October 10, 2003

San Diego Museum of Man Sponsors “Fiesta de Tequila” Trip to Ensenada

Tequila enthusiasts take note: for the second consecutive year the San Diego Museum of Man and Galeria Pérez Meillón of Ensenada --in conjunction with the Seminario de Historia de Baja California-- will present the Fiesta del Tequila, October 25, 2003.

The day begins with a bus trip —departing from the Museum of Man at 8 a.m.— to Ensenada. Upon arrival at the Centro Artesanal, tour participants will enjoy a brunch of hot, home-made tamales, followed by a visit to the Galería Pérez Meillón where they can view new, limited edition, handmade clay “tequila shooters” designed especially for this occasion by the master potters of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Mariachi music will accompany participants as they view a colorful selection of artwork inspired by the Mexico’s Day of the Dead, traditionally celebrated on November 1 & 2. Artists include Gaby Lases from Mexico City, who is preparing a Día de los Muertos altar; Francisco Burgoing, who makes Days of the Dead ceramics; Enrique Aviles, who works with metal, wood and clay sculpture; Alfonso Ambula, who makes metal sculptures and will also have a Días de los Muertos altar; Cristina Rendon, who makes jewelry; Rolando Agundez, who makes beautiful embossed tin objects, Adalberto Pérez Meillón, who has paintings and mirrors; painter Jose Jule; Cecilia Bitterlin, who makes ceramics; and Francisco Sepulveda, who sells antiques.

At 12:30 p.m., guests will have a special opportunity to learn about the history and culture of pulque and other traditional fermented beverages when noted archeologists and lecturer John Joseph Temple Sánchez Gav-ito discusses “The Culture of Pulque” —the fermented juice of the maguey plant and an alcoholic beverage similar to tequila— at the historic Riviera Cultural & Convention Center.

As one of the world’s foremost experts on tequilas and pulques, he has conducted courses at Mexico City’s National School of Anthropology and History and has presented numerous lectures throughout Mexico on topics such as “The Daily Pulque Bowl: Food or medicine?” “The Pulque Bowl in the Colonial Period” and “Archeological Investigations about Pulque in Mex-ico City and Surrounding areas.”

After the lecture, visitors can sample a variety of pulques and tequilas along with appetizers that complement the palate. Participants will then tour the Hermanos Martinez Distributors, which features more than 400 brands of tequila. The day culminates with a four-course gourmet dinner at La Tertulia Restaurant. Tickets for the event are $75 per person.

The San Diego Museum of Man is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and display of the life and history of humankind. Headquartered in Balboa park, the Museum is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $6 adults, $3 ages 6-17, under 6 are free. Seniors over 65 are $5.

For more information call, (619) 239-2001 or check out the museum’s website at www.museumofman.org.

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