October 10, 2003

Natural Born Leader

Defensive team captain draws interest from Division one schools

CHULA VISTA –Jaguars Linebacker Myles Bush may not be a doctor – yet – but he definitely operates like a surgeon on the field.

Bush with careful precision stops the opposing teams’ drives like NyQuil stops sneezing, coughing and stuffy headaches. As well as being the Jaguars defensive team captain, he is a Biology major with a 3.95 GPA that will transfer to med-school at the end of the year.

A sophomore from El Capitan High School, Bush is being counted on by his coaches to provide leadership and stability to the Jaguars defense, something that the 21-year-old relishes.

“I’m not really the outspoken type, but I’m intense, I don’t forget what I’m doing (on the field) and I really lead by example. I play as hard as I possibly can all the time and I never give up,” says Bush. “I’m tough on myself to try to make myself better.”

Bush, a 6-foot-2 215-pound outside linebacker, added that if a situation calls for it, he would be the first one to get on someone to pay attention.

Myles Bush creeps up to the line just before the snap against Antelope Valley College. So far this season, Bush has 58 tackles, five sacks, one safety, caused five fumbles and one interception. Photo by Andrew Malana, SWC Sports Information Office

“He tries to bring them (the defensive players) to his level,” said tight end Ben McClure. “When you see somebody else excel it gives you the motivation, especially being a 4.0 student. It makes you think, if he can get good grades taking hard classes, then I should get good grades taking mediocre classes.”

Bush who has played every position, except lineman or punter on the football field, is a football encyclopedia that when asked about specific coverage’s or plays, he not only knows his own assignment, but those of his teammates as well.

As his position coach Cory King said, “He is another coach on the field. A real asset to this team.”

“I pretty much can tell you where everyone on the field is supposed to be, with the exception of the defensive tackles…they don’t really do too much. But I know where everybody lines up on every single play,” said Bush a converted defensive back from last year.

After turning down a scholarship offer to transfer to Colorado State in the summer, to come back to Southwestern, Bush is currently being courted by Kentucky, Minnesota, Oregon, Arizona and Mississippi Sate.

And it’s easy to see why the Division one schools are in pursuit, so far this season, Bush has recorded 58 tackles, five sacks, one safety, caused five fumbles and one interception. He has also received Foothill Conference player of the week honors twice, as well as honorable mention in the Pacific Coast Conference male athlete of the week honor two times.

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