October 8, 2004


La Prensa San Diego Election Special on The Ballot Issues

Proposition S

City of National City

Prop. S will authorize the city to issue General Obligation Bonds of up to $12,330,000 million dollars, to acquire and construct new public safety facilities, and to modernize existing public safety facilities?

Let us not kid ourselves here, crime and fire safety are paramount issues for the City of National City and the city council wants to address these problems, in particular the crime issue, by building more police stations and substations. The questions the voters of National City have to ask themselves are these new buildings necessary, is this the best way to spend their tax dollars and will this alleviate the problem.

Prop S states that they will build a new combo-fire station/police station on the East side of National City, to bring the number of police stations to two in the area. The number of fire stations will increase to three. This for a city that is home to 55,000 residents in 9 square miles!

National City just recently completed building a state of the art police department on National City Blvd and the city already has two fire stations, one for the West side and one for the East side, which in theory divides the area of responsibility for each station into 4.5 square miles within which to respond to. You can compare this to seven stations in Chula Vista with each station covering an estimated 7.42 square mile area. So the need for a third fire station in National City is dubious at best.

Again in a city that is just 9 square miles, is another police station really necessary? Substations in the high crime areas would be nice but this proposal is asking for substations on Highland Ave, just a couple of blocks from the brand new police station, and in Plaza Bonita. None are planned for the high crime sections of the city where police presence would be effective.

The problem with the city leaders plan for public safety is that they are only looking at the problem from the perspective of dealing with the symptoms of crime and are not looking at the causes of crime. Instead of turning National City into a police state the city council should explore and fund programs that address the root problems of crime and provide their citizens with some alternatives to crime.


¡VOTE NO contra la Proposición S!

Proposition T

City of National City

Prop. T is an ordinance to impose term limits on the office of the Mayor to consecutive 3 terms.

Proposition T is a nice effort but falls woefully short. This proposition states that a person after three consecutive terms cannot run for reelection as Mayor. But he can run for the City Council, skip a term, if you will, and then he can re-run for the office of Mayor for another three possible terms of office!

This Proposition T doesn’t limit service and nor address the length of service on the City Council. The intent of term limits, when introduced, was to create turnover so that there could be opportunity for fresh new faces to serve in public office. This Proposition does neither. PROP T just shuffles the deck but retains the same players!

The Voters should reject this lame sleight of hand and wait for a true term limit proposal that meets the needs of the residents of National City.


¡VOTE NO contra la Proposición T!

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