BARRELL projects!

Prop. 48: Proposes to delete references to municipal courts
This is a housekeeping Proposition to eliminate obsolete provisions relating to the creation of Municipal Courts. In 1998 voters passed Prop 220 which gave authority to the municipal and superior courts judges in each county the authority to consolidate these two trial courts. In fact all previous municipal courts are now superior courts.

Our Children and their Educational Future In Chula Vista
Where should the Election 2002 take them?
By Ramin Moshiri
With the November general elections around the corner, South Bay voters want to know where their school board candidates stand on the Chula Vista’s educational issues.

A “Grassroots” Report Card for Alan Bersin
By Mike MacCarthy
Because the city school board voted (3-2) in September to evaluate Mr. Bersin’s performance for a possible $25,000 bonus, before the election in November, I decided to prepare my own evaluation.

La Universidad Estatal de California en San Marcos está lista para dar la bienvenida a estudiantes latinos — Solo debemos asegurar que lleguen hasta nosotros
Por Alexander Gonzalez
Para muchos estudiantes de ascendencia hispana, la preparación escolar es el camino a una vida que para sus padres existía solamente en un sueño. Un título universitario es una de las metas principales porque abre nuevas sendas. California ha podido mantener esa opción para los estudiantes que logran sobrevivir académicamente. Los colegios comunitarios de California y los planteles de la Universidad Estatal de California (CSU) proveen el mejor acceso en todo el país en cuanto a costo.

‘Concurrent Receipt’ For Military Retirees a Matter of Principle
By Ronald F. Conley
In matters of style swim with the current; in matters of principle stand like a rock,” Thomas Jefferson said.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
War is not the answer
President Bush brought his case for waging a unilateral, preemptive war against Iraq to the U.S. public. Unfortunately, he was still unable to answer a number of troubling questions:

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Gabriel Medina, un mar de ritmo
Por Claudia Hernandez
Gabriel Medina, bailarín argentino miembro de la Compañía de Ballet de San Diego en entrevista...

Están Celebrando el XXV Aniversario de la Casa de la Cultura Altamira
Por Paco Zavala
Sin duda alguna que uno de los edificios más bellos y majestuosos de la ciudad de Tijuana es el que alberga hoy día a “La Casa de la Cultura”, enclavado en uno de los miradores mas hermosos de la ciudad, la encontramos en la colonia Altamira y percibimos su presencia desde muchísimos ángulos. Este es un edificio histórico, porque además de haber sido la Escuela “Alvaro Obregón” por muchos años, sus instalaciones han prestado multiples servicios a las celebraciones la comunidad.

XX Aniversario de su Fundación Celebra el Centro Cultural Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Existen tantos núcleos poblacionales en el mundo de carácter inverosímil e indescifrable, en posiciones geográficas buenas y malas, con un número limitado e ilimitado de habitantes y sería cosa de exponer tópicos y temas discutibles e indiscutibles referentes al asunto, pero de algo si estoy absolutamente seguro, no hay en el mundo una ciudad que se le iguale a Tijuana.

Music Review and Updates:
By Francisco H. Ciriza
The Maná show last Friday at Chula Vista’s Coor’s Amphitheater was another impressive outing for the sextet...yes, a sextet...the two guests deserve to be recognized as band members. Juan Toribe, on keys, has been around the band in the studio and on tour since before the first live record, ‘En Vivo’, recorded after Vampiro left the group and before Sergio joined. Playing the part of lead guitarist was a man refer: Vampiro, seems to have very bad feelings about his time in Maná. I don’t think it’s just about the music, either. It seems they were dark times brought on by a variety of circumstances.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Se hizo la apertura de un Nuevo Salon Rojo “Nicte Ha” en Av. Constitución entre las calles 9 y 10. En este salón presentan todos los jueves Noches de Salsa y Música Tropical con el Combo “Besos y Abrazos” del Bobbo Ruvalcaba alternando cada semana con un grupo distinto de la localidad. Este nuevo escenario es “La Casa de los Moonlights”. Asista y se divertirá en un ambiente fresco, familiar y agradable.

Introducing...Urban Latino TV
For the first time in American history, a television medium presents the lives of Latinos as they really are.

Acclaimed Film, El Gavilán de la Sierra (Mountain Hawk), To Make Its’ San Diego Premiere
Media Arts Center San Diego is proud to announce the third installment of its’ Fourth Annual Cine Mexicano: Mexican Film Series 2002. This year’s series continues with the San Diego premiere of the award-winning Mexican feature film El Gavilán de la Sierra (Mountain Hawk).

Art Defends Comes to Southwestern College
CHULA VISTA – The Southwestern College School of Arts and Communication is proud to present Art Defends. – an art exhibition that promotes the idea that art can play an integral role as a facilitator in a community’s development. Produced by the Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo(BAW/TAF), and supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the exhibition features works from artists working in the Maclovio Rojas community of Tijuana. Artists from Mexico, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, France, Australia, and the United States will be featured. The exhibit opens Thursday, October 10 and runs through Thursday, October 31.

They call him Dynamite
By Fiona Manning
Danny Perez, who challenges WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito in the main event of “Latin Fury II” at the Anaheim Arrowhead Pond on Saturday, wants not only the title - but revenge for his first loss against Margarito three years ago.

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